​Japan’s largest free-mint NFT ever. XANA: PENPENZ x CryptoNinja launch on 25th Feb. 1,000 Extra AL slots are now available.

XANA succeeded at 2 large-scale NFT launches in 2022, XANA: Genesis & XANA: Land, and sold more than 3500 ETH in total.

While major NFTs have had their prices crushed, XANA’s NFTs perform above 17x above their minting price.

To bring XANA to a broader global market, XANA collaborates with the CryptoNinja Family and its founder Ikehaya (who is also a marker of the most extensive Japanese NFT collection CNP, LLAC, APP) to launch XANA’s iconic character of Penguin “PENPENZ”

Ahead of its launch on 25th Feb 1,000 NFTs will be provided to anyone on SNS, while 3,000 NFTs will be allocated to community contributors.

The largest free-mint NFT project in Japan will shake the worldwide NFT market.



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AI is currently the world’s most popular technology. Anticipating this trend, Metaverse partner XANA: Genesis, released in 2022, has moved into a new dimension.

They continuously evolve into the ultimate AI partner, capable of expressing emotions, moving naturally, listening to your voice, and responding to it.

You can now communicate with some alpha-type evolved Genesis on our official website.

URL: https://genesischat.xana.net/

The availability of this great new feature will be announced tomorrow.

XANA is a key player leading the market in a rapidly growing area of Metaverse x AI.

Entertainment is the driving force for the metaverse.
And XANA is becoming the best metaverse to realize most immersive events from mobile.

Following the first event’s amazing success, XANA: Festival 2 will excite you with various XANA: Genesis’s AI performances and a special mix of the most famous Anime songs by XANA’s founder Rio as DJ.

You can download the latest app with new features next week for a whole new experience.

As an opening for the event, we stream amazing XANA: Penpenz AI Arts created by more than 500 DAO Creators and a New avatar fashion show.

XANA: Festival 2 (February 3rd, 2023)

11:30 Open

11:40 XANA: Penpenz AI art show

11:55 XANA New wearable Fashion show

12:00 Rio & XANA: Genesis DJ Dance party (J-pop night)

13:00 Closed

(UTC Time zone)

“XANA,” a Web 3.0 metaverse developed by NOBORDERz (CEO: Rio Takeshi Kubo), will hold an NFT Real Art Exhibition using the commercial rights of AI-powered NFT avatar “XANA: GENESIS,” which has sold out 10,000 units in July 2022, for three days from January 27 (Fri.) to 29 (Sun.) at GINZA SIX 5F “Saf Gallery,” led by the DAO members of XANA. Contemporary artist “KOGAKEN,” also the owner of XANA: GENESIS, will paint the NFT selected by lottery out of 10,000 units on canvas, allowing visitors to experience not only real art but also NFT and the Metaverse.

XANA Genesis NFT Real Art Exhibition

The real artworks drawn based on NFTs will be exhibited and sold at the venue, and at the same time, the same artworks will be exhibited and sold on XANA’s Metaverse platform. People who are not familiar with NFT and the metaverse will be able to experience XANA’s content, and an event will also be held where everyone can create artwork together. The artwork will be distributed as an NFT. This event was launched by the members of XANA’s DAO community, and is a unique initiative of XANA’s NFT, with aim of “Creating a Metaverse for Everyone, Together.” with commercial rights granted to users.

[Production view]

In the TOP 7 domestic NFT 24-hour trading ranking

NFT’s Real Artwork Rights to be shown at the exhibition will get ranked in the “TOP 7” of NFT transactions in Japan, along with other famous projects. It is the first project in Japan to be ranked in the list of projects to exhibit NFT artworks in real life.

About XANA Genesis

An AI-powered XANA original NFT avatar, one of XANA’s services. In July 2022, the first 10,000 units were made available to the general public and sold out immediately. The initial price started at 0.05 ETH, and as of January 2023, the price was 18 times higher at around 0.9 ETH. In addition, the market capitalization of the collection has remained above 8400 ETH (approximately 1.5 billion yen) as of January 2023, making it one of the most popular NFT collections in the country.


  • Equipped with original AI engine. Chat conversation is possible.
  • Auto-generated generative NFT.
  • 10,000 units( A rare combination of units can be traded at a premier price)
  • Created for SNS PFP (profile icons)
  • Can be used for commercial purposes
  • Generate revenue by auto-playing the blockchain game (Gamefi)
  • Creating revenue from land (LAND) in the metaverse.

Event Outline

Exhibit of Artworks

KOGAKEN’s F25 (803mm x 652mm) artwork will be exhibited and sold along with XANA: GENESIS owned by the 10 NFT holders themselves. In addition, canvas prints, tote bags, and other goods made by the 10 PASS holders based on the exhibited works will be sold.

Experiencing the Metaverse

The same artworks as in the exhibition venue will also be available in the Metaverse using the XANA Metaverse App. Visitors and non-visitors can view and purchase works in the Metaverse.

Artworks created by everyone at NFT


Visitors can experience the creation of artworks with contemporary artist “KOGAKEN” during the event. The completed works will be distributed free of charge to visitors as NFT.

Experiencing Game Fi

Blockchain technology-based game (NFTDuel) uses crypto assets (virtual currency) as in-game currency.※The trial version is not available for earnings.

Experience XANA Genesis’ AI features

In the chat application, you can see AI conversation and facial expressions and other movements, and actually the more you chat with the AI, the more the AI learns, enabling communication with each individual based on their personality. You will get a completely different feeling from the previous NFTs.

Conversation with XANA Founder RIO

XANA Founder RIO, who lives in Dubai, will be available to answer questions about the project and you will have a rare opportunity to meet with a leading and cutting-edge innovator in the metaverse.

「KOGAKEN」 Artist Profile

Since childhood, he has always loved to create things and has always had a special feeling for things that come from his own hands, including drawing and making things. At 17, after dropping out of high school, he began studying design on his own, and at 18, he started his career as a designer. He started painting as a hobby in 2017, and started working as an artist as KOGAKEN in 2018, after appearing at events. Until 2020, he was both a designer and an artist, but in October 2020, he left his position as a designer and started his career as a painter. He also won the Newcomer Award at the “Dynamic Contemporary Artists Exhibition” held at the Asian Art Museum in 2018. In 2021, his solo exhibition attracted more than 200 visitors in three days. He also produced and designed events himself, using his experience as a designer. Since November 2021, he has been working on various NFT and Metaverse projects to exhibit at Metaverse.

Project Outlook

The exhibition at GINZA SIX will be the first in a series of exhibitions held throughout Japan. Along with the exhibitions, new artworks will be created, and a community will be built. Real Art NFT,” which will be released simultaneously with real art, will develop a collection in the NFT Marketplace Metaverse space. The NFT will offer an unprecedented way to enjoy art by combining real and digital art. In the future, this project will be expanded through collaborations with various NFT projects.

Event Details

Date of event 2023/01/27(Fri)〜29(Sun)
Time of the Event 10:30〜20:30 JST
Place GINZA SIX 5F Saf Gallery Address/10-1, Ginza 6-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Home page https://www.kogaken.com/xanagenesis


NOBORDER.z FZE (NOBORDER.z, CEO: RIO TAKESHI KUBO / hereinafter “NOBORDER.z”), AEON Retail Co. (CEO: Takemi Ide / hereafter, AEON RETAIL), ZELS (CEO: Kenji Taguchi / hereinafter “ZELS”) have announced the worldwide release of wearable NFTs that avatars can wear in the Web 3.0 metaverse “XANA” developed by NOBORDER.z. At the same time, they are announcing the release of real “Corporate Collaboration® T-shirts” at AEON stores nationwide※4.

