An NFT created by a 9-year-old boy wins the gold medal at XANALIA NFTART AWARDS 2021

NFT Art Virtual Gallery Held at Metaverse "XANA"


NOBORDER.z FZE (CEO: RIO TAKESHI KUBO), along with the Pony Canyon Planning Co., Ltd. (President: Hideki Oyanagi), Fujiland Co., Ltd. (President: Yoichi Okabe), has planned and operated “XANALIA NFTART AWARDS 2021” to spot new NFT creators in the world. In the competition, 1248 entries from all over the world are received. Out of 1248 nominated (primary) (Passed the examination) entries, 479 extraordinary works and 3 award-winning works, prizes, and special prizes were announced.

The event started in September, and since then, excellent artworks have been submitted by global artists at this event. The winners were announced after selection. The top three works are featured in the exhibition “NFT. NEW FREEDOM THINK” held by the “MADS ART GALLERY” gallery in Milan, Italy, in the Metaverse XANA Museum from mid-April. The nominated works will be accepted for auction at NFT Marketplace XANALIA until the end of April, and the highest bidder can win the NFT.

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■ About award-winning works

Gold Award: “Great cormorant flying city” YUYA

Winners’ comments:
My eyes are not like everyone else; they only see a narrow area.
I can’t see all of my paintings, but only some of them.
Small things look so good that I like to see birds flying far away.
I drew this picture when I saw the great cormorant spreading its wet wings and ruffling its feathers.

Silver Award: “Zeus” Obliraj Krishnaraj (video work)

Winners’ Comments:
I am a fine arts graduate with over 15 years in art. Nature has always fascinated me as everything is derived from it. I always like to experiment with different mediums to express myself—this time, I chose sand to narrate a little thought visually.

Bronze Award: “Square human alpha Rainbow” WING LAY

Winner’s comment:
We make dot picture works of characters by randomly combining parts.
This work will be the final work of the project “Square human alpha”, which was created by automatic generation at the very beginning.

I remember arranging 10,000 works I made and making them into one piece, and I said, “Oh …” better than I expected. I want to continue working hard to make more NFTs. Thank you very much. May everyone involved in NFT have a happy future!

Kosuke Tsumura Special Award: “skull” T (video work)

Reason for selection:
I felt the irony of NFT and the theory of fashion-specific rebellion in the work SKULL. The barrenness of visualization of unconfirmable ideas is also a metaphor for the blockchain, and there is a pleasant sense of loss represented by a light image.

Asako Tsuji Special Award: “TO THE SECOND NOAH IN 20XX” T & K photo unit

Reason for selection:
In the sense that it was a work born only in this era, I strongly felt that it was compatible with the characteristics of NFTs that are ticking time. Not only is it that the earth at the moment is left as NFT work overtime, but it is also remarkable that there is room to imagine the relationship between the earth and this work overtime. The composition makes you feel that the planet is at a turning point, and the world is devastated and desaturated. However, the white tiger in the centre and the bird in the upper right are also very sharp and beautiful as a picture. It is a work with a high degree of perfection.

Ikeda Ambassador Award: “Daily life of screw screw donut director” Miura Donut

Reason for selection:
In the current NFT market, pfp has a significant presence. I felt that this work has a particularly eye-catching style as a so-called pfp (profile icon).
In addition, the creator, Mr. Miura Donatsu himself, is actively and continuously involved in the NFT community. We are also paying attention to future work development.
(IKEHAYA: Founder of CryptoNinja, Web3 Evangelist)

Jury Prize (Creator) Prize
Prize Ofir K_design “In And Ou”
Prize / * Evercraft * / “/ ** Maze ** /”
Prize REI Kajitani. “INDEPENDENCE”, etc. Prize
Prize Hiroyuki Konno “Diffusion of magnetic field”
Prize Lightmaru “72 Spirits of Solomon” Prize
Prize Clippers “Deer Matryoshka”

XANALIA Special Prize (work)
Special Prize “The Cat Woman “ERINA MUKAIJO
Special Award” A girl and spirits “Hoshi Hiro
Special Award” META GIRL “saorikashimura
Special Award” MODEL-type A-BC- “Arisa Nakane
Special Award “Self Sacrifice Syndrome” Shinome Aya

■ Judges’ general comment (* Aiueo order, titles omitted)

Kana Kawanishi | KANA KAWANISHI (Director / Editor of KANA KAWANISHI GALLERY)
The ten works selected from the entries by KANA KAWANISHI GALLERY seem to reflect the depth of the bosom of NFT art. Originally momentary techniques such as “Zeus”, a recorded image of sand painting, and “ICE DYE # 1 / ICE DYE”, where melted ice dyes textiles are semi-permanent by being introduced into the NFT ecosystem. It was interesting to be able to get monetized. When it comes to choosing a gold medal work, the inevitability unique to NFT art is lacking, but in “Cormorant Flying City”, the creators move their hands-free and use their imagination. It was a work with a touch that you can feel the uniqueness of. It was also a work that reminded me of the goodness of NFT art that the door is open to anyone regardless of age.

Michiko Kuroda | JUNKO KURODA (Professor, Digital Hollywood University / Part-time Lecturer, Department of Imaging, Faculty of Art and Design, Musashino Art University / Designer)
I have been involved in many work selections so far. Analog and digital works, 2D and 3D, and still image and video work. This time, the NFT artworks judged were works with a different charm from the previous works. The winning works had the beauty of a picture, and the new values ​​brought about by being expressed as NFT art. It is an overwhelming power and appears in the examination results. The work “Cormorant Flying City”, which was highly evaluated, is drawn in detail, and when you look at the facts, it seems that you will be drawn into the world. The overall balance is good, and it seems big or small, and when you follow the shape with your eyes, you feel as if you are moving. Every time I saw it, I made discoveries, and I felt that it was a work with a mysterious power that made me want to stare at it forever. I chose this work because I felt it was unique and attractive.

Asako Tsuji | ASAKO TSUJI (arca CEO / Creative Director)
From the perspective of being an artwork that can only be expressed digitally, and in addition to being an expression unique to “NFT”,. And from the perspective of the artist, it is an expression that was born only because of that person, such as the identity and roots of the artist. Finally, from the perspective of beauty and fun as a straight work. Finally, from the perspective of the meaning and significance of the work awarded this award. These four were the significant axes of evaluation. The final three works have different coat colours, and each has an additional depth. I think that is the result of a strong feeling of the diversity of NFT art and the range of possibilities in the future. It was a selection that felt the potential of each fascination, dynamic and static.

KOSUKE TSUMURA ​​| KOSUKE TSUMURA ​​(Art Director / Fashion Designer / Professor, Department of Space Direction Design, Musashino Art University / Part-time Lecturer, Bunka Fashion College Fashion Crafts Course / Part-time Lecturer, Department of Design, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts) I was allowed to choose in. It also has to do with my being a fashion designer. It may be different from the consensus, but I thought it was an act that was in line with the nature of NFTs. The reason is that the NFT system itself is considered an original work. It implies the purest situation in art where the owner’s satisfaction is valuable and by extension, the liberation from the art world. NFT certification is valid even for plagiarism of digital information, and it is the current law to judge it. It is difficult to capture the uniqueness of the image, and the only thing that cannot be tampered with is the authentication fact, and the work can be duplicated.
Nevertheless, if methods and motives are the central values, it is no different from judging digital works. I relied on my intuition as a way to avoid it. NFT is a service that has just begun. However, in the future, I expect the emergence of original works by hacking the mechanism of NFT and invalidating the original myths so far.

