Visionrare’s founders prop up an idea called Fantasy Startup Investing


After over 24 hours in an open beta, Visionrare was temporarily shut down and refunding users who purchased shares. Users of the platform could build the most profitable portfolio. A majority of the startups had not the permission for synthetic shares to be sold by them. Twentyfour hours into its open beta, users who purchased shares are temporarily closing down and refunding users who purchased shares. Users could bid on auctions of fake NFT shares of real startups building up a quasi-portfolio that they could compete in aSynthetic shares were reportedly sold by them, as we mentioned in our coverage of the startup’s launch yesterday. After 24 hours of being in beta, users who bought shares are temporarily shutting down and reimbursing.  It said it will be releasedThe platform created fake NFT stock auctions, using which users competed in a fantasy sports-style league regarding who could build the most stock. Very meta got by the NFT crazeA new Fantasy Startup Investment Game launches today. Players in promising startups can purchase and trade virtual shares and earn real crypto dollars for collecting the best portfolio. It is comparable to being a Venture Capitalist without the opportunity of pitching, board meetings, or equity. The memeification of ownership and the wild acceleration of private startup valuations have led us to this moment where a former VC firm associate has builtVisionrare is a way to take the gamification of investing to a new level.



Visionrare’s founders have yet to implement a plan that involves investing in fantasy startups:

The founders seemed to underestimate the legal complexities if selling novelty NFT shares in real startups.  However, the marketplace was suspended temporarily. The company stated in a message on its public discord channel that all of the credit card refunds have already been processed by the company. Some substantial criticism had been received by the platform and its founders after visionrare’s launch yesterday, with several tech entrepreneurs and investors questioning whether theyThat idea of fantasy startup investing will have to be reworked, although that is not fully done yet. Visionrare will be relaunched by us within the coming days as a completely free to play game. A note posted by the company’s auction marketplace this morning showed that they had underestimated the legal complexities with selling novelty N. All credit card refunds have been processed to buyers by the company’s credit card team in a message on the company’s public Discord channelAfter Visionrare was launched last night, the platform and its founders had received some significant feedback. Visionrare’s founders prop up an idea called fantasy startup investing. Visionrare will be relaunched as a completely free to play game in the coming days. We were unable to obtain the permission of the large majority of the companies yesterday. The founders noted that they had underestimated the legality in a qualification posted on the company’s auction market this morningA message from the company’s public Discord channel stated that all credit card refunds had already been processed by it to shoppers. The platform and its founders had received a substantial pushback following the launch of Visionrare yesterday, and several entrepreneurs and tech investors wondered if itVisionrare’s founders have yet to implement a plan that involves investing in fantasy startups, but it will be worth considering. Users have auctioned off, and the price of the last bid is increased by at least 10% to get their hands on the item. Many of the companies have been part of a startup including Deel, Veriff, Duffel, and Quit Genius. A free VisionShare is as well as. scout’ startups.  There is also a free VisionShare in each company that is added to theClaerhout explains that they hope to use players in the game as a huge scouting network. A founder may request to be listed and, later, which startups might be cast on by the visionrare community. The platform is tracking 150 active users in a account created on Visionrare. They can verify and distribute NFT shares by Startups or contact Visionrare to take their shares. In a game that involves an auction format, which slams the complexity of venture capital, and the actual fundraising cycles of the startups inOne hundred serialized VisionShares are auctioned off by Visionrare each funding round for each startup. A certain amount of shares can be shared with a league and competed with other users through a fantasylike experience. As the platform is moved into open beta, a few of the company’s most important tasks are still being undertaken. The crypto payment system VisionShares is currently purchased by credit card holders, however, a rollout of this technology could occur in the near future.



‘Visionrare’ will be relaunched as a Free Game in the coming days:

It would depend on future circumstances if and when we can add another financial component, said a founder’s blog post. Do you remember I said that NFTs are not securities?It may turn into securities. If and how we can add a financial element again, we will figure that out. Remember when I told you that NFT’s are not securities?These NFTs may end up being securities. ‘Visionrare’ will be relaunched as a free game in the coming days. All players start with a fixed number of credits, to build their starting portfolios, and compete in leagues based on their portfolio performance. In the future, we will find out if we can restore a financial element, read the founder’s blog post.  Avant has launched Visionrare a kind of training programme for wannabe VCs.  It was worked on by Claerhout. He created a more meritocratic route into the industry. After conducting two cohorts with 2,000 participants, it has been difficult to deliver on his promise. He says, if you don’t own the conversion funnel, only so much is done. It was also somewhat boring. There is a larger challenge to ensure that league competitions aren’t consistently won by the most deeppocketed users, as they do atMany mistakes may be made when it comes to making long term bets on an early team rather than trying to hitch your wagon to an early teamSome of the league mechanics are still playing with them.