【All-Time Record】115.6 billion yen in total assets, and over 20,000 people have participated in the IDO of the XANA metaverse.

A successful event that broke the history of IDO


XANA, a Web 3.0 metaverse project developed by Rio Takeshi Kubo, CEO of XANALIA Limited, has raised IDO funding on DAOMaker, currently the world’s number one IDO (Web 3.0 type of funding) platform. The $500,000 (65 million yen) limited offer was matched by a total of 21,552 investors from around the world with total assets of $854,536,822 (approximately 115.6 billion yen).DAOMaker, which has completed 99 IDO projects in the past, attracted a great deal of attention as the largest number of participants and the largest total amount of crypto asset-denominated investor assets in the history of DAOMaker.

An IDO is an abbreviation for “Initial DEX Offering” and is a method of fundraising in which a decentralized financial institution acts as an intermediary.IDOs are gaining recognition worldwide as the standard for new blockchain project launches, along with IEOs.

DAOMaker is currently the world’s #1 IDO Launchpad (a platform that helps projects get off the ground) regarding the overall rating. In the past, DAOMaker has raised funds for 99 projects, Most of them have performed well after listing, with some top projects recording price increases of 200 to 300 times or more over their initial offerings. (Reference Cryptorank research) https://cryptorank.io/fundraising-platforms

Most of the projects that DAOMaker has funded have experienced growth since going public, with the most recent project, StepApp, recording up to 147x and generating a great deal of market attention.XANA has even surpassed StepApp regarding investor participation and total assets and is now recognized as the number one in the DAOMaker of all time.

This IDO is called the “Public Round. The “DAO Round” closed on June 1, and only users are holding DAOs, the governor’s tokens issued by DAOMaker, could participate.XANA closed the DAO round with the best record in its history, which started on the same day.

A total of 21,552 investors with total assets of $854,536,822 (approximately ¥115.6 billion) participated from all over the world in the Public Round, which lasted for 29 days and was limited to $500,000 (¥65 million). Following the recent DAO Round, XANA ranked first in the Public Round, proving its high profile in the global market. The virtual currency market has shrunk to less than one-third of its size since its peak last November.XANA has achieved one of the greatest successes in the history of all IDOs, including DAOMaker, in such market conditions, and it has attracted significant attention from the industry.

■ XANA Founder RIO Comments

XANA is a one-stop platform that provides all the infrastructure necessary for the coming Web 3.0 type metaverse era.XANA is not a traditional social media platform provided by a company. To realize our goal of a metaverse that each and every user truly owns The conventional means of fundraising through issuing shares is a conflict of interest. The interests of a particular company as a shareholder will always take priority.

On the other hand, everyone can gradually become owners, in the sense that they could be able to create an independent future with their own hands. This initiative with DAOMaker is indeed ideal. As a result, even under the current market conditions, many people worldwide get involved in the platform as part of a project rather than as consumers, even in the current market conditions. This could not be done with the existing system and is exactly what the world needs to move toward in the future. I am convinced that this is the proper form of Web 3.0, an autonomous and decentralized type that the world should move toward in the future.

We are not looking at the total assets of the participating investors, as you can see from the actual offering slots. We are not conducting IDOs for fundraising. Instead, excessive fundraising in the early stages will hinder future growth. We are not looking to raise funds. We have conducted the IDO in the sense that we can gather friends in the early stage.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to DAOMaker, all the participants, and the XANA DAO (DAO = Distributed Autonomous Organization) community, who continue to support XANA daily. Let’s use this as a starting point to move forward into the new world we aim for.

■ About DAOMaker

Based in the Czech Republic, the concept of “reinventing venture capital for all” is new funding and project support platform called “Launchpad” in the Web 3.0 era. It has raised funds for 99 projects, all of which have been successful. Currently, the IDO platform continues to be the world’s number one launchpad platform.

Website https://daomaker.com/
XANA Project page https://daomaker.com/company/xana


■ Character Business Research Institute, Inc.

A creative company that aims for innovation in the character/IP business through a fusion of humor, creativity, and technology. As the first phase of the “e-fashion” project, which was launched to create fashion culture in the digital world, the company produced the Hiroko Koshino x NOBORDER.z project.

Web https://c-biz-lab.com/


■ About XANA

NOBORDER.z has developed XANA as an NFT-based metaverse platform with blockchain infrastructure. We provide various products, services, and technologies so that users, companies, and IPs can freely perform multiple activities on the Metaverse. It is currently one of the world’s most popular metaverse platforms, announcing notable collaborations such as the Koto Heartfull Museum, which aims to promote the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, Milan Fashion Week in Italy, ULTRAMAN, Astro Boy x local government, and many more.

Web https://xana.net
Twitter https://twitter.com/XANAMetaverse
Telegram http://t.me/XANA_English
Discord https://discord.com/invite/XANA
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/xanametaverse/
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TikTok https://www.tiktok.com/@xanametaverse
Blog https://www.xana.net/blog
Medium. https://xanametaverse.medium.com/


■ XANA Metaverse App(public alpha version)

App Store http://apple.co/3J1nGgT
Google Play https://bit.ly/xanagp


■ About NoBorderZ

NoborderZ is a next-generation entertainment technology company with a vision of “a world without borders” and operations in five countries worldwide, centered in New York, the USA, and Dubai. The company operates a business that fuses entertainment and technology, including a metaverse based on blockchain technology and an NFT platform.

Company Name NOBORDER.z FZE
location Business Center, AI Smooch Building, UAQ Free Trade Zone, Umm AI Quwain, UAE.
Business content Development of blockchain technology, VR, XR, AI, NFT and operation of services
Representative Rio Takeshi Kubo
Corporate site https://www.noborderz.com/
Representative Twitter https://twitter.com/rio_noborderz


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