WWE Signs Multiyear Exclusive Deal With Blockchain Creative Labs


WWE is launching a new marketplace for licensed digital tokens and collectibles called the NFT. WWE has signed an exclusive multiyear agreement with Blockchain Creative Labs, a new business and creative studio that is owned by FOX Entertainment and Ben FranklinThe partnership is Creative Labs’ first content alliance with an outside property other than FOX. The place is Stamford, Connecticut. WWE announced an exclusive multiyear agreement today that will launch an NFT marketplace for licensed digital WWE tokens and collectibles. The first partnership for Blockchain Creative Labs is with an external property outside of Fox. The Houston Astros are here.  Unfortunately, they are. A new marketplace for digital WWE collectibles has been announced by WWE and FOX as part of a multiyear agreement with Bento Box Entertainment’The initial third-party collaboration in Stamford, Connecticut is represented by blockchain. & Los Angeles, California–(BUSINESS WIRE)–an exclusive multiyear agreement to launch an NFT marketplace for licensed digital WWE. WWE has caught NFT fever. A multiyear exclusive deal with Fox Entertainment’s Blockchain Creative Labs was inked by the wrestling entertainment producer in order to launch an NFT marketplace forThe agreement stipulates it will create authentic NFTs that acknowledge the entire company’s digital assets, including iconic images.



WWE Partnering With Blockchain Creative Labs:

An authentic NFT celebrates the company’s entire catalog of digital assets including its most iconic moments, past and present Superstars, and premier eventsIt is a hub where fans can purchase, trade, sell, and store digital tokens that will be authenticated through Eluvio’sThe marketplace name and launch date will be announced by WWE in the coming weeks. Scott Zanghellini, senior vice president, Revenue Strategy & Development at the WWE, stated the space was rapidly a leader in the spaceIn a new partnership we were able to deepen our relationship with FoxI’m very excited that Blockchain Creative Labs will be a part of the official NFT ecosystem in conjunction with WWE. Fans will love authentic digital items across the organization’s creative universe. The organization’s creative universe will be able to share authentic digital goods, including past and present stars, along with classic cultural moments, said Scott GreenNFT studio allows fans to own NFTs and tokens directly from creators and brands that they are passionate about. It is designed and installed by fans of the WWE NFT marketplace through Eluvion and is secured and easy to use. The announcement represented the second partnership between WWE and FOX. FOX Sports will play an important role in promoting WWE fans in the marketplace in October of 2019. The Blockchain Creative Labs and the Bento Box Entertainment joined the NFT business earlier this yearIt is curated entirely on the blockchain. Two years ago, the core group of Astros that is still with the team got a free pass, and it was a losing effort. If you would like, you can tune in Tuesday night, though this is a tough World Series to watch. Genuine NFTs celebrate the company’s entire catalog of digital assets.  They include its most iconic moments, past and present WWE Superstars and premierThe marketplace will be powered by Eluvio’s ecofriendly blockchain technology and serve as a hub for consumers to purchase, trade, and sellThe marketplace will announce the name and launch date in the coming weeks. Scott Zanghellini, WWE Senior Vice President, Revenue Strategy & Development, said, Blockchain Creative Labs has quickly become a realityThis new partnership allows us to further enrich our relationship with Fox as we continue to explore new ways to engage our passionate fan base’Blockchain Creative Labs’ is excited to partner with WWE in launching its official NFT ecosystem. In simple terms, nonfungible tokens provide a way to authenticate ownership of unique pieces of digital content. There were fires in the sports and music worlds earlier this year. Since then a growing number of studios, networks, and television shows have joined the NFT fray. The network that connects DC, CNN, Lionsgate, and The Ellen Show is CNN. Even Variety is joining the NFT action. A new way to monetize their intellectual property.  A new touchpoint to keep fans invested in their brandsA set of nonfungible tokens was dropped by it.  The tokens highlight the career of recently retired star The Undertaker. It was in relation to the Fox-Blockchain Creative Labs deal. A five year pact has previously tagteamed with WWE and Fox.



FOX Sports to Promote WWE Marketplace to WWE Fans in October 2019:

‘Our NFT studio’ is all about enabling fans to own NFTs and tokens that carry utility and social clout directlyFans can create a secure, easy-touse, WWE digital wallet through Eluvio in order to participate in the WWE NFT marketplace. Keep watching this space. All WWE programming, talent names, images, likenesses, slogans, wrestling moves, trademarks, logos, and copyrights areAll other trademarks, logos and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. Forwardlooking statements include certain risks and uncertainties in this press release. The difference is between active and passive. The announcement today represents the second partnership between WWE and FOX. FOX Sports will play an important role in promoting the WWE marketplace to WWE fans in October 2019. Blockchain Creative Labs is planning to win an event over the partnership with a non Fox property. The MaskVerse was launched earlier this month by Blockchain Creative Labs. We know that authentic digital goods will be loved by the organization’s passionate fan community.