ZIQ – The Metaverse


ZIQ is a project that is doing it differently, combining virtual real estate with real-world maps. ZIQ created a software or platform infrastructure that can support blockchain and cryptocurrency usage. One of the platforms currently being built is ZIQ World. Imagine a reality that surpasses even science fiction fantasies. Welcome to the Metaverse the universe created by some of the most powerful internet figures.  Here, virtual reality, cryptocurrencies, and gaming play a keyRecently, popularity has been exploded by the phenomenon.  Additionally, introduction into the ecosystem things like cryptocurrencies, NFTs, VR, and gaming. Please sign in to ETtech for a list of the best startups of 2021. What will you display the most expensive, nonfungible token artwork that you have ever purchased?Beeple purchased the NFT-backed digital artwork Everydays — The First 5000 Days earlier this year for $69 millionThey displayed a virtual monument in an online world called ‘The Souk. The episode 65 of season three of The Scoop was recorded remotely with The Block’s Frank Chaparro and Manfred Mantschev, HeadYou can listen below, and subscribe to the podcast on Apple, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, or wherever you listen to podcasts. The $1 is relocked by our sponsors, Bakkt, Kraken and Exodus Bakkt®.



ZIQ Tokens – The Metaverse:

The ZIQ token used in trading tiles is an Ethereum-based ERC-20 smart contract token.  It has already been listed on other trading platforms,I would estimate 3 billion. E. As much as 70% of the funds will be provided for staking, which will begin in November 2021. All users receive a staking interest in ZIQ tokens equivalent to 20% of the asset value if 10,000 tiles or more are held. Users must earn 20staking interest while defending tiles before the ZIQ Time will reset every month. Users can make a profit from forced trading, in addition to allowing people to stake 20% per month on 10,000 tiles or more. In the future, threedimensional objects such as vehicles, people, and other animals will be created by platform technology. Microcomputers, VR equipment and highspeed networking technologies like 5G are being seen by usIf we are to sum up the main pillars of the Metaverse, they are Sustainability. The successor, or at least the extension, of the internet is Metaverse. It must achieve free access and disconnect. Users of Metaverse are required to provide an ability to interact. The Metaverse created a shared virtual space outside the real universe. The sensory experience feels like the real world, so it must be added to. Economics reflects a fair, free, dynamic economic system by building upon innovation provided by its users and high quality content. Intangible digital items such as images, videos, or in-game tokens are represented by NFTs and can thus be traded as in gameNFTs are used as virtual event tickets. It is not new to think about creating a digital universe. It has been included in games and websites, always. It’s worth noting that virtual experiences are also benefitted by the digital goods economyExperts who we spoke with said that with the world shifting online, people want to be able to create and display unique digital identities and experiences. The native currency of one of the most popular virtual worlds, Mana, has been sold by its native cryptocurrency. The vision to bring trust and transparency to digital assets was started by us in 2018. Through Bakkt Warehouse and Bakkt Bitcoin Futures and Options contracts, institutional clients in an end to end regulated market with true institutional clienteleBakkt aggregates digital assets for instant liquidity, enabling users to trade, transfer, and pay exactly as they want. Go to Bakkt. More information about Kraken.  Whether you are an experienced crypto trader or just starting out, the tools to help you achieve financial freedom are available toThere are many different cryptocurrencies available, industry leading security and a variety of features to suit any investment strategy. Visit visits Kraken. To begin todayExodus build beautiful and user friendly crypto products that lead the way out of traditional finance.



ZIQ Project is a Digital Economy with a Plan to Reach Full Potential:

ZIQ will develop a number of platforms and software. ZIQ project has a plan that will allow it to reach full potential by the beginning of the future. By the end of Q4 2021, more than fifteen local trades will be opened around the ZIQ WorldThe ZIQ project is able to list its native token, to further expand its global reach. Decentralised games such as Axie Infinity, Decentraland and SecondLive prove that blockchain technology is essential for small players to participate. Because they are open to the world, metaverses such as platforms are transforming into digital economies with various types of utility tokens and collectiblesInterdisciplinary governance is required by all economies. Building structures in these worlds is a lucrative practice also found in NFT artists and architects. Abhishek Bhaskar reported the number of queries for designing metaverses to exceed 300. It is possible that our souls were rattled by this pandemic kind of thing. I believe virtual spaces to escape are searches for by people, where you can dissolve yourself and forget the pain. Don’t have to learn the nuances of the different cryptocurrencies. Exodus hides the complicated details behind a beautiful and intuitive interface. The convenience of your wallet allows you to purchase and sell a coin for another instantly. It is your sole control to maintain the funds. The active passage to the passive.