This NFT project was realized by converting the “Corporate Collaboration® T-shirts” to NFTs, which are sold by “Double Focus”, a casual fashion brand by AEON Retail which operates stores in Honshu (excluding Tohoku) and Shikoku (about 74,000 employees), one of Japan’s largest distribution groups, “AEON”. The “Corporate Collaboration® T-Shirt” was recreated in the metaverse so that avatars in the Web 3.0 metaverse “XANA,” which is currently attracting worldwide attention, can wear it, and the NFT version was made possible.

The “Corporate Collaboration® T-shirts” are designed by ZELS, the trademark owner, with over 30 years of accumulated know-how and a track record of producing for over 1,000 companies in other industries, including major apparel distributors. The Participating companies include Potato Chips” and “Jagarico” by Calbee Co.Ltd., “Sumo”, and Recruit Co., and a variety of other manufacturers, such as stationery companies and restaurant chains.

A portion of the real “Corporate Collaboration®” T-shirts, has been designed “exclusively for Aeon” featuring the logos of leading Japanese historical companies and illustrations of their popular products not only on the front but also on the back and cuffs, will be available for sale at approximately 350 Aeon stores nationwide. In the meantime, it will also be available as NFTs on the dedicated sales page of XANALIA, the NFT marketplace of the XANA metaverse. Customers who purchase NFTs will be able to freely change their avatar’s clothes and enjoy wearing matching T-shirts in the real world as well.

NFT “Corporate Collaboration® T-Shirt” Sales Overview

Launch Date 2023/02/04 (Sat) 21:00 JST
Sales website NFT Marketplace “XANALIA”※1
Sales type 16 patterns from 10 companies※2
Sales Price $5 ※3


※1:You can purchase the product on the launch date on a dedicated sales page from the “Launchpad” on the website ( https://xanalia.com/ ).

※2:Each pattern is limited to 200 pieces (a total of 3,200 pieces), so sales will end as soon as the pattern is sold out.

※3:The price displayed on the NFT is not in dollars but in the cryptocurrency XETA, and the payment also should be made in XETA (due to the blockchain mechanism, a fee (gas fee) is required in addition to the listed price).

Real “Corporate Collaboration® T-Shirts” Sales Overview

Available on sale Order Starts from 2023/01/27 (Fri)
Sales Stores Nationwide “AEON”, “AEON STYLE”, etc. approx. 350 stores ※4
WEB Sale Aeon Style Online( https://aeonretail.com/list/f-corporat-tee/
Type 25 patterns from 17 companies ( of which 16 patterns from 10 companies were converted to NFT)
Size XS~2XL (Men’s size, unisex wearable)
Price 1,380 yen (1,518 yen including tax)


※4:Some stores may not carry the product. Product variety varies from store to store.

XANA collaborates with Meishun Yuanjie Co.(China’s top art school: Central Academy of Fine Arts International College)to establish the “Metaverse Application Scene Experimental Base.”

The experimental base will link content creation, technological achievements, scene operation, and conduct metaverse experiments. It will also explore the metaverse solutions of “Technology + Digital Creation” in cultural tourism, exhibition and performance, training and education, and business creativity, among others.

Meishun Yuanjie Co. is the industrial platform of CAFA Asset Management Co. Under the policies of China’s digital economy development/cultural digitalization strategy and action plan for the integration and development of virtual reality and industry applications.

We use CAFAIC’s advantage of global academic exchange, industrial innovation, forward-looking, and exploration to drive metaverse’s application.

NOBORDER.z FZE (CEO: RIO TAKESHI KUBO) has developed the Web 3.0 type metaverse “XANA.” They are hosting a “virtual exhibition in the metaverse together with Koto City, Tokyo, as a follow-up to the koto Heartful Art Exhibition held in the previous year. The aim is to realize a harmonious society where people with and without disabilities can live actively in the community through art and technology.

In 2021, XANA and Koto City held the koto Heartful Art Exhibition for the Tokyo 2020 Games, a sports and cultural festival, in the Metaverse. The exhibition’s legacy will remain as a “virtual exhibition” in the Metaverse. By allowing visitors to view the works of people with disabilities from any location at any time, the exhibition will allow people with disabilities to feel closer to them and deepen their understanding of the world. The exhibition will also promote the social participation of people and children with and without disabilities. It will be a place where people with and without disabilities can live together in the community.

We will provide access to approximately 150 paintings in total during the 1st to 3rd Terms, not only from all over Japan but from all over the world, by taking advantage of the unique strengths of the Metaverse.

■ Event Schedule

Exhibition period Name of Exhibiting Organization
1st Term 2022/12/1(Thu)〜12/20(Tue) Institutions for the physically challenged
2nd Term 2023/01/5 (Thu)〜1/23 (Mon) Institutions for the physically challenged
3rd Term 2023/02/7 (Tue)〜3/31 (Fri) Elementary and junior high schools


■ Details

Fee: Free (Internet access fee will be charged separately.)

* Please download the application from the ward’s homepage before entering the venue.

Organizer: Policy Promotion Section, Disability Policy Division, Disability Welfare Department, Koto-Ku, Tokyo

Planning and creation: NOBORDERZ/ALGO

NFTDuel Penpenz special limited edition support card (Oarai-Cho edition) from XANA will be given to those who make a tax payment to their hometown (Oarai-Cho) from all over Japan.

We are extremely honored. This is a huge step towards revitalizing the local economy through Web3 metaverse.

Sale Period: 2022/12/24~2023/1/29
1Pack: 10,000 JPY
4Pack: 20,000 JPY
URL: https://www.furusato-tax.jp/

After registering as a member on the website “Furusato Choice”, please select a Product from the Returned Products of Oarai-Cho, Ibaraki Prefecture.

Please select a payment method from Credit Card, Convenience Store Payment, etc.
It is possible to pay taxes (donate) through a process similar to online shopping.
The deduction is limited to the amount of your tax liability.

Please refer to the purchase site for details.

After completing all the steps, you will receive an email at your registered email address. Please enter your wallet address and reply to the email.

Please await the distribution of the rest (XANA PENPENZ) in your Wallet.

Distribution period: Scheduled for the end of February

A massive step forward for global adoption: Everyone can purchase $XETA from their Credit or Debit card, including VISA and Mastercard!

This feature will dramatically accelerate the global adoption for XANA / $XETA and empowers everyone to enter the Web3 metaverse.

Buy $XETA by Credit card

How to purchase $XETA by Credit or Debit card

Japan’s leading companies are collaborating with XANA in the Metaverse.

NOBORDER.z FZE (CEO: RIO TAKESHI KUBO / hereafter referred to as “NOBORDER.z”), in cooperation with ZELS Corporation (President: Kenji Taguchi / hereafter referred to as “ZELS”), has announced the worldwide release of “Corporate Collaboration® T-shirts” in the Web3 metaverse as NFTs for avatars to wear.

This project will reproduce the “Corporate Collaboration® T-shirts” in the metaverse so avatars in the Web3 metaverse “XANA,” which is attracting worldwide attention, can wear them and convert them to NFT.

ZELS, the owner of the trademark, will plan and design the “Corporate Collaboration® T-shirts”. ZELS brings over 30 years of experience, producing apparel for more than 1,000 companies in other industries, including major apparel distributors. These companies include “Potato Chips and Jagarico” by Calbee and “Sumo” by Recruit Co.Ltd., along with various stationery manufacturers, restaurant chains, and more than 16 well-known brands.

The “Corporate Collaboration® T-shirts” featuring the logos and illustrations of leading Japanese companies and their products and services will be available as NFTs on the XANALIA NFT marketplace of the XANA metaverse, allowing NFT buyers to freely dress up their avatars in the “XANA” metaverse.

Through Web3, Metaverse, and NFT, currently the world’s most popular business domains, participating companies can expand their global visibility and prove their credibility without holding inventory through the unique NFT mechanism. The companies can demonstrate to the global market the potential of new lifestyles, business models, and the next generation of digital fashion through this initiative. In the future, the companies also intend to develop a next-generation concept of NFT that integrates real stores and Metaverse.