The World’s Hardest Asset is Now Liquid Thanks to the NFTs


The Dubai address is Newsfile Corp, in the United Arab Emirates. Icecap, LLC, the first company to offer investment-grade gems and jewelry pieces, will provide six items. The showcase of multimillion dollar luxury assets, including jewelry, memorabilia, and artworks by prominent artists is set for October 11th. IceCap supplied a premium set of pieces over the $100,000 mark and another below. The first company to offer investment grade diamonds via NFT technology announced todayInitial offerings will include an intense red diamond valued at approximately $3 million USD. Icecap recently moved its headquarters to Dubai, in the Dubai International Financial Center. NFT’s are blockchain-based tokens that document ownership of real or virtual world assets. Nonfungible tokens offer a way to prove an asset is both authentic and unique. The gem industry is attempting to change its course by offering investors NFT tokens, which are diamonds. Icecap announced the launch of their diamond investor marketplace last July. The platform provides GIA rated diamonds with its own virtual tokensA particular diamond is held in a secure vault at the Dubai Merchandise Trade Center. Tokens are a blockchain based technology used to document ownership of real or virtual world assets, and were the first company to offer investment grade diamondVery high quality natural diamonds in red, yellow, green and other colors will be included in the tokenised Icecap Collectibles collection. The company announces the first offering during its launch event in Dubai on Thursday.



NFT Technology Has Made Diamonds an Asset Class for Diversification:

Below $100,000 will be the Harmony Circle multi-gem necklace at a $28,018 list price and the Forest Trail emeraldIcecap CEO Jacques Voorhees shares his perspective on the event, ‘We’re very excited to participate in an event. ‘We have become aware that a better place to make that statement is becoming an important aspect of NFT markets.  We cannot think of a better placeThe technical infrastructure for these auctions will be provided by blockchain-based wealth management platform Elitium, one of NFTBAZ’s main branchesIn-app transactions on the NFT marketplace allow users to pay with credit or bank transfer as well as cryptocurrency. The platform is applicable to a large variety of things beyond digital art. Diamonds typically out perform inflation.  However, now with NFT technology diamonds can be bought, sold, and traded nearly as efficiently as gold andThe world’s most difficult asset is now liquid thanks to NFTs. It is the brainchild of the father and son team of Jacques Voorhees, who revolutionized the diamond industry in the 1980’sThe notion of an investment based on diamonds goes back more than a thousand years, continued Voorhees. Diamonds are not fungible.  Each is unique. Today, the technology of nonfungible tokens is used to trade physical goods. Diamond tokens are traded on OpenSea, the largest NFT exchange in the world. IoT. Because each NFT is unique, it is not interchangeable with another token. NFTs use NFTs to digitize art, sports memorabilia, jewelry, and more. The tokenized Ice Cap Collectibles include not only individual stones but also finished jewelry as well. The exotic colored stones of red, yellow and green are ranged from ultra high grade gemstones with a price tag of over $ 1 million. OpenSea can offer diamond tokens for redemption. The application is called Io. As with any high quality product, diamonds can be used as an investment or liquidated for sale. In the third option, you can redeem your NFT token so you can demonstrate your beauty in person. a physical diamond can be returned later, and re-tokenized if necessary. Icecap’s CEO, Jacques Voorhees explains that authenticity and grading are all about authenticity. It is placed in a safe and the property can safely go out into the wild. NFT technology has made diamonds an asset class for diversification. In a nutshell, diamonds can be purchased, sold, and traded equally as efficiently as gold and silver. The world’s hardest asset is now liquid thanks to the NFTs. This is the brainchild of the father and son team of Jacques Voorhees who revolutionised the diamond industry in the 1980s byVoorhees noted that the interest in diamonds as an investment dates back more than a thousand years. Diamonds aren’t fungible they are unique. It is now easier to trade this asset class without having to track the physical product itself — kept secure, vaulted and insured. The diamond tokens are traded on the largest NFT exchange, OpenSea. It is the IoT.



IceCap is the First Non Fungible Token Standard to Provide a NFT:

Visit for more information. Elitium is a trusted, compliant, and secure wealth management platform provided by the group. It is a focused attempt to lead the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry to mass adoption by offering users ease of use with low barriers to entry. Visit for more information. Media reached out to Robert@thronepr. We display the source version of this press release. There is a market for both, adds Voorhees. NFT technology is ideally suited for both. For more information on Icecap, visit the link. For a direct visit to the OpenSea marketplace, openSea marketplace. IceCap is the first company to use the ERC721 Non Fungible Token standard to provide a NFT. Through a secure NFC tag system, SmartSeal allows us to link both physical and digital works. The active to passive. Voorhees founded the online diamond business in the 1980s. The entire industry was changed forever by the movementIt is the brainchild of himself and his son Eric Voorhees.  It’s the brainchild of himself and his son Eric. I am a Bitcoin advocate and the founder of ShapeShift, a digital asset trading platform. Dubai will be the base of our sales, marketing, sourcing, and vaulting activities. The founders of a company in the diamond industry include some of the most wellknown and reliable names and our access to product is global.