Tokocrypto Receives License From Commodity Futures of Indonesia


Pang Xue Kai saw an opportunity for crypto in Indonesia in 2017. The inspiration came from South Korea, as he noticed how Bitcoins were traded on Korean exchanges at higher prices compared to global exchanges. Unlike in other places, it would have been due to the country’s early adoption of bitcoin trading. Binance is the global blockchain company responsible for the largest cryptocurrency exchange worldwide.  The company invested in Tokocrypto. The funds will be used to accelerate the growth of Tokocrypto’s business.  These include new products and services, technology enhancements, nationwide expansionThe investment in Indonesia’s promising blockchain ecosystem is showcasing the confidence from a leading global player. Innovation, regulation, and the future of the crypto industry. Even though it supports Tokocrypto a local cryptocurrency project in Indonesia, its exclusive token launch platform for transformative blockchain projects was announced. Tokocrypto is leveraging the utilities of centralized finance (CeFi) and decentralized finance (DeFi). In 2021, the fifth project on Binance Launchpad is scheduled to be the fifth. One of the biggest topics of 2021 will be cryptocurrency. The news of bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market cap peaking at $ 65,000 per bitcoin in April and new developments with nonfungible bitcoins. It is the switch from active to passive. In order to acquire digital currencies, you should typically purchase them from a cryptocurrency exchange. Starting one is not easy.



Tokocrypto Receives License From Commodity Futures of Indonesia:

Tokocrypto received the license from Commodity Futures of Indonesia, the first regulated cryptocurrency exchange during the year 2019. One year after that, Tokocrypto received an undisclosed investment from Binance. The upgraded cryptocurrency exchange powered by Binance Cloud is powered by 0. Users can trade up to 37 cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin, at a trading platform called Tokocrypto. It is one percent of the transaction value. A rupiah based stablecoin is in the form of Binance IDR (BIDR) that users can trade directly againstTo begin, the minimum fiat deposit is IDR 50,000, or USD 3. The total is fifty. Kai said the platform currently averages a daily trading volume of USD 70 million, while the platform also serves over 100,000 weekly active traders. Binance’s investment will help establish Tokocrypto’s leading services in the Indonesian market, and accelerate our vision to bring an open worldTokocrypto was founded in early 2018 so they want to encourage the adoption and accessibility of cryptocurrency in Indonesia. Early backers included Singapore’s digital asset trading and investment firm, QCP Capital. Tokocrypto became the first cryptocurrency exchange to be regulated by the Indonesia Commodity Futures Authority.  A milestone was achieved in 2019Indonesia expects the region to be a leading center in the blockchain ecosystem. To explore exciting new opportunities together for the Indonesian market, we invested in Tokocrypto. The new investment from Binance will give Tokocrypto a significant boost in the Indonesian market and will accelerate our vision for an open financial systemTokocrypto was started in early 2018 and has encouraged adoption and accessibility of cryptocurrency in Indonesia. Early investors included Singapore’s digital asset trading and investment firm, QCP Capital, in the company’s seed funding round. After Binance were launched, we decided to remain firm and unwavering in our commitment to our users to distinguish ourselves in the market. That commitment led to our growth to become the largest crypto platform on the globe. Through TKO, Indonesians have been able to gain a broader knowledge of the crypto industry as well as to integrate blockchain technology. One of Indonesia’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges was officially launched in September 2018 for the benefit of the uninitiated. The partnership between Binance and Tokocrypto began in June of 2020. That is as a result of the partnership and the BIDR stablecoin is a market leader for rupiah. The synergy between TKO and BIDR would provide a seamless experience for the Toko ecosystem. For the token economics management of TKO, every quarter a portion of the trading volume will be utilised by Tokocrypto to provideThe token TKO will function as its exchange platform token. Although it is not the first cryptocurrency exchange in Indonesia, it is being regulated by us. Very closely with the regulatory body, the Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency, to establish the regulatory framework regarding cryptocurrency exchange services,This popular among Indonesians, saw its services become absorbed by other Indonesians. The team secured the backing of Binance, which was another achievement for the company. Binance began its journey in November 2019 when it was registered as the first regulated cryptocurrency exchange in Indonesia. The team was looking to raise funds to grow its user base after receiving the green light to operate. Tokocrypto received several requests from venture capitalists and exchanges.  They then were contacted to discover who the partner might be.



Tokocrypto Supports an Additional Advisor Board of Experienced Cryptocurrency Experts:

We have been well regulated from the start, and we are ready to comply with any new regulatory requirements in the future. Crypto is going to be the way it is, and we are building a long-term sustainable company. We are making sure that the industry is legitimate along with other industry players. The company Tokocrypto supports an additional advisory board of experienced cryptocurrency experts. Tokocrypto will continue to work and cooperate with regulatory bodies. You can change the status of an active person to a passive person. The cryptocurrency expert advisory board includes Joshua Ho, Darius Sit of QCP Capital and Shaun Djie. The company will continue to work and collaborate with regulatory bodies in the region such as BAPPEBTI and PPATK, and also develop strategic partnerships withIt was from being active to passive.  She translates as Pang Xue Ka. The potential that we can achieve through blockchain technology will be realized if we use Binance Smart Chain. It should be hoped that Indonesia can build a one and only digital economy. The popularity of the ‘NTFs’ has seen a dramatic increase in both number and popularity. The meaning is exemption from having a license under the Payment Services Act, for specific payment services for a specified period, will be. Tokocrypto is recognized by the government in Indonesia along with the financial system, including banks, while it is registered with the local regulatory agency.