The Official Partner of the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2


German club Bundesliga International adopts an innovative approach to the marketing of its two flagship titles. The subsidiary of German Football Liga has agreed to work in a partnership with NFTs, which are growing. In effect immediately, an official partner of the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 will be announced by the popular fantasy football game until at least the 202223 season. In the upcoming period of October 2021, the marketing strategy of the two Bundesliga series is targeted by the organization Bundesliga International. A subsidiary of the German Football League, Deutsche Fußball Liga, has agreed to a partnership with the growing sector of nonfungible tokens. A big milestone for Sorare as it announces its expansion of their fantasy game into the digital video Moments NFT space with the Bundesliga, home. Sorare is the second major football league to partner with Sorare.  The announcement of Sorare’s $680 million Series B funding round follows. An announcement regarding a Bundesliga partnership on top of Shot’s turf, on Wednesday, means Sorare is a step in the right direction. Fantasy NFT is a startup that sells collectible digital video moments from 36 Bundesliga teams and Bundesliga 2. This is the latest club in the top flight to partner with Sorare, with their debut in the Non-Fungible Token.



Digital Technology of the Future is Important:

Limited edition NFTs featuring professional football players are available.  In order to create virtual teams, they will be offered as a limited amount. Further details will be provided in the near futureThe official partnership is in the form of digital player items that can be played in the integrated fantasy football game as well as collected and exchanged. Nayel videos from the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 are known as moments and they can also be collected and played in the fantasy football game. We’re pleased to be partners with such a dynamic and exciting companyThe digital technology of the future should not be underestimated especially in the sport industry. Thus, suggested is that further impulses will be given by this collaboration. For example, limited edition NFT’s featuring professional football players can be purchased to create virtual teams. Sales should start in October, more information will be provided as soon as possible. On NFTs, in the form of digital player items that can be played in the integrated fantasy football game as well as collected, exchanged, andSorare will publish NFT-based videos next year. We’re very gratified to be partners with such a dynamic and exciting company. Digital technology of the future is important, and should not be underestimated, especially in the sport sector. I am sure that this collaboration will generate further interest. I think the highest average attendance is usually at football stadiums in Germany. It is football in the way it is intended to be, where fans engage with their favorite players and clubs every weekend. We’re excited to allow Bundesliga fans both in Germany and in the world to come together and feel ownership of sports they love. Some of the most exciting clubs and footballers on earth are housed by the Bundesliga. I’m very proud to partner with them in launching our first NFT Moments.  We are building the future of fandom together. Football is supported by world cup champions including Gerard Piqué, Antoine Griezmann, and André Schürrle. The company announced a partnership with Spain’s LaLiga last month. LaLiga also made a deal with the NBA Top Shot makers who popularized the concept of collecting NFT sports, Dapper Labs. In the past, gaming elements were discussed by Dapper Labs executives. In a statement, Bundesliga International CEO Robert Klein said, ‘We are delighted to be partners with such a dynamic and exciting company. ‘NFT’s are the digital technology of the future.  I do not think they should be underestimated, particularly in the sports sector. A $680 million Series B financing round, that valued the company at $4. Dapper Labs landed a $7. That is just around the same time, 6 billion valuation. Oleg Petrov, Vice President and CEO of AS Monaco, stated he is delighted to welcome Sorare as one of our partners. It is a unique way of connecting fans of AS Monaco to the club and the players on an ever more popular platform, which fits perfectly with Monaco. This entrance to the NFT world will open up a new market, and offer an opportunity for a new audience. The start of this collaboration is a long time being planned by us.



Bundesliga International – Bundesliga International:

Some of the best clubs and football players on earth are here for their families. The future of fandom together is built by us, and we are very proud to partner with them to launch our first NFT Moments. The website has 600,000 registered users, representing more than 170 countries, and 40 000 of them originate in Germany. A footballer is associated with the Bundesliga, some of the most exciting clubs in the world. The first NFT Moments are built by us together to launch the future of fandom. Sorare already has 600. 000 registered users from over 170 countries, but forty thousand are from Germany. They have been tasked by the DFL to protect media rights, in particular by the 36 professional clubs. Bundesliga International distributes the audiovisual media rights to all matches in licensed leagues for all platforms on behalf of the DFL, as well as on theThe lineups created by users of Sorare consist of five players. This round was led by SoftBank’s Vision Fund. In the past, Sorare had more than 600,000 registered users, and Q2 sales will grow by a 51fold from 2020 to 2021Sorare plans to use the new money to invest in hires, partnerships, as well as to launch its largest marketing campaign. Besides soccer, it would also like to offer experiences in other sports. Sports leaders view the unique ability of Sorare to connect fans with sports as an important part of their strategy. AS Monaco is one of the best clubs in the world.  It attracts the most exciting clubs and footballers in existenceWe look forward to working together in the years aheadThe public moves their energy to passive.