The Ravendex NFT Game Launches on Polygon and BSC


The date is October 1, in Istanbul, Turkey. Babylons announced their first official marketplace on Wednesday in collaboration with Poco. Babylon team is bringing a brand new dimension to their platform with the INO events being based on a new Tier SystemPoco has already garnered an impressive following of nearly 200,000 followers on Twitter. Daniel Webster is very much in control of dWebster. Turkish news publisher Istanbul, Oct. Babylons announced on Wednesday one of the largest NFT based game on both Polygon and BSC. Hugo Finace owns #dapp and includes access to many cool #deFi features Andrew (BSC)Hello everyone and welcome to the AMA with Hugo Finance.  Today we have @PureAdmin joining us to answer some questions about Hugo.  GladI would really enjoy having you here.  How will AMA work? AMA will consist of two rounds. It will be Dublin, on Oct. The release of it decentralized exchange, private sale began on October 5, 2021. Prospective investors can view a demo at this site. One of the most beneficial ways to generate funds for new visionary projects is through the Initial Token Offering. The Ravendex platform will be powered by its Cardano Native Utility Token $Rave.



Babylon’s Governance Token ($BABI) Reward Program:

The attention may partly be due to the seamless bridging of Decentralized Finance Services to the world of gaming through NFTs. User who participate in the INO via purchasing PO will receive a 20 percent chance to acquire rare and epic skills in Pocoland. A 100 dollar USD is determined by the price of a combo POCO NFT package.  It comprises 200 utility eggs and 1 character. Babylons grants weekly Babylon’s Governance Token ($BABI) reward to traders who have traded POCO NFT. Babylon distributes 227,500 BABI tokens each Monday as well as the attached deflationary buyback, burn, and hold. Babylons is a next generation community governed NFT marketplace and a leading blockchain gaming aggregator on Binance Smart Chain with low overhead. Poco has already gained a huge following on Twitter with almost 200,000 followers. Perhaps this is partly due to the seamless integration of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and the highly anticipated INO on Babylons. User who participate in the INO are eligible for a 20% chance to get epic and rare skills in Pocoland through purchasing POA combo Poco NFT package consisting of 200 utility eggs and one character is set at 100 BUSD, with discounts of up to fifteen percent dependingThe “Bundess’ Weekly Reward Program” allows traders to earn $BABI tokens every week based on their trading volume relative toBabylons distributes up to 227,500 tokens each Monday along with their attached deflationary buyback, burn, and hold functions. What is $HUGO and how does it perform on your platform?The currency ‘Hugo’ is a governance token with a built in deflation mechanism. The token is used in our applications and games as a utility token for our project. We also allow a discount on the eggs to people using $Hugo to buy their egg. In addition, you can stake $HUGO into the game to unlock the cool features for your NFT. Andrew is a BSCIt is a little incentive for me to purchase the eggs.  How much of a discount would you get?If you purchase with Hugo Andrew, from BSC, you get 10% off Ultra Instinct. That is very good. You are the one having the privilege of engaging with the Cardano network, stakes, endorses, or donates liquidity for them. Ravendex will become a fully decentralized autonomy community in the weeks to come. The project will be expanded by the Ravendex team to the point where community members will have the right to vote and be voted for. How can I purchase a ‘RAVE’ token?The Ravendex Token started on the 5th of October. Early adopters will not be able to purchase in the initial phase of the sale. You can be part of the private sale by buying a $RAVE. A public presale that will come in different phases will be had by the private saleThis is a detailed guide on about Ravendex.

Poco warriors collect the huge reward by Poco token on Binance Smart Chain and Cross Chain on Polygon. The email address is business@babylons. org, Egemen Hocaoglu. For information, email partnerinfo@pocoland. Go to the website. Let us proceed with Pocoland. The large reward generated by POCO token will be collected by you on Binance Smart Chain and Cross Chain on Polygon. The media information company is Babylons.  Contact Egemen Hocaoglu at business@babylons. com. The company name is Pocoland Contact Name is Huy and Email address is partner_info@pocoland. comVisit the website at www. Leveling your skills can offer many benefits to you and obtain items that can be held in your bag or in a vault. You have access to many features such as drop parties and clan building. The unique play to earn mechanism encourages players to sell their possessions, or purchase some goods on Hugo’s Space Market. When the platform becomes fully functional, the Ravendex Platform contains a Decentralized Exchange Platform, and the Peer To Pool adds a newRavendex Dev team has created a trustless environment for the decentralized exchange of assets. If all participants agree, the swap will happen as stipulated in the protocol.