The primary cryptocurrency token ANL for all the No Border platforms and the Tranxia Cryptocurrency Exchange token ANX are now available for the internal transfer within the No Border users.

Starting date: Already open to the public

  • Targetted cryptocurrency: ANL/ANX
  •  Purpose: To increase the demand and the liquidity enabling the transactions between the users.

A user can sell and buy only by entering the username just from the ANGELIUM Digital Wallet transaction directly.
Note: The usernames are case sensitive.

All the sell and buy Token transactions can be made within the TOUKU Messanger App soon, but please keep in mind all of these services would be merged to XANA Digital Wallet, therefore our all the transactions of all the platforms would be made through XANA Digital Wallet.

We are planning to let you know the details of the overall structure later this month.

Thank you.

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