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WISeKey has created a NFT development business segment enriched with world class technical resources. Continual monitoring of client’s NFT marketplace, security, identity management, marketing, and support, and immediate deployment of the NFT platform forOther platforms have millions of dollars in fees and months of development. WISeKey created a NFT development business segment enriched with world-class technical resources to develop specialized branded NFT marketplace. WiSe offers a variety of services such as constant monitoring of the client NFT marketplace, security, identity management, marketing and support, and immediateThere are millions of dollars in fees and months of development offered by other traditional platforms. WISeKey International Holding AG, a Switzerlandbased provider of security solutions for the internet of things (IoT) and digital identity ecosystemTwo segments the IoT and MPKI. WiseKey joins forces with Polygon, a full stack Ethereum scaling solution, to offer trustable NFT solutions to the industryWISeKey, with Polygon, has been partnered to offer a Trusted NFT solution to the masses. In September 2021, the ART NFT platform was upgraded by the ART NFT platform. Polygon is a platform for scaling and infrastructure development.



WISeKey NFT Marketplace Platform – Art Platform:

Using the white label NFT Marketplace, WISeKey monitors the NFT marketplace and provides cybersecurity, identity management, marketing and support. This is similar to its WISeKey NFT Marketplace platform. The only difference between white label NFT Marketplace and others is that their products are readily available and allow for plug and play, on demand, rather than otherThe NFT platform costs an initial fee of 250,000, while the setup of a traditional NFT platform can cost millions of dollars and time. The appetite of the art and collectible community is tested by the WISeKey NFT Marketplace platform.  A series of market tests starting in March ofDesigned by the WISe in response to the needs of buyers and sellers of highvalue goods. Art platform evolved the original collection of WISe. The ability to include curators and multipliers is a fully fledged marketplace with its own digital currency, while-labeling options and aThe WISeKeys whitelabel NFT Marketplace platform has set up an irreversible link. WISeKey features various security technology, enabling physical objects and digital assets to be authenticated effectively. The Wise. If they choose to do so, the necessary KYC processes to avoid unwanted activity on the marketplace are allowed by Art Platform. We provide a service such as cloud-based certificate lifecycle management solutions as well as solutions for signing and authentication. A range of solutions enable secure digital identification of people, content, and objects.  Also, the company developed digital identities through its products and services. The company also operates the ISTANA platform to manage components in an intelligent car by providing digital identities based on PKI technology. In addition, he engages in financing, sales, and distribution activities. The design of the WISe by NFT. Art Platform makes an irreversible link to the physical object.  The art platform also creates an authenticated, signed digital asset that is authenticWISeKey secures different security technologies, including physical objects and digital assets, in a secure, end-to-end process. WISeKey chose Trusted NFTs to be commercially launched. For high quality NFTs, designed to test the appetite of the art and collectible community, it requires someone like Polygon whose ultra low costThe commercial launch of the WISe. An auction series of high quality NFTs has been followed by Art Platform (which began April 2021). These market tests included two world premiere NFT auctions of digital twins of a physical watch. The Wise.



WISeKey International Holding AG – A Cryptocurrency Marketplace for NonFungible Tokens:

A new platform allows the trade of NFTs into WISeKey’s own trustECoin, which allows market participants to stay anonymous. Carlos Moreira is Chairman & CEO. The Equity Group is led by Lena Cati. I am a registered representative and I am able to give you a call at 212 836-9611, email me at lThe communication contains forward looking statements regarding WiseKey International Holding Ltd and its business. WISeKey International Holding AG provides a marketplace for buying and selling nonfungible tokens. The company was founded in 1999 and has its headquarters in Zug, Switzerland. Active to passive. Our semiconductors are uniquely positioned to be at the edge of the IoT by bringing big data to the edge of IoT. Our technology is supported by the OISTE/WiseKey cryptographic root of trust (RoT) in Switzerland. The WiseKey RoT provides a common trust anchor to ensure the integrity of online transactions between objects, and between objects and people. Visit to get more information.