Twitter Embraces Cryptocurrency


Experimenting with NFTs to make it possible for users to display their NFT collections as their profile pictures. The new functionality envisioned and worked on by Twitter will allow users to import their NFT collections from their wallets on the blockchain and display it in theirMada Aflak, the senior software engineer at Twitter, is working on this functionality. Twitter has created billions of sales, which are in development. I think you have already noticed this with many of the user accounts changing their profile images to portraits of animals, including animated monkeys, cats,You can advertise your recent purchases in art, and it can also help facilitate a more direct connection.  Please look at this initial example. If it was wrong, then I would have been wrong as many times, but for the wrong reason. Twitter will allow PFPs to verify and use NFT’s. After investigating, I found that the fans, buyers, and creators of NFT are highprofile twitter employees on the product and marketing teams. Twitter plans to develop a tool that will enable users to display verified nonfungible tokens (NFT) in their profile. A video demonstrating the functionality that allows users to add NFTs to their accounts has been shared by Mada Aflak. Users are able to modify their profile, establish a cryptocurrency wallet, and import their OpenSea collection.



NFTs – A New Reputation System:

Those displaying expensive NFTs, subsequently, were not pleased by this move. Some of them feel it is okay for others to copy and paste an NFT for the kind of attention it gets, others are looking to use it. Anyone with a valid NFT password can reuse it on social media after the verification process. Users could use their wallets to confirm ownership of their NFTs.  However, their anonymity will potentially be compromised by that. Showing off ownership of NFTs is a part of the new reputation system on the web. Owning expensive and rare NFTs is now considered a mode of showing off the amount of knowledge one has about how the cryptocurrency space functions. Soon it will be available on Twitter. That would be a switch from Active to Passive. Choose between active or passive. The NFT profile verification task that we are working on. What are your thoughts?Justin Taylor (@TheSmarmyBum) September 29, 2021.  A direct linkage would then be provided by the userAn ‘Ethereum checkmark’ as a mark of authenticity and/or ownership would then be provided by you on any NFTs displayedUsers would be able to display a new collection tab to profile visitors.  Note that there should be a new reaction tab instead of a collectorThe experiment is interesting.  It hints at what Twitter users are doing with NFTs. Indeed, I point to the page of the true owner that is not me. It is not easy. What about him, and the many posts like he made?Who is he?Are you familiar with him?How can you be certain that what he says is authentic?There is no way to know it, what is claimed by him? The proper way has been created and elegantly implemented by the many discord channels ofThe only caveat is that when you join a channel you are no longer a NFT member as is the case for members with no status. If you claim your ownership you obtain a verified owner label. A dedicated channel and bot does not require a verification team or policy. Avatars can then be selected by them from their collection of NFT digital art. You can earn a badge by using the badge to verify the image is the genuine article. Aflak made a mockup where the runthrough was the only change made. He performed the first experiment as well. Messari Research analyst Mason Nystrom speculated on other potential applications of Twitter integration as it generated a lot of excitement from the verified profile pic so farSome of these items can include verifying the duration of ownership of the asset, recommend followers for other NFT owners, and buy and sell directly fromTwitter’s recent move in embracing crypto has integrated Lightning Network payments into its Twitter profiles allowing users to send and receive Bitcoin.



Using Twitter’s Functionality, it is More Acceptable for Anything to Be a NFT:

Everything is possible for anything to become an NFT, even a TikTok video is becoming an NFT. Using Twitter’s functionality, it is more acceptable for anything to be a NFT. TickTok and Twitter are now actively encouraging nonfungible tokens. The broader Metaverse concept ties into the same themes.  I’m investing big in the broader Metaverse concept. In the case of Facebook, this will most likely involve the above fully functional digital avatars based on these images, or a virtual avatar. Twitter has not launched an official test, but it is already experimenting with cryptocurrency for payments. You make this territory your own, and your own alone, by creating this territory by constructing this territory. An alternative method used by the OpenSol to verify your personal network on Twitter for account creation with Twitter signin would be beneficial. When using wallets, a reader can be rightfully pointed by signing a message on Ethereum and pointing to your Twitter account. I have long been a supporter of Bitcoin and promoted it via the platform. The first Tweet was also famously sold by Dorsey as an NFT. OpenSea reported sales of four billion dollars in August, but sales of around two billion dollars in September were down. According to the DappRadar website, 45 billion sales have occurred in the past 30 days.