Twitter to Display NFT Collections on Profile Pictures


Some users are using NFTs to display their NFT collections on their profile pictures. The new functionality envisioned and worked on by Twitter will allow users to import their NFT collections from their wallets on the blockchain and to display it inThe microblogging platform is working on this functionality, as suggested by a senior software engineer at Twitter. Digital artworks have generated the growing interest in NFTs. Many Twitter users now use the hashtag troll, troll and monkey, to represent their profile pictures. It is one way for users to display their latest digital art purchases.  Take a look at this initial mockup of how it would work. Here is a sneak peek. Choose between active or passive. I was incorrect several times, but in error for the wrong reason. PFPs will be allowed to use and verify NFTs by their owners. Some high profile Twitter employees are big NFT fans, buyers and creators. This contrast was very stark for the position of the CEO who favors Bitcoin. It’s the new blue check mark on Twitter. Twitter is currently developing a tool for the display of a verified nonfungible token in their profile. Mada Aflak shared a video demonstrating the functionality that allows users to add NFTs to their accounts. You can edit their profile, connect a cryptocurrency wallet, and import their OpenSea collection.



NFT Profile Verification is Now  :

In addition, I was not pleased with this move. While some believe that it is alright for others to copy and paste an NFT for the kind of attention it gets, others are looking to use theWithout a proper verification process on social media, it will be possible for anyone to reuse anyone’s NFT. To verify ownership of their NFTs, users could link their wallets.  However, they may potentially be compromised by that. One of the new reputation systems on the internet shows off ownership of NFTs. It is rare to own expensive NFTs that shows the amount of knowledge one has about how the cryptocurrency space functions. NFT is going to release tweets very soon. Active to passive. From the active to the passive. On what we are working on for NFT profile verification it is now active to passive. What is your opinion?Justin Taylor, tweeted September 29, 2021 as you can see in this video posted by Twitter’s HeadThe twitter website would then provide a mark of authenticity and ownership for all NFTs displayed, an ‘Ethereum checkmark’ as well. In addition, users would develop a new collectible tab to profile visitors.  A ‘Reactions’ tab would appear, in addition to theThis experiment is interesting.  It leans into what Twitter users are doing with NFTs in any case. The owner, whose true identity is not mine, was only referenced to me by me. It is quite challenging. What about him and the many posts that seem similar to him?Who is he?Are you familiar with him?How can you assure him that his assertions are real?There is no way to know if he owns it that is what is claimed by him. With one caveat NFT-less member is joined by you like anyone with no statusIf you claim your own ownership, then you obtain a verified owner label. Their method for doing this is through a dedicated verification channel and bot, unlike Twitter or Facebook, does not require a verification team. You’ll ask the wallet connected to your NFT, approve it and sign a transaction. From their collection of digital art, an avatar may be chosen. A badge will also be marked with a badge to verify that the image is the genuine article, thereby allowing users to exercise their huge muscles. The runthrough was just an experiment using a mockup.  Anything could change, and she called on users to submit feedback and suggestions. As promised, here is the first experiment. Feedbacks and ideas are welcome. You could verify how long an asset has been owned by a user, recommend followers for other NFT owners and buy and sell directly from Twitter profilesThe most recent move that Twitter has taken is to integrate with Lightning Network payments with Twitter profiles, allowing users to send and receive Bitcoin.



New Twitter functionality will Make it More Acceptable for Anything to Be an NFT:

As technology continues to grow, new NFTs exist.  TikTok video is becoming a NFT. New Twitter functionality will make it more acceptable for anything to be an NFT. TikTok and Twitter are actively encouraging non-fungible tokens. Public awareness and public acceptance of the value of NFTs will be able to make the details of authentic ownership a reality.  Instagram created a profile showcase option for your own NFTs.  Facebook invested heavily in the broader Metaverse concept. In actuality, it will involve the aforementioned fully functional digital avatars based on these images, or a virtual display of NFT artworkTwitter has not yet launched a live trial of this new display option. This is how you make this territory your own, and your own. There is another method to verify your personal information on Twitter, however the opening of an account with Twitter sign in is allowed by the website opensea. I support Bitcoin.  I have long been a supporter of Twitter and I was able to advertise it through the platform. Dorsey sold the first tweet as an NFT. OpenSea eke out more than four billion dollars in sales in August but sales declined to around two billion dollars in September. In the past 30 days, sales have reached 45 billion.