The Series A Fund Raised From the Series A Raised 25 Million from Concept Art House


Concept Art House raised $25M in Series A funding. San Francisco, Oct. The Fund raised from the Series A raises a total of 25 million from Concept Art House, a leading content publisher and developer for some of theVenture capital funds and leading NFT platforms were raised from existing and new investors. A 15 minute reading time is included online with gaming leaders at GamesBeat Summit Next. You should learn more about what will come next. Concept Art House no longer exists merely as an art house. The creator of artwork for video games and nonfungible token collectibles has raised $25 million. Join gaming leaders online at the GamesBeat Summit next on November 9-10. Learn more about what will happen next. I am not just talking about artwork, yet, home is created by Concept Art House. The creator of artwork for video video games and nonfungible token (NFT) collectibles raised $25 million. The similar NFT growth is benefiting artists, blockchain sport firms, musicians, and celebrities.



NFT Weekly Revenues Peaked in May, then crashed, and then steady:

Mik Naayem will join James Zhang as CEO, as well as Chairman Matthew Le Merle, to be nominated by dapper labCAH will also nominate an additional board member whose skill set combines knowledge in the NFT, blockchain, and digital entertainment domains. The new capital will be allocated to the continued buildout of the team.  Looking at opportunistic acquisitions, building a vast teamConcept Art House provides art for game companies throughout the world. Over 1000 games have been successfully shipped by the company.  Many of which were smash hits and top ratings on iTunes, Google Play, Steam, and console. I am very happy with this raise and it gives me confidence from industry leaders and investors. The greater entertainment industry has been recognized for producing best in class art for gaming and the greater entertainment industry for years. We are now seeing the intersection of NFT and gaming, which are both fastest growing sectors of the blockchain ecosystem and digital entertainment. The current funding and positive pressure in our lives is making us focused on being a dominant force in NFT creation and blockchain gamingMik Naayem will be nominated by the lead investor and partner in multiple projects, Dapper Labs, original builders of flow. An additional board member whose skill set blends NFT, blockchain and digital entertainment domain knowledge. Dapper Labs has exceeded its $780 million goal within a yearMoreover, an NFT digital collage by the artist Beeple sold at Christie’s for $69. It is 3 million. Some investors who are game fans invest money into NFTs. NFT weekly revenues peaked in May, then crashed, but in August and September were up again, fell, and then steady. The idea for Concept Art House was raised by several investors. They included venture capital funds, leading NFT platforms and individual investors, including CEO’s of digital entertainment companies. Dapper Labs, Animoca Brands, Anthos, Appworks, Blockchain Coinvestors, FabricVC, Hashkey,I would like to introduce Steve Aoki as an adviser. The investor base emphasizes the appetite for Concept Art House’s diverse offerings, as well as its push into the New Technology realm. Dapper Labs has exceeded the sales target with sales of 780 million in a oneyear span. The NFT digital collage by Beeple was bought at Christie’s for $69. The amount is three million. Investors invest money into NFTs.  Some of these traders are sport followers. The weekly revenues for NFTs peaked in May after which it crashed.  In August and September they rose once again, fell, and then regular revenuesConcept Art House raised funds from both current and new traders. For this purpose, they included the enterprises capital funds, main NFT platforms, and particular person traders, along with the CEOs of digital leisure firms. Dapper Labs, Animoca Brands, Anthos, Appworks, Blockchain Coinvestors, Fabric VC, and HashSteve Aoki performed an adviser.




The art was used in such recognizable games as Call of Duty Mobile, Fortnite, Game of Thrones Conquest, Hearthstone, and League ofHeadquarters in San Francisco is located in San Francisco, CA with offices in Shanghai and Chengdu, China. FinSMEs are the developers of 25/10/2021. Concept Art House has provided art to some of the most popular and successful game companies since its founding in 2007. To play the game, there was no utility until Cryptokitties arrived. Hard to find digital art can be produced by us. It was planned by us. Thirty unicorn investments were found to be in that latter fund. CryptoKitties have never made a utility for gaming until they became popular. By putting together work of art in a digital format you are able to create limited quantities. Our guess was that a disruption would be a disruption. This particular fund has made 30 unicorn investments. Concept Art House supplied a large amount of paintings for NFT collectibles.