The Spanish League Launches Officially Licensable Digital Cards of Players for Sale and Trading Online


Zaragoza will have 3D pieces of the Bigheads auctioned. Zaragoza opened the alternate universe today. The NFT market has been joined by a new player.  It brings with it elegance, the best of Aragonese culture in Spain. In the northwest of the European country, the municipality of Zaragoza will attempt to experiment with virtual auctions based on nonfungible tokens. The Spanish league will launch the officially licensed digital cards of players online. La Liga announced Thursday that they would launch the cards based on nonfungible tokens known as Sorare. Ethereum surpassed $3000 within 15 days. The PoS merger may have a significant effect on the ETH price. In three weeks, the Ethereum exchange has increased by 126%. This project is going to be launched by its founder Vitalik Buterin before the end of this year. This is 90% more energy efficient than it is currently. So, the price of 20K will shortly be reached. The Spanish League launches officially licensed digital cards of players for sale and trading online. A deal with Fantasy Soccer platform Sorare was announced by the league on Thursday.



The Spanish League is the First of the Top Five Soccer Leagues to Sign a Major NFT Partnership:

During this panorama, the municipal council of the Aragon region in Spain will attempt to introduce its virtual pieces. In Zaragoza, the person who creates the Cabezudos created them. The Aragonese region has featured these gigantic heads with diadems and feathers for almost four decades, making it part of their cultureThe Forana and the Berrugón, which are also part of the Spanish territory, were notable among NFT pieces. Every NFT piece has been built in three dimensions by one of the best designers in the countryThe collection will be available on OpenSea.  The company managing the profits will be Imascono. The Zaragoza NFT collection is built with the Ether network to allow greater accessibility and control of the pieces. Javier Tebas listed the Cristiano Ronaldo card for 245,072 euros. The next one was for Antoine Griezmann, who is back with Atlético Madrid and was valued at 95,498 euros. For the Spanish league it has signed a significant NFT partnership, according to Sorare.  Griezmann is an investor and Gerard Piqué isIvoey Kretm is always looking for innovative ways to offer our fans new and exciting experiences and to broaden the appeal of our audience. Neymar, Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have been tried by the Spanish league.  They recently lost Neymar, Ronaldo and LionBlockchain technology is increasingly used by NFTs in the arts and collecting world.  It effectively provides certificates of authenticity to digital items. The exchange will soon be valued by the token issuance factor, which is connected with the update, at $20k. Every day, the asset issues approximately 13,500 ETH. It takes 27 million Ethereum per day in order to keep this altcoin’s price above $2000. After the PoS update is implemented, the token issuance may decrease by 90%, however, after the token issuance may be deducted by 90%. There is a possibility that the daily Ethereum price could be kept at only 1,350 Ethereum for 20K. The average asset’s price will remain above $20k by this time. Ethereum has surpassed $3000 in the last 15 days. Recently a rising wedge pattern has been created by it. The buyers seem to be outnumbering the sellers in the asset. 19 million. The next item is Antoine Griezmann, who is back with Atlético Madrid.  The amount is valued at €95,498 USThe Spanish League is the first of the top five soccer leagues to sign a major NFT partnership, according to Sorare, which has GriezWe can offer players new and exciting experiences, and also provide other ways for them to become involved with the clubs they love. The Spanish League, which recently lost Neymar, Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, has been trying to cut into the global dominance. The blockchain technology generates blocks of information, and it is increasingly used in the arts and collecting world as certificates of authenticity are effectively provided to digital items.



Ethereum – The Increasing Price of Ethereum Is Leading to a Diversified Outlook:

They will raise funds that benefit the city as well as make it the main tourist destination in Spain. The developer of NFT from Zaragoza talked about the offering challenge that is available from today until Tuesday, October 12. In the virtual Pilar square at Ofrendadeflores, a certain amount of traditional candies can be found. They sold two million in just over two hours. Exclusive voting rights are given to fans in club specific polls.  They can be given by the cryptocurrency-based fan tokens. Bitcoin is the leading asset and it achieves new highs. The increasing price of Ethereum appears to be leading to a more diversified outlook. The PoS merger may have a significant effect on the ETH price and cause it to skyrocket. Even so, in terms of price, 10 000, for 2021 is the price goal. Four million are transferred per RM5. Seven million.  In less than two hours after they were put on sale. Fans can be granted exclusive voting rights by tokens based on cryptocurrency in club polls and can be given by them. Two years ago the use of cryptocurrency was a pioneer in allowing the use of cryptocurrency for the purchase of tickets and merchandising.