NOBORDER.z proprietary exchange unit “XCHANGE” has been renamed as Tranxia” cryptocurrency exchange to fit the huge demands of users and affiliated projects, an increase in the sidechain projects, and furthermore users coming in and its liquidity. We proudly released it to the public!

Users can view the state and currency pairs of our cryptocurrency exchange Tranxia without logging in or signing up. That will increase the transparency level of “Tranxia” cryptocurrency exchange

We have deployed our own node of EOS with a demux ( database optimizer), which can become a reason.
We have made ANX get hard-forked as system/primary token of new Node/chain, while other tokens are the same as before.
So, it will automatically get swapped with the current ANX as ANX2.0.

This change will improve the transaction speed performance of the Tranxia cryptocurrency exchange.

The price and number of issues keep going on the same as ANX1.0.

The transaction would be completed by 23: 59(SGT) on Mar 20.

In addition, all current orders need to be canceled once during the transfer continues, so make sure please place the order again after the transfer gets completed.

Thank you.

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