Thelonious Monk Birth Chart and Teaser by NFT


Thelonious Monk Birth Chart and Teaser by NFT.  Monk’s legacy has been taken by it by it’s latestSana Collection merges art, blockchain and crypto. The Monk Estate retained the firm to create cutting edge Legacy NFTs. It will be released on Monk’s birthday, October 10th, 2021, in an unusual way to honor the late legend. Tune in to WKCR 89 on October 10. 9 FM New York will broadcast 24 hours of Thelonious Sphere Monk’s music in celebration of his 96th day of birth. Watch it on WKCR 89 on October 10. The celebration on 9 FM in New York is celebrating the 96th day of birthMonk was originally born and raised in North Carolina but raised in Manhattan before focusing mostly on his selftaught travels and church organ repertoire. On Sunday October 10, 2021, Thelonious Monk celebrated his 102nd birthday. You are invited to celebrate the birthday of Thelonious Monk, who was a legend in the jazz music world. His 90th birthday would have been celebrated on October 10, 2007. Monk died in 1982.



The Sana Collection and The Monk Estate – A Celebration of Monk’s Legacy:

”Legacy NFTs’ was created to commemorate Monk’s historical contributions to jazz and black culture. They recently exploded into the art scene with 2021 revenues already topping $2. The first half featured four billion dollars, according to the report. Go to com. The NFT art medium is used by The Sana Collection and The Monk Estate in honor of and solidify Monk’s great legacy forever,A special treat for Monk fans and jazz enthusiasts as his personal being is captured in the ‘Birth Chart’ NFT created byThe Monk Estate was moved and wanted to capture its meaningfulness somehow artistically. In addition to the Monk’s birth chart, the document also included his sweetheart. He started his musical career in 1941 as a house pianist at Minton’s Playhouse, where it bred talent. The first studio recording with the Coleman Hawkins Quintet was recorded in 1944, and his first studio session was released by Monk. Over the course of the next decade, he recorded with Blue Note, Prestige Records, and Riverside records. His famous quartet was formed by him when he joined Columbia Records in 1962 with tenor saxophonist Charlie Rouse and bassFormerly, they teamed up with Ore to form another quartet with Larry Gales on bass and Ben Riley on drums and played with them forHe himself began to define his modern and idiosyncratic sound very quickly. In 1941, he made a grand entrance in the New York Jazz scene, playing in Minton’s Playhouse. His first studio recording was recorded by Monk with the Coleman Hawkins Quintet in 1944.  In the fall of 1947, he was hisHe recorded records with blue Note, Prestige Records, and Riverside Records over a tenyear period. The Tenor Saxophonist Charlie Rouse, Bassist John Ore, and Drummer Frankie Dunlop were formed by him inHe later teamed up with Ore to form another quartet he played with Larry Gales on bass and Ben Riley on drums. He started defining his modern and idiosyncratic style by being surrounded by many influential contemporaries as himself. Come join us at WKCR 89. 9 FM and the rest of the day on Sunday will be celebrating his life and legacy. We will celebrate the highly anticipated brand new NFT releasing October 10th 2021 on Makerplace. No novice to the booming and innovative NFT art scene, actually.  In March of 2020 two NFTs, Crypto Monk and Icon. Makerplace is selling out quickly on the popular NFT marketplace. In addition to his eccentric wardrobe, Monk is often considered a hipster in New York. A pioneer of the Bebop genre who lived most of his life on Manhattan’s West Side. Monk was born in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, and raised by his mother, who is a native of the town that has a tobacco andSome scholars and fellow musicians say Monk’s Southern roots had an overlooked but important influence on the man and his music.



The Blue Monk is a Heady, Quirky, Deeply Inventive Artist:

This very intimate document presents an enjoyable opportunity to discover what the man behind the keys is all about. The recently unveiled Thelonious Monk IV was in addition to his sister, Sierre Monk, and her curate collection. The store. Having a connection to the renowned Musician is continuing to be offered by The Monk Estate in groundbreaking fashion.  Some of his tunes pushed the boundaries such as blue monk, epitrophy and inwalked Bud. He is a heady, quirky, deeply inventive artist.  His abstract harmonic and melodic approach sets him apart. His unconventional practices have had a huge influence on the style of the new wave of rising Bop musicians on and off the instrument. Many of his songs have pushed the boundaries of chordal harmony, especially for pianists.  They eventually entered the jazz lexicon, where they remainMonk is a heady and quirky artist who was inspired by his contemporaries to create an abstract harmonic and melodic approach.  The NeoPop portraits of the acclaimed, legendary jazz musician Thelonious Monk was created by the pioneering digital artist Rah Crawford in collaborationThe song Ruby My Dear originally released on the album Solo Monk in 1965 is featured by the Audio Reactive NFT. Our story was produced by John Biewen of CDS Radio and edited by Tom Cole.