[World’s Most Advanced] “ULTRAMAN” will be made into an NFT game for the Metaverse! Trailer Released!

Japan's most famous character fuses with cutting-edge technology.


NOBORDER.z FZE (NOBORDER.z, CEO: RIO TAKESHI KUBO) has announced that the NFT game “NFT DUEL”, a metaverse compatible NFT game developed by the company, will feature the NFT game adaptation of the “ULTRAMAN”. ULTRAMAN is a comic character published by HEROES Co. (CEO: Katsuya Shirai) that is going to feature in the NFT game and metaverse.

The first NFT of the ULTRAMAN NFT project is released as the foremost NFT title playable in NFT DUEL, a Metaverse-compatible NFT trading card game. The project was announced on the 12th of this month and has attracted a lot of attention both in Japan and overseas.


First Trailer



Since the latter half of 2021, NFTs have been attracting global attention to make ownership and trading transparent. The advanced uses of NFTs, including in-game assets and Metaverse avatars, have been gaining worldwide attention. The fact that “ULTRAMAN”, which is one of Japan’s leading national IPs and has a fan base in more than 192 countries globally, will take the lead in advancing into the Metaverse NFT game “NFT DUEL” has attracted a great deal of attention from the global market. A large number of partnership offers have been collected for the same.

The NFT cards and other non-fungible tokens to be released under this project will be sold through the NFT marketplace “XANALIA” developed by NOBORDER.z. ULTRAMAN NFTs will also be used as avatars and various other items in the metaverse “XANA”, developed by the company. The details of NFT and how to purchase it will be announced on the official website and Twitter soon.


Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/ultraman_nft
Official Discord: https://discord.gg/kvMY9G4CJT



“NFT DUEL” is an NFT game that uses these tokens in a trading card game, one of the most popular game genres in the world, to give users true ownership of the NFT cards themselves and allow them to trade freely in the global market. In addition, users themselves become avatars and can freely interact and compete with other users they meet in the NFT-built metaverse.



■ About “ULTRAMAN” (Eiichi Shimizu & Tomohiro Shimoguchi)

ULTRAMAN is a Japanese manga work by Eiichi Shimizu and Tomohiro Shimoguchi. This work is set a few decades after the world saw TV drama “Ultraman” produced by Tsuburaya Productions (“10 years later” in the anime version), and has been translated into 11 languages ​​worldwide and has a total circulation of more than 4 million copies.

Netflix distributed the full 3DCG anime worldwide to 192 countries by April 2019, which won first place in “What’s Hot? 2019: Top 10 Most Watched Anime (Japan)” by Netflix. Season 2 has already been produced and will be released worldwide in 2022. It is an internationally popular work that has been translated into 11 languages.

■ About HERO’S Inc.

HERO’S Inc. is mainly engaged in the planning, managing, and producing comic websites and character content. They run a webcomic distribution site named “Comiplex – a manga theatre (https://viewer.heros-web.com/)”, updated every Friday at 12:00 Japan time. They have serialised a variety of popular mangas such as “ULTRAMAN”, “Kamen Rider Kuuga”, “Tanzaburou Tojima wants to be a Masked Rider”, “ATOM THE BEGINNING “, “DOUDLE”, “Blank Space”, “KILLING BITES “, and “KamiKatsu ~Create a religion in Isekai!~”. and many other various mangas.

Their major shareholders are Kinoshita Group Inc. and Shogakukan Creative Inc.

Official Website: https://viewer.heros-web.com/





XANALIA is an NFT marketplace, attracting worldwide attention and ranking 8th in the world trading volume ranking in July and winning the “1st place in the expected NFT marketplace” in Japan. It is developed by NOBORDER.z and operated by XANALIA Limited. It features NFT, the fastest-growing field in the blockchain market, and its link with the Metaverse, as well as a DeFi (decentralized finance) model. The total amount has exceeded 1.4 billion dollars (about 165 billion yen).

Currently, with Pony Canyon Planning Co., Ltd., Fuji Land Co., Ltd., and Fuji Creative Corporation, we are holding “XANALIA NFTART AWARDS 2021” to help discover and support creators worldwide.


■ Site https://xanalia.com

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■ About NOBORDER.z

A next-generation entertainment technology company that has a vision of “a world without borders” and operates in five countries around the world, centred on New York and Dubai in the United States. It is a business that integrates entertainment and technology, such as Metaverse based on blockchain technology and the NFT platform.


■ Company Overview

Company Name NOBORDER.z FZE (NoBorderz)
Location Business Center, AI Smooch Building, UAQ Free Trade Zone, Umm AL Quwain, UAE.
Business Blockchain Development, VR & Metaverse development, XR, AI, NFT platform development, and operation of services
CEO Rio Takeshi Kubo
Website https://www.noborderz.com
Twitter https://twitter.com/rio_noborderz


■ Contact

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