Tina Turner’s NFT Collection Launched by TikTok


At the end of September, TikTok trumpeted a pair of milestones. The first is the fact that there was more than a billion monthly active users worldwideThen, the wildly popular shortform video app-turnedcultural juggernaut prepared the first NFT collection. This second announcement was widely covered, probably due to a critically beloved artist billed by TikTok as a prestigious artist. Tina Turner sold the rights to her music catalog to music publishing company BMG. The package includes Tina Turner’s artist’s share of her recordings, her music publishing writer’s share, neighboring rights, name and imageTurner made ten studio albums, two live albums, two soundtracks, and five compilations.  They have sold over 100 million records as well. The first NFT collection launched by TikTok and includes top creators and artists such as Lil Nas X, Grimes, BellSix unique TikTok videos and a set of NFTs are expected to be featured by the collection. The guys on today’s show discuss whether NFL players wear cups and if anyone in the room could go an entire year using email only. Men also discuss some of the most important news stories in this world.



Tina Turners Musical Journey:

All who spoke to Rolling Stone said so on condition of anonymity, fearing the wrath of mighty TikRolling Stone asked questions regarding the status of its NFTs and the difficulties that the company faced in completing the project on time. The NFT market exploded earlier this year. A file of an image, song, or video could be formed using nonfungible tokens. The NFT is unique and irreplicable, and it is easily traded thanks to the blockchain. These items will have the same aura that certain collectors will. The Weeknd and Kings of Leon reveal the red pill on the NFT market, with a potential for extra moneyThree Lau was one of the most successful electronic producer, who sold approximately $11million worth of NFTs in February. That is her record company that continues to be her record company. Industry sources disclosed how much it paid but, north of $50 million was stated by industry sources. Turner stated that she holds personal protection over her musical inheritance and the work of her life. I am confident that my work is in trustworthy and professional hands with BMG and Warner Music. Tina Turners musical journey has inspired hundreds of millions of people around the world and continues to reach new audiences. We are honored to take on the task of managing Tina Turner’s musical and commercial interests. In collaboration with the artist Rudy Willingham, X will be the first to put his NFT up for sale on Oct. A total of sixA collaboration between Poarch and Grimes has been included in the collection.  Grimes sold her own NF when she made $6 million. NFT’s will be available on Ethereum powered by Immutable X, a carbon neutral trading system. We continue to search for new and better ways to engage our creators as our economy grows. Using stop sticks to blow out criminals tires cost 6 million dollars. Todd also needs to know the positions of each gentleman in the room, in the event they attempt an Oceans 11 style heist. A bit of truth or fiction is played by them, and a few questions from the listener are included to answer, including which TV show group ofThey close out the show by talking about their dreams, then go into their phones to read some of their vitamin thoughts.



NFT Communities Engage With Some of the Internet’s Most Loved Cultural Milestones:

‘A Brief Delay is Experienced’ by Rudy Willingham.  It’s at 1/1 NFT. I am very excited about this drop, and look forward to having it resolved in a timely manner. Artists and creators were also offered special incentives to work with them on an NFT. We take a responsibility seriously and will be pursued diligently. For most straightforward reasons, the best is her. Read the full article. Fans can own a moment that helped shape the internet while supporting some of their favorite creators. We are excited to see how our community and NFT communities engage with some of the internet’s most beloved cultural milestones. Come and have a good time with us, it is a fun event. The artists include Todd McComas, Pat McAfee Show, Digz and Nickmars.