Visionrare Launched as a Fantasy Startup Investment Game


The new Fantasy Startup Investment Game Visionrare was launched on Wednesday last week. The founders Jacob Claerhout and Boris Gordt were hoping to emulate the success of Sorare. About 1k people have joined the platform, and hundreds of people have put in bids on VisionShares. After 24 hours, the money was returned and trading stopped. Visionrare was launched on Wednesday last week as a fantasy investing game. Boris Gordts and Jacob Claerhout saw the success of Sorare. The platform has attracted more than a thousand people, almost immediately.  Meanwhile, hundreds of people have placed bids on VisionShares. Trading stopped but the money was refunded within 24 hours. Very, very meta.  Just got by the NFT craze. Today is the beginning of a new fantasy startup investment game. Players can buy virtual shares at promising startups, and earn real crypto dollars for collecting the best portfoliosIt is similar to being a VC where players scout companies, place bets and watch them grow or break. Twentyfour hours into its open beta, users who purchased shares are temporarily shutting down and refunding and stating that it will relaunch soon. User could bid on auctions of fake NFT shares of real startups, building up a quasi portfolio.  A quasi portfolio. Synthetic shares were sold by them and it is the permission of most of the startups.



Visionrare – A Free to Play Game:

The language of investment, assets, and portfolio is heavily leveraging.  This is very different from fantasy football. It is an unregulated securities market that is set up by them. Active to passive. In the long run, it will have to be regulated. What can be done to stop insider trading, and doubledipping?William Stormont, an investor, was posted on the same LinkedIn thread. Visionrare, a company that allows you to play the game, announced a free model on Thursday.  It had underestimated the legalSome users who have purchased shares on the platform were able to return them. We underestimated the legal complexities in order to get refunds and pause, pivot, and relaunch 24 hours after launch. Wow, simply amazingTim Bradshaw is available on Twitter, Oct.  7, 2021. Fantasy football also is somewhat doubtful.  You are heavily leveraging the language of investment, assets and portfolios. They set up an unregulated securities market. I was able to activate the Passive feature. It will have to be regulated in the long run. What can be done to stop people trading inside and doubledipping?On the same LinkedIn thread, William Stormont, an investor, posted. The company had announced that it was moving to a free to play model and that it had underestimated the cost of the game. Users who purchased shares on the platform received refunds. A NFT startup announces tokens involving shares in real companies without the permission of the companies. This is amazing. . . .  Tim Bradshaw, or @tim. , on October 7, 2021. Users increase the cost of the final bid by at least 10%, so they can be assured they have a hand in themCurrently, shares are okay by users from dozens of startups, including Deel, Veriff, Duffel, and Quit Genius. Startups can also ‘scout’ startups.  Receive a free VisionShare in each company added to the platform. Claerhout explains that players in our game will be used by us as a huge scouting network. Some startups can be requested and a vote could be decided by founders.  Or not, adds Claerhout. So far, 500 people have created an account on Visionrare and 150 active users have been used by the platform. The founders underestimated the legal complexities involved with selling novelty NFT shares in real startups.  — Lucas MatneyIn a message posted on the company’s public Discord channel, the team processes all credit card refunds, though there are some refunds asI heard some significant backlash from both Visionrare and its founders following the launch yesterday, with many entrepreneurs and investors questioning whether Visionrare was theVisionrare’s founders say the idea of fantasy startup investing, but they will have to rethink their plans. It’ll be relaunched by us as a completely free to play gameAll players are entitled to a fixed amount of credits for their startup portfolios.



We are Attempting to Take a Step Back to Raise Our Position:

We are attempting to take a step back to reassure this position, especially considering the consequences of your violation of security laws. There was a surprise at launch.  It wasn’t just Claerhout and Gordts. Their company was initially surprised to find their company listed on Visionrare despite the fact that nobody removed it from the list. Despite our decisions being significantly different, and in our case conforming, we wanted to take a step back to reassure our position, especially givenIt was a surprise, and it was not only Claerhout and Gordts. Other people were surprised to find their company listed on Visionrare, although nobody delisted it from the platform. Before launching Visionrare, Claerhout was working on a training programme for wannabe VCs. The path he took into the industry was more meritocratic, requiring that more employees be able to demonstrate their scouting andAfter running two cohorts with over 2,000 participants, he found it difficult to deliver on that promise. In the future, the founders will discuss whether or not we can add a financial element again. Well, remember when I said NFTs are not securities. The outcome for October 7, 2021 was securities.