The Worst Case by 3Lau is Dropping on October 8th


The Winklevoss twins were hanging out with in 2014.  One is a worldfamous DJ and producer who turned down the offer. That was what gotten him hooked on Bitcoin. They were extremely excited, but that was explained by Blau to the protocol. Some of them had to be purchased by me and placed away. The new song, ‘Worst Case’ by 3Lau, is dropping on October 8th. Justin Blau says that the game is changed for how musicians monetize their art. The Chroma product was sold to Justin Blau for over $11 million. Late last summer, I saw NFTs, like this piece called GreenWood, by Justin Blua. Everything, by Justin Blau, known as Electronic Musician and DJ 3Lau, at his home on Thursday, April 8, 2021, inBlau recently sold $11.



Spotify – A Pro Basketball Highlight Clip Is Sold As NFTs:

You will not need a lot of crypto skills to participate in future payments. Each million streams on Spotify generates revenue and then it is shared with the fans. It is easy for me to divide the song royalties evenly with my fans depending on the rights the artist owns. I receive a distribution from many streaming services each month.  Half of the distribution goes to a smart contract that each user has signed. I am not sure if mainstream streaming services provided ownership. That’s taken by me.  Half of it is assigned to fans. After it is told to me, it is paid to them. Six million in less than 24 hours. Earlier, he had already tested the waters with a special edition tokenized of his song, Everything. At the time, a record label created $250,000. He is trying to introduce a new asset class to the masses. 3Lau sold real estate on demand, before Zillow, and it was recently valued at $11. A whopping seven billion. The first seed in the August tournament closed with an amount of $16 million. Apps like Uber and AirBnB are taking advantage of the concepts. He believes if you own music that you are a fan or an artist, you should own that music. He explains that royalties are negotiated on and off the chain by fans on platforms like Spotify, Amazon, and Apple Music. A pro basketball highlight clip is sold as NFTs, making over $450 million in sales. Nonfungible reported that the NFT market will be undergoing a feverish pace by 2021. Go to com. Athan Slotkin, an L. A. , says it has started to boom this year, between January and February. A. Founded by a business founder and management consultantI believe it is probably the convergence of the development of blockchain in conjunction with a lot of people sitting at home and the further development of technology. It has been made somewhat boomed by it. Rajiv Kishore, professor in the department of management, entrepreneurship, and technology at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, says standard paths existHe explained, What we call an S curve is seen by us.



The Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian sent him a message:

It will be shared with their friends, so that music is distributed and promoted a way more at the grassroots level than a record label. Artists tend to understand it fairly quickly. What about the fans?How much feedback have you received from them? Was there valuable information for you?The concept of real, on-chain, ownership, of music seems extremely well. We didn’t anticipate overwhelming feedback. Currently. I am still working on it and he says the Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian sent him a message. 3lau has sent the cut of the pandemic inspired song ‘The Worst Case’ manually. Due to his use of Stem, the earnings will be recorded by these parties in real time. I would be thrilled if this was on the internet and other places. The words it is like free marketing for the stuff I own, is similar to free marketing for the stuff I own. In regards to the inevitable NFT oversaturation, Blau acknowledges that it is likely to happen, but that will only occur.