Dear, ANGELIUM users,

How is your day?

The primary business of ANGELIUM, the new world of virtual space, “METAVERSE,” is in the transition phase from the α version to the β version, is finally starting open up to the public!

We still have a certain time period to reach the ultimate goal in the future but definitely get stepped forward to the completion now!

The beta version METAVERSE has the following features.

  1. Pursue the highest quality possible
    We start new METAVERSE by keeping in mind to go for as much as the high quality that we can achieve in mobile VR devices. We also made it cross reality platform so now new METAVERSE is available not only on the oculus quest but also on Mobile, PC, PC VR and in future we are also aiming to go for WEB version of METAVERSE.
  2. The Original technology that created the original from scratch
    This time we put time on creating things from scratch instead of buying them from the marketplace. We also created our own Network system for multiplayer which is based on UDP/TCP and we are using scale-able servers so we can handle a big user base.
  3. It is possible to buy and sell avatars between users in the virtual space?
    It contains a feature where users can do social voