The Official Woodies Mint Passport


‘About Woodies’ is a collection of 10,000 avatars created by UltraDAO and consists of 10,000. This is not just another avatar project. Woodies is a universe rich in story and characters with a reputation for being a great artist. A collection of over ten thousand avatars was created by UltraDAO. This is not just another avatar project. A universe rich in storytelling and characters is created by one of the largest 10k project teams and an established artist, DAO. The official Woodies Mint Passport collection is available. NFT is a type of pass that can be used for getting the NFTThe NFTs have a fascinating history focusing on environmental protection. UltraDAO announced the sale of passports on September 19, 2021 at 0900 am PSTA sale was sold out in 30 minutes. The project features a collection of 10,000 avatars, but it is not merely another average avatar project. Woodies has propelled one of the largest 10K project teams, and a renowned artist is DAO. For free, 5 @WoodiesNFT mint passes are given away. This page will show you the floor price, volume, and sales history for Woodies Mint Passport.



Woodies Mint Passports:

The Ethereum blockchain is stored as ERC-721 tokens.  The entire metadata is hosted by Woodies. The individual Woodie is unique and randomly generated at the time of mint from over 900 possible traits. There is a separate collection of hand drawn core characters from the Woodies universe, including the main character, Arden. These unique characters will be randomly awarded to holders of Woodies’ Mint Passports. Trees for the Future planted one million trees. In the process we have completed a total of 73. Woodies are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.  All metadata is hosted on IPFS. A random individual was created by each Woodie at the end of mint from over 900 possible traits, including eye color, hat color, andAdditionally, there will be a separate collection of handdrawn Core Characters from the Woodies universe. Those characters will be randomly chosen to those holders of Woodies Mint Passports. In partnership with Trees for the Future, one million trees are planted. We completed a 73. Woodie is redeemed by Mint Passport. Every Woodie has produced ‘Live in Real Time at Mint. The public sale of Woodie’s Mint passports started on Wednesday, Sep 19, 2021 at 0900 AM PST. Over two passes were sold out within 30 minutes. Those who have five thousand dollars can receive their own tax in transit. You can get your Woodies NFT from them by burning them or by participating in the raffle to win core character air tickets. Phase one cost 10k to adopt/purchase, including the protagonist Arden. There are various minigames, puzzles and collectors challenges they could use to further develop their Woody characterPeople who adopt or purchase Woodies items can buy limited edition items such as hats or outdoor gear. The first animated comic will be airdropped to Woodies holders. Around 10% of the sales goes to UltraDAO for reforestation projects. Woodies NFT’s will be available on the OpenSea platform starting September 26 on their Twitter page. Every Woodie is different and randomly generated during the minting process from more than 1000 possible traits. In the Woodies universe, a separate collection of hand drawn characters, including Arden as the main character, is planned. At random given, these special characters will be given to Mint Passport holders. 4% of all profits will also be donated by the team to global reforestation efforts in partnership with Trees. The organization is here. Many details about the relationship are expected to be published in the future. The tokens for Woodies are reserved using the Mint Passport system. Tool. Passport, an official Woodies Mint collection, was upgraded to Passive.



Eight24ETH is a Donation which will Plant 837,000+ Trees:

824 Eth will help to plant over 837,000 trees. Read on to learn more about this historic donation. It may be between active and passive. Eight24ETH is a donation which will plant 837,000+ trees. You could read more about this historic donation. The different choices are active or passive. Entry into provably fair raffles (using Chainlink VRF) may also be held for entry into provably fair raffles. Other Official Woodies Collections are valued by other Official Woodies Collections. For example a single Woodie was also $1124Exactly ten per cent of the lowest sales were for less than $536, and the top ten per cent of Woodie Mint PassAdditionally, a full fifty percent of the total sales were for less than $869. It is the largest public pass, namely Ultra DAO, Pre-Sale, and Public Pass. Several attributes based on the Woodies that the users already own will be had by these avatars. The avatar owners get the opportunity to make their 3D Woodie engravable, and select accessories from the vast selection of Woodies. It will help them to develop their ‘Drip’ in Virtual Reality. Perhaps a false or incorrect data was missed by the official OpenSea Twitter Discord Etherscan. To queue for refresh click on the button below.