XANA Chain, the first metaverse-focused public chain, is going Mainnet


XANA Chain, the core of XANA’s next-generation Web 3.0 metaverse infrastructure, will finally be launched on the mainnet, building on AVALANCHE’s subnet technology with robust security that has never been hacked since its launch.

The XANA chain is highly secure, fast, low-cost, environmentally friendly, and, most importantly, dramatically accelerates the value of XETA tokens.

With the launch of the mainnet, we will be performing various operations to accelerate the deflation of XETA tokens further.

The following will be migrated to the XANA chain

– NFTDuel
– Staking
– Vesting
– Some Land
– World

The following will be able to pay with XETA on the XANA chain

– Consumption and rewards in games
(XANA P2E is designed to be non-inflatable)
– Paid utilities in the metaverse
– Wearable NFTs in the Metaverse
– XANA: some paid utilities in Genesis
– Many others

All XETA tokens spent for gas are currently designed to burn. This means that as more users are added to the XANA chain and more token transactions are made in NFT, Metaverse, games, etc., XETA will increase its potential value.

XANA is on a steady path to becoming the world’s most used Web 3.0 metaverse, the future metaverse infrastructure for billions of users. The XANA Chain is the world’s first metaverse-specific public chain that will serve as the infrastructure, and XETA tokens will begin their essential role as its gas tokens.

In further announcements, we will keep updating the migration and bridge process according to the shift to the mainnet. Please stay updated!

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