We are pleased to announce the official launching date of the latest independent Cryptocurrency Exchange TRANXIA.

  • Date: Apr 1, at 3 pm (SGT) -planned
  • Official name: “TRANXIA” cryptocurrency exchange.
  • The website link would be presented later period.

The Purpose

  • Many requests from users and affiliated project owners
  • To increase the side-chain projects
  • To increase the liquidity and the more users coming in

Users can view the Tranxia cryptocurrency exchange state and the currency pairs, etc., without logging in or signing up. This increased the transparency level of the Tranxia Cryptocurrency Exchange.

We have also deployed our own node of EOS with a demux (database optimizer), which can become a reason.

For ANGELIUM users

We have made ANX get hard-forked as system/primary token of new Node/chain, while other tokens are the same as before.
So, it will automatically get swapped with the current ANX as ANX2.0.

This will improve the transaction speed performance of our cryptocurrency exchange TRANXIA.

The price and number of issues keep going on the same as ANX1.0.

The existed users can access TRANXIA Cryptocurrency Exchange directly from XANA Digital Wallet and continuously keep using it as usual.

The existed users with the current XANA Digital Wallet can not only view the released coin state of the partner companies but also some of the limited transactions are available.

We will keep you posted as things progress.


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