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[Updated Schedule For Restarting X-wish]

Updated on Jun 11, 2020

-Originally planned for April, Nao Wakana’s X-wish promotion, but the launch was delayed due to the influence of the pandemic issue.

We feel so sorry about being unable to let the promotion going through as scheduled.

Looks like the situation can’t get taken so optimistic even now, but on the contrary, we should go stepping forward in the difficult situation.

The X-wish this time is a “photo book”, but the material called “photo book” is not very new to the crowdfunding industry, but it is rather considered as getting very popular already these days.

However, she is having very strong wish to make it as her own concept theme of “Talking, creating and re countering” also, “past, present, and always.”this time, we are very particular about the content of the person, and we have set the theme of “talking, making and interacting with each other,” and “past, present, and always.”

The planning, producing, and presenting a photo book is a way to “Talking, creating and re countering” with the users, and put her “past and present” in the photo, and figure out how she can live her own “usual” life together with you.

It will be kind of an interactive project to see some together.The official launch is scheduled for June 14th, three days later from now, and an online salon operated by Nao Wakana herself would be opened by using “TOUKU” platform.

During the fundraising period, we would have some online meetings with supporters and her fans along with posting the updates in TOUKU at least once a week.

So, don’t forget to check out her very heartwarming promotion!

The link to Nao Wakana’s online salon is as follows:

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