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According to an Internet survey conducted by the Japan Marketing Research Organization in April 2021, the next-generation NFT marketplace XANALIA developed by NOBORDER.z is “No.1 NFT Marketplace” and “The No. 1 blockchain project for 2021”. Therefore, this platform will grow the most in the year, and the No. 1 DeFi project will witness a price increase.

Japan Marketing Research Organization Co., Ltd. Official Website: https://jmro.co.jp/



No.1 blockchain project expecting the most growth in 2021
No.1 DeFi project expecting a price increase
No.1 Rapidly growing NFT marketplace

XANALIA awards

XANALIA is a marketplace where anyone can easily create and trade NFTs, currently gaining worldwide attention. By incorporating the currently fastest growing NFT and DeFi mechanism in the blockchain market, the diluted potential market capitalization is 1.4 billion dollars (about 165 billion yen) in just one month after the launch on March 7, 2021. It shows a high degree of worldwide attention, which is exceeding.


<Characteristics of XANALIA>

● Decentralization

Instead of being operated centrally by a specific company, we have adopted a new mechanism that will last forever while visualizing smart contracts on the blockchain. It is highly resistant to hacking and human error. In addition, the server where NFTs are stored uses the latest decentralized storage called IPFS instead of the server provided by a specific company, and files are permanently present on the network without being affected by third parties.


● World’s highest level of cost performance

NFTs have mainly used the Ethereum (ETH) network, but there are various problems such as high fees and transaction speed. XANALIA solves the problems ahead by adopting BSC (Binance Smart Chain), developed by Binance, the world’s largest exchange, and realizes about 1/100 of the network usage fee so far.


● AR / VR compatible

Until now, NFTs have been limited to applications such as collecting them in a wallet and buying and selling them or using them in games, but XANALIA uses AR / VR to create a virtual reality of their collections. Allows you to create an “owned” experience. It is possible to respond to various projects such as AR / VR gamification development utilizing NFT.
Currently, NFT works such as famous anime, games, and artists from Japan and overseas are scheduled to be released, and further growth is expected with the acquisition of this triple crown.

URL: https://xanalia.com/


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