Junya Yamamine | JUNYA YAMAMINE (curator / co-representative of Tokyo Art Acceleration)
Works that should be a new question should be unearthed from today’s digital domain, and when it comes to art, I would like to commend those that surpass existing art experiences. However, it was challenging to find an excellent cliché from the myriad of clichés. Among them, “Zeus” showed exchangeability by changing the one-time art called sand art to NFT, and “Cormorant Flying City” by a boy painter with a visual disability. So I decided to send an award, including the fact that NFT contributed to discovering talents that were difficult to find. It can be said that the viewpoint was focused on the possibility that NFT will contribute to the type of art that was difficult in the existing system.

■ About the Prize

The three best entries selected by the jury’s vote will receive the following cash prizes as extra awards. (Payment in legal currency)

Gold Award “Great cormorant flying city” YUYA US $ 10,000
Silver Award “Zeus” Obliraj Krishnaraj $ 5,000
Bronze Award “Square human alpha Rainbow” WINGLAY $ 3,000
  • The prize money will be used as an advance on the rights fee to be distributed to the rights holders from the subsequent sales (profit from sales) of the relevant work (advance payment => profit guarantee).
    Of course, in the event that the profit-sharing amount exceeds the prize money, the excess amount will be paid in perpetuity thereafter.
  • The original copyright fee will be permanently allocated to the creators (original creators) in the case of sales in the initial auction and subsequent permanent secondary transactions through the NFT Marketplace system.

■ About the exhibition “NFT. NEW FREEDOM THINK

An international exhibition on the theme of “NFT” art held by M.A.D.S. ART GALLERY, a gallery based in Milan, Italy. In addition to the gallery in the historic building in the center of Milan, the event will be held simultaneously at three other locations: a gallery on the Spanish resort island of Fuerteventura (Canary Islands) and a gallery on Metaverse.

There are no borders that cannot be crossed, no doors that cannot be opened, and we are welcomed by the freedom to travel with our minds, aiming for new horizons. “No progress is possible without deviation from the norm” is the verbal statement of the famous American revolutionary composer Frank Zappa. We must remember to look back to the past and look forward to the future. Change means a new beginning.” (from the concept of the event)

■ Schedule [Future Schedule]

Virtual gallery exhibition Scheduled for Friday, April 15, 2022
Virtual awards ceremony Scheduled for late April 2022
Bid deadline Saturday, April 30, 2022 23:59

● About the Metaverse “XANA”

NFT-based Metaverse platform and blockchain infrastructure developed by NOBORDER.z. We provide various products, services, and technologies so that users, companies, and IPs can freely perform multiple activities on the Metaverse. One of the hottest metaverse platforms in the world today, announcing various collaborations such as the Tokyo Olympics, the Koto Heartful Museum aimed at enlivening the Paralympics, Milan Fashion Week in Italy, ULTRAMAN, Astro Boy x local government, and many others.



XANALIA, developed by NOBORDER.z and operated by XANALIA Limited, is an NFT marketplace attracting global attention. The marketplace has secured 8th rank in the worldwide trading volume ranking and 1st in the expected NFT marketplace in Japan in July. The key features of XANALIA are:1. NFT, 2. Linkage with the metaverse. 3. The DeFi (decentralized finance) model is currently the fastest-growing area in the blockchain market. Its diluted potential market capitalisation exceeded $1.4 billion (about 165 billion yen) just one month after its launch.

Together with Pony Canyon Planning, IncFuji Land, Inc. and Fuji Creative Corporation are holding the “XANALIA NFTART AWARDS 2021” to promote and encourage creators globally.


■ About NOBORDER.z

NOBORDER.Z is a next-generation entertainment technology company with operations in five countries worldwide, centered in New York, USA and Dubai. With the vision of “Wonderful World with NO Borders,” the company is developing the NFT metaverse “XANA” and the NFT platform “XANALIA” based on blockchain technology for the global NFT market and also NFT game “NFTDUEL” and other businesses that integrate technology and entertainment.

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