Visionrare – The Startup That Created a Fantasy Football Version of NFT Venture Funding


One day after its initial debut, Visionrare, the startup that tried to create a fantasy football version of NFT venture funding, shut its doors. The premise was that NFTs representing fake shares of actual companies could be purchased by users and compete among others regarding who had the most successful portfolio. Within just over 24 hours of opening in its open beta, registrants who purchased shares were temporarily shut down by Visionrare, which launched an NFTUsers could construct a portfolio of the most profitable using a fantasy sports game. As we observed in the coverage of the startup’s launch yesterday, synthetic shares were not sold in the most of the startups. I just over 24 hours after it was released as open beta.  People who bought shares were temporarily shut down and refunded.  They say that they willUsers allowed fake NFT stock auctions creating a quasi-portfolio with which they could compete in a fantasy sportsstyle. Applications are due on the 10th of October 2021. JavaScript is not available. The NFT has just become somewhat popular and it is very meta. A new fantasy game for investing in a startup launches now. Players in promising startups may purchase virtual shares and earn real crypto dollars for collecting the best portfolio.



Visionrare Launched Yesterday:

The legality issue was discussed after a statement was written by the founders of Visionrare, Jacob Claerhout and Boris GordtInadvertently entered the ongoing debate as to whether securities can be represented by NFTs. The cofounders of Us created an exciting game that would bring the excitement of startup investing to a large audience through NFTs. Visionrare envisioned an ode to startups as a positive experience for both players and startups. In the past few weeks, we have been working on a minimal viable product of a game that brings this idea to life. We agreed that it would be best to hold off on some of the current dynamics since we underestimated the legal complexities during this process. The founders underestimated the legal complexities with selling novelty NFT shares in real startups, October 7 2021. The team noted that all of the credit card refunds have already been processed by the company to buyers in a message on the public Discord channel. After visionrare was launched yesterday, some significant pushback had been received by the platform and its founders. Visionrare has not yet started a startup with the concept of fantasy investing, but it is worth reconsidering. Visionrare will be relaunched by us as a completely free to play game. All players receive a fixed amount of credits to start their portfolio.  They can compete in leagues based on the quality of their portfolio. During our coverage of the startup launch yesterday, the permission was ducked by the majority of the startups whose synthetic stocks were sold by them. In a qualification posted on the company’s auction market this morning, they noted that they had underestimated the legal complexities. A company team posted a message on its Discord channel regarding the fact that the company already processed credit card refunds to shoppers. The platform and its founders had received a substantial pushback following the launch of Visionrare yesterday. The idea of investing in fantasy startups is said by Visionrare’s founders. The Digital Testbed Framework is a new and innovative collaborative model that seeks to attract partners globally. Estonia grants access to the technological tools and experience of a world-leading digital government in exchange for free use of the result novel solution. The initiative had the goal of simplicity and efficiency. We have discovered that JavaScript is disabled in this browser. Please enable JavaScript or change to a supported browser to continue using Twitter.  Users lower the price of the last bid by at least 10% in order to gain their sense of them. The majority of startups, including Deel, Veriff, Duffel, and Quit Genius, have shares that can be purchased by users. Players add a free VisionShare in each company to the platform. Claerhout admits we hope to use the players of our game as a large scouting network. The visionrare community would be able to decide on which startups to list — or not, says Claerhout. A ‘Visionrare’ account is created by 500 people, and currently there are 150 active users of that platform. Claerhout says some are into NFT and play to earn games such as Sorare and Axie.



The Help Center is  :

The Free To Play model has been redefining, with players given a certain level of control. I believe any person who purchases new NFTs of fake shares of startups will receive a refund. We will examine the feasibility of adding a financial element to Visionrare. com. The response is between active and passive. Down the line we should find out how we can add a financial element. Remember when I said that NFTs are not securities. The NFTs may become securities.  The date is October 7, 2021, through Bennett Tomlin. Visionrare will be relaunched by us as a totally free game in the coming days. As a rule, all players earn a fixed number of credits which they can use to build their starting portfolio. We read the founder’s blog post later.  The manufacturing of government IT solutions can be safely and quickly achieved, through testing in the live market and approval in a national digital government testbed. The world is five hours old. You may see a list of supported browsers in our Help Center. The Help Center is active to passive. Before launching Visionrare, the company Claerhout was working on a kind of training program. There was a better route in the industry created by him as he gave people a platform to prove their skills. After having run two cohorts with over 2,000 participants, he struggled to deliver on his promises.