XANA Chain, the core of XANA’s next-generation Web 3.0 metaverse infrastructure, will finally be launched on the mainnet, building on AVALANCHE’s subnet technology with robust security that has never been hacked since its launch.

The XANA chain is highly secure, fast, low-cost, environmentally friendly, and, most importantly, dramatically accelerates the value of XETA tokens.

With the launch of the mainnet, we will be performing various operations to accelerate the deflation of XETA tokens further.

The following will be migrated to the XANA chain

– NFTDuel
– Staking
– Vesting
– Some Land
– World

The following will be able to pay with XETA on the XANA chain

– Consumption and rewards in games
(XANA P2E is designed to be non-inflatable)
– Paid utilities in the metaverse
– Wearable NFTs in the Metaverse
– XANA: some paid utilities in Genesis
– Many others

All XETA tokens spent for gas are currently designed to burn. This means that as more users are added to the XANA chain and more token transactions are made in NFT, Metaverse, games, etc., XETA will increase its potential value.

XANA is on a steady path to becoming the world’s most used Web 3.0 metaverse, the future metaverse infrastructure for billions of users. The XANA Chain is the world’s first metaverse-specific public chain that will serve as the infrastructure, and XETA tokens will begin their essential role as its gas tokens.

In further announcements, we will keep updating the migration and bridge process according to the shift to the mainnet. Please stay updated!

XANA is the metaverse to provide the most robust utility for top IPs. On 28th January 2023, following ULTRAMAN and Astroboy, XANA’s first native gamefi, “NFTDuel,” launches its 3rd IP collaboration CryptoNinja for millions of NFT lovers.

Japan’s NFT market is the most rapidly growing NFT market recently, backed by its history as the no.1 country of anime and manga.

CryptoNinja family is its market-leading NFT collection led by its signature collection CNP, with over 73,000 ETH market cap.

XANA and the CryptoNinja family are Japan’s leading Web 3.0 brand, bringing the greatest web3.0 entertainment to the world. All the holders of XANA: Penpenz (feat. CryptoNinja) will have a primary whitelist to mint the NFTDuel CryptoNinja NFT game card on 28th January 2023. A pack contains 5 NFT cards inside. The holder can immediately start playing the game after minting.

The XANA Web 3.0 Metaverse project, developed by NOBORDER.z (CEO Rio Takeshi Kubo), in collaboration with CryptoNinja, Japan’s largest DAO community, has announced the launch of 10,000 XANA: PENPENZ (CryptoNinja Edition), a generative NFT collection of XANA penguins, which will be released for 0.001 ETH.

In contrast to global crypto and NFT markets, Japan’s NFT market is thriving like never before. Among them, XANA and the CryptoNinja family’s NFT collection has the largest market value in Japan. These two major projects are now announcing a dream collaboration!

XANA: PENPENZ (Feat. CryptoNinja) is a generative NFT of 10,000 XANA penguins with elements of CryptoNinja, and it will be released on Saturday, January 21, 2023, at a price of 0.001 ETH.

Over the decades, Japanese character IP has gained significant global recognition through anime, manga, and games. We are excited to work with XANA to create a new chapter for Japanese characters IP as NFT, utilizing XANA’s metaverse and GameFi’s extensive Web3 utility.

An international entertainment blockbuster now fused with cutting-edge technology!

XANA, a Web 3.0 metaverse developed by NOBORDER.z (CEO Rio Takeshi Kubo), has announced that it will develop a metaverse and NFT game of “FLAGLIA,” an original anime and musical project that is rapidly gaining attention for its high-profile collaboration of top artists from Japan and Korea. The company announced that it will develop the “FLAGLIA” metaverse and make it into an NFT game. “FLAGLIA” will be the first multimedia mix project to be simultaneously developed as an anime, musical, NFT, and metaverse.

The “FLAGLIA project” is a media mix project that includes the original anime “FLAGLIA” to be broadcast in 2023 and the musical “FLAGLIA THE MUSICAL” -Yukite Kaerishi Monogatari- that depicts a different era from the anime, to be performed in February 2023 at the Seinenkan Hall in Japan.

Original story and screenplay by Takadono En.
Animation is being produced by Studio Gaina.
The theme song and cover songs will be provided by THE BOYZ, a popular KPOP group that has had a very successful arena tour in Japan. Yoshikuni Dochin (CHEMISTRY), is a leading Japanese vocalist who performs not only in musicals but also in CV, along with another KPOP artist, Yunak (SUPERNOVA), who is also an upcoming voice actor. In addition, the musical will feature the members of NIK, a Japan-Korea joint global group.

XANA is currently one of the most popular Web 3.0 metaverses in the world and has been in the news since last October when it sold 600 million yen worth of land on the metaverse as NFT in 9 hours. It became the talk of the town when it recorded the largest NFT sale ever for a Japanese-affiliated project. In July of this year, the company simultaneously listed on major exchanges and is developing cutting-edge initiatives internationally, including the first NFT game adaptation of world-renowned Japanese IPs such as ULTRAMAN and Astro Boy.

A Web 3.0 and decentralized metaverse mechanism that allows users to own part of the land and platform rights on the blockchain themselves, rather than having them owned by a specific company, is gaining traction.

Currently, XANA is developing a game based on the original story that will be developed in the XANA metaverse. It will be a massively multiplayer action game that takes advantage of the worldview that spans multiple eras and the wizard element of the work and will feature the star-studded voice cast of the anime. The game’s assets, such as items and characters, will be sold as NFTs utilizing XANA’s own XANA chain enabling worldwide sales. Unlike existing games, users can retain semi-permanent ownership of their assets. The launch of the game and NFT is scheduled for 2023.

XANA, a Web 3.0 type metaverse developed by NOBORDER.z FZE (NOBORDER.z, CEO: RIO TAKESHI KUBO, hereafter referred to as NOBORDER.z), has announced that it will develop an NFT game adaptation of the popular Fuji Television program『逃走中 – Run for Money -』 on the XANA metaverse. This is the first time ever that such a major program has been made into a major metaverse and NFT game.

“Run for Money” is a national game variety show that has been aired on Fuji Television since 2004. The show is set in early morning streets, theme parks, shopping centers, etc., and has gained popularity by featuring famous celebrities playing a large-scale game of tag. Its popularity is widely known not only in Japan but also overseas, and it has attracted attention for its exclusive worldwide distribution of all four episodes on Netflix.

XANA is currently one of the world’s most popular Web 3.0 type metaverse and has made a sensation by recording the largest NFT sale ever for a Japanese-affiliated project, selling 600 million yen worth of land on the metaverse as NFT in 9 hours last month in October. This July, the company expanded its cutting-edge efforts internationally with simultaneous listings on major exchanges and the first NFT game adaptation of world-renowned Japanese IPs such as ULTRAMAN and Astro Boy.

NOBORDER.z has been preparing for the adaptation of “Run for Money” into a Metaverse NFT game since last year, and today we are pleased to announce this cutting-edge initiative in the Japanese media industry.

Development is in progress for the launch by the end of 2023, and after the launch, we will keep working on innovative projects integrating cutting-edge technology and linking with TV programs.

Comments from Representative

We have overcome many hurdles for this innovative approach and we are determined to do our best to meet the expectations of Fuji Television Network and Fuji Creative Corporation (FCC), who have chosen XANA as a partner to develop the metaverse for such a historic and well-known program, and above all, we will do our best to meet the expectations of the viewers who are the fans of the program.

As for Japan, content is one of the greatest weapons to compete in the world. The world is currently undergoing major changes with Web3, Metaverse, NFT, and Blockchain. I believe that fusing these borderless cutting-edge technologies with Japanese creativity to create something that can be enjoyed by people around the world will accelerate Japan’s economic revival in the global market, which is currently stagnant.

A fusion of cutting-edge technology and entertainment by top artists

Yuya Tegoshi, a singer, TV personality, and actor with over 2.5 million SNS followers in total, has collaborated with XANA, a Web 3.0 metaverse project being developed by NOBORDER.z (CEO Rio Takeshi Kubo), and has announced that he will own land in the XANA metaverse, conduct his own activities, including music in the metaverse, and develop NFT releases linked to these activities.

After being a member of Japan’s top male idol group NEWS for about 17 years, Yuya Tegoshi became independent and debuted as a solo singer in June 2020.

In addition to being a singer, his activities also include regular appearances on popular variety shows and serving as the main anchor for the FIFA Club World Cup and the FIFA World Cup.

His first nationwide tour “Yuya Tegoshi LIVE TOUR 2022 ‘NEW FRONTIER'” was held from January to April this year, with 14 shows in 8 locations. Another additional performance at LINE CUBE SHIBUYA was the final show of the tour, and the three-month tour was successfully completed.

As Yuya Tegoshi sees the Metaverse as one of the following steps of his career, he is planning a variety of activities in XANA, including avatar development, Metaverse live performances, and NFT releases.

NOBORDER.z FZE (NOBORDER.z, CEO: RIO TAKESHI KUBO / hereinafter referred to as “NOBORDER.z”), Tezuka Productions, Inc. (President: Takayuki Matsutani / hereinafter referred to as “Tezuka Productions”), and J&J Business Creation, a joint venture between JTB Corporation and JCB Co. (President: Masami Suzuki; hereafter “J&J Business Creation”), have announced the launch of a series of NFT game cards with the theme of regional development in tie-up with Okayama city, that can be used in XANALIA, an NFT marketplace for the NOBORDER.z metaverse, and NFTDUEL, an NFT game in the XANA metaverse.

This NFT project brings together Tezuka Productions’ worldwide influence in manga and anime content, J&J Business Creation’s know-how in the regional revitalization and network with local governments, and NOBORDER.z’s NFT blockchain technology and its Metaverse technology. By combining these three elements, the project aims to recover and support local economies and the domestic tourism market, which were severely damaged by the Corona disaster, and to launch the “Local Atom NFT”, which can be used in NFT games in the Metaverse, to the global market.

These three companies have collaborated with each of Japan’s “localities” to create a collaboration with each of Japan’s “local” characters, Astro Boy, who is known worldwide, and have converted them into NFT game cards that can be used in the NFT trading card game “NFTDuel” linked to the “XANA” metaverse.These cards will be distributed and sold worldwide. The users can purchase NFTs filled with the charm and culture of each region of Japan as their own assets, play with them, create new cards by combining them with each other, and monetize them by trading them.

This project will take an unprecedented and innovative approach to create new IP that is uniquely Japanese, and will help to redefine and rediscover the charms of various regions of Japan, both domestically and internationally, while promoting an increase in demand for after-corona inbound tourism by having new audiences in Japan and abroad enjoy and rediscover the charms of various regions of Japan, while at the same time donating a portion of the sales to revitalize local communities through the promotion of tourism.

■ Our second area of collaboration: Okayama City.

A tie-up with “Okayama City” has been decided as the second local collaboration in Japan.

Okayama City is famous for the legend of Momotaro, which is well known to all Japanese, Kibi Dango (dumplings), and Saidaiji Kaiyo (naked festival). On the 3rd of this month, Okayama Castle was reopened with its jet-black walls recreated for the first time since it was rebuilt in 1966. The festival will combine the history, culture, and leisure activities of Okayama City with seasonal fruits and other gourmet foods such as the “Kingdom of Fruits,” as well as new technology to appeal to a wide range of visitors in Japan and abroad.

■ About XANA

NOBORDER.z has developed XANA as an NFT-based metaverse platform with blockchain infrastructure. We provide various products, services, and technologies so that users, companies, and IPs can freely perform multiple activities on the Metaverse. It is currently one of the world’s most popular metaverse platforms, announcing amazing collaborations such as the Koto Heartfull Museum, which aims to promote the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, Milan Fashion Week in Italy, ULTRAMAN, Astro Boy x local government, and many more.

XANA has started an official LINE to receive the latest information! Click here to add a friend.

LINE https://bit.ly/xanaline
Web https://xana.net
Twitter https://twitter.com/XANAMetaverse
Telegram http://t.me/XANA_English
Discord https://discord.com/invite/XANA
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/xanametaverse/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/xanametaverse
Youtube https://www.youtube.com/c/XANAMetaverse
TikTok https://www.tiktok.com/@xanametaverse
Blog https://www.xana.net/blog
Medium. https://xanametaverse.medium.com/


■ About Tezuka Productions

Tezuka Productions was established in 1968 by Osamu Tezuka himself as a manga and animation production company. It has produced many masterpieces that have left their mark on the history of manga and animation around the world, including “Astro Boy,” “The Bird of Fire,” and “Black Jack. In addition to copyright management and animation production of Tezuka’s works, the company currently manages the Osamu Tezuka Memorial Museum in Takarazuka City, Hyogo Prefecture.

● Tezuka Production Site: https://tezuka.co.jp


■ About J&J Business Creation Inc

JTB Corporation and JCB Corporation jointly established a joint venture business development company.

It is engaged in cutting-edge business development, including planning, development, and promotion utilizing the management resources of the two companies.

● J&J Group Site: https://www.jj-group.jp


■ About NoBorderZ

NoborderZ is a next-generation entertainment technology company with a vision of “Wonderful World with No Borders” and operations in five countries worldwide, with its operational centers in New York (USA) and Dubai. The company operates a business that fuses entertainment and technology, including a metaverse based on blockchain technology and an NFT platform.


Company Name NOBORDER.z FZE
location Business Center, AI Smooch Building, UAQ Free Trade Zone, Umm AI Quwain, UAE.
Business content Development of blockchain technology, VR, XR, AI, NFT and operation of services
Representative Rio Takeshi Kubo
Corporate site https://www.noborderz.com/
Representative Twitter https://twitter.com/rio_noborderz
VOICY https://voicy.jp/channel/2968

■ Contact Information

Department Public relations department
Inquiry [email protected]


Now is the time for large-scale crypto institutions to step into the metaverse to deliver another level of experience to its 20 million users. Kucoin acquired XANA: Land to prepare immersive content, including educational content and virtual events with XANA.

▶️ About KuCoin

Currently one of the top 5 crypto exchanges according to CoinMarketCap.

Forbes also named KuCoin as one of the Best Crypto Exchanges in 2021.

In 2022, Ascent named KuCoin the Best Crypto App for enthusiasts.

▶️ XETA token listing

XANA’s primary native token $XETA has been listed on Gate.io exchange to reach millions of users around the globe.

Trade XETA in Kucoin


Gate.io is one of the largest global exchanges, with more than $12 billion daily trading volume of 10 million users globally.

Gate.io is now ready to explore the unlimited possibility of the Web 3.0 metaverse with XANA.

▶ XANA’s primary native token $XETA has been listed on the Gate.io exchange to reach millions of users around the globe.]

■ Trade XETA in Gate

▶ Gate.io NFT is a NFT partner with XANA.

■ Trade NFT is Gate

To facilitate the liquidity and adoption of XETA tokens, XANA is canceling all token emissions from marketing, foundation, ecosystem, and other tranches for the entire first year.

This reduces inflation by nearly 4x, ensuring an increase in XETA token circulation remains limited.

Meanwhile, the deflation mechanisms of the XETA token begin this month. As the adoption of LAND is very strong, the deflationary demand is expected to add millions of USD this quarter.

Note: Vesting for Public sale and Private sale stays the same.