Zero Contact NFT at Austin Film Festival


The first film ever released as an NFT at an American film festival will create significant wavesZero Contact is a new movie starring Anthony Hopkins.  It was released as a nonfungible tokenThe term is a digital product that is exclusively bought and owned by one person using a blockchain transaction. The first film to be released as NFT at an American film festival is ‘Waves are Made. ‘There is no contact. He created a new film. He is Anthony Hopkins. Los Angeles, CA, was able to purchase CurrencyWorks Inc. The welcome party at Austin Film Festival will be hosted by Veleem ( currencyWorks’ NFT platform for feature films). This festival will run October 21 to 28 of 2021. CurrencyWorks Inc is a real estate institution and has the same status as the property owned by the company. The blockchain platform provider announced the welcome party at the Austin Film FestivalAFF is now celebrating its 28th year and its mission is to inspire and support writers and filmmakers to engage in storytelling.



The Welcome Party was Successful, says Chairman of CurrencyWorks and Cofounder of Vuele:

This film was released in partnership with Vuele, which is the NFT platform for CurrencyWorks. The welcome party was hosted by Vuele at the NFT, which is the first NFT film in history. Vuele has achieved immense success with the film’s release. I have sold eleven exclusive NFTs of Zero Contact for a combined total of over 90,000. They have included the full feature length film as well as behind the scenes footage and crypto art. The welcome party was successful, says the chairman of CurrencyWorks and cofounder of Vuele. Much content is interested in participating on the Vuele platform. The token was issued as a nonfungible one. For those who are unsure, it is a digital item that can be purchased and owned exclusively by an individual. The film was released in partnership with Vuele, Currency Works’ NFT platform. Weaver hosted the first film in history to be released as an NFT this year. It was an incredible success the film was released. Zero Contact’s eleven NFT joints have sold over $90,000 of their exclusive NFT joints. They also include footage from full length films as well as behind-thescenes footage and crypto art. Cameron Chell, who was the chairman of Currency Works, and cofounder of Valle and Company, made the Welcome Party a success. NFT’s provide a feature length film that the purchaser can view online using VUELETM. CurrencyWorks receives an ongoing royalty every time these NFT’s are bought and sold. Cameron Chell, co-head of Vele, and executive chairman of CurrencyWorks, said the event is looking forward to hosting the film community atCurrencyWorks is preparing the next zero contact NFT drop. VUELETM members will be able to purchase exclusive edition NFT’s.  Click here to register. VUELETM manages CurrencyWorks and Enderby Entertainment, a joint venture. NFTs have the ability to deliver the first direct-to-consumer fulllength feature film viewing and distribution platform. CurrencyWorks CurrencyWorks Inc. The company is a publicly traded company that builds and operates a complete service business. Visit us at CurrencyWorks for more information. See Investor Information or and Search CWRK. The event features over 200 panelists, and is the largest screenwriter’s conference in the world. The panels explore film and television as well as storytelling mediums such as plays, podcasts and digital series. The success of the first eleven Zero Contact NFTs, which grossed over $90,000, are celebrated by UEThe cost is 00 USDA feature length film that the purchaser can watch on Vele as well as highly sought after content such as crypto art and behind the scenes scenesCurrencyWorks receives an ongoing royalty every time these NFTs are bought and sold.



Vuele NFT – The Next Zero Contact NFT Drop:

Chell will report another NFT drop of Zero Contact sometime in the near future, probably around the end of November. It is unclear what exclusive content this NFT will include, but she says we can expect something that has maybe never been or never will be. If you would like to purchase any future Vuele NFT, you can register here. The source link. I think that Eagle is planning to have a NFT drop sometime soon, it will likely be in late November. I am not certain as of yet what will happen to him after he leaves the post. It would be will. If you want to purchase this NFT, or any from Vuele, please register. You can find the answer here. The VueleTMIt is made by IO) platform.  It is a joint venture between CurrencyWorks and Enderby Entertainment. The complete details of the joint venture are contained in the Form 8-K filed by CurrencyWorks on July 7, 2021 at the time of the jointEnderby Entertainment was founded in 2006 by Rick Dugdale and Daniel Petrie, Jr. CurrencyWorks prepares the next zero contact NFT drop. Exclusive NFTs will be available for Vele members on the VUELE platform. It is a joint venture between CurrencyWorks and Enderby Entertainment.  It is owned by Vele Entertainment. If you would like to share your insights with us, please send a written letter to sghosh@martechseriesYou can find them on the website at com.