ThorSwap raises $3 in a Token Sale


ThorSwap, the decentralized exchange, builds on top of ThorChain’s crosschain liquidity protocol, and raises $3. 75 million in a private token sale round. The Thorchain exchange, thorswap, raised $3 and it is a decentralized exchange for the Thorchain ecosystem. The token sale led by IDEO CoLab Ventures raised 75 million dollars. The native token, Ride, has been sent off an all time high during the ThorChain launch this morning. The longawaited launch day of ThorChain’s crosschain decentralized exchange (DEX), as well as its ‘chaosThe launch has garnered a lot of interest as it is a rare event in the crypto industry. JavaScript is not available. The blockchain was the subject of a second exploit for two weeks involving around eight million dollars spent by it. A raise of $3 was made with the RUNE price.



ThorSwap is a crosschain decentralized exchange:

The team ThorSwap is anonymous because it was created out of the ThorChain community, and as the ThorChain team isThorSwap is a crosschain decentralized exchange, and tokens are swapped between different blockchain networks. There are over 20 blockchains supported by it, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain. ThorSwap claims to become a leading crosschain aggregator, providing liquidity for traders to enable them to swap tokens. Around 25 people work for ThorSwap. Top Thorrachads will be awarded an open source Wikipedia for ThorChain based on their contributions to ThorSwThe token sale round is ThorSwap’s first fundraise. More funds are being raised by the project via a so called initial dex offering in October. It is a multichain exchange with no custody offering swaps for native assets on multiple blockchains. The core value of the project is the ability to swap native assets across blockchains, without the need for the so-called wrapped tokens. This relatively young project launched in April 2021 aims to become the leading player in the Decentralized Finance space by providing cross-chain financing. Gavin McDermott, the founder of Nine Realms, and a partner at IDEO CoLab Ventures. Users can use a suite of decentralized financial products without the need for third-party intermediaries. To accomplish this, projects such as the Cosmos-based blockchain protocol Thorchain rely on the power of smart contracts. Thorswap products and services. It is planning to develop and develop other crypto assets and their native blockchains in the future. A transaction that is made by a user when it is possible to exchange Ethno and Bitcoin is made via the UNE token. This serves as an intermediary on the High Speed Blockchain. Trade assets from one network for another in a decentralized manner without using bridges or wrapped tokens. The name of the system is MCCN, which stands for MultiChain ChaosNet. DeFi will be revolutionized by it, by eliminating third party custodians such as wBTC’s BitGo. The Thorswap Finance client is maintained by the BEPSwap BSC protocol development team. Also, There is a native wallet called Asgard X. It interacts directly with the multichain environment using a wallet. We have disabled the JavaScript in the browser. If you want to continue using twitter then please enable JavaScript or select a supported browser. Choose between active or passive. A great deal of money has been lost by the token since it hit an all time high price in May. You can choose between being active and passive. Thorchain hit an exploit, the incident was reported to cost around $8 million in late Thursday night. The protocol was drained last week of around 4,000 ether ($8 for those interested)One more incident. ‘Short-Squeeze Thorchain,’ with a market capitalization of $841 million, was founded in 2018 and is aThorchain deployed a custom contract that tricked Bifrost Protocol into receiving a deposit of fake assets.



The Block reported at the time that the protocol has lost 13 million dollars:

The new platform, Thorstarter, will be launched for the purpose of selling Thor tokens. The ThorChain protocol is still in its early stages. It was worth more than 180 million dollars.  Or it is known by TVL. The Block reported at the time that the protocol has lost 13 million dollars. Between active and passive. The product includes a Desktop app, a node management tool, a native yield tracking app, and a community owned D. O. The project will integrate additional liquidity sources, and release a partner API. Possibly the most important, a token generation event for Thor will be hosted by the project later this monthYou could activate it to Passive. I have 66. The asset had retreated to $12. At the time of press, fifteen but it is trading up 24% from last week. RUNE has made a monumental 950% of the current prices since the beginning of 2021. A maximum supply of 500 million tokens, a market capitalization of $2, is given by Rune. Eight billion dollars. A list of supported browsers can be seen by you in our Help Center. Help Center. There was a refund of real assets that it then processed to the hacker. RUNE token is still up 178% yeartodate, outperforming bitcoin’s 11% returnThe views and opinions expressed in this release are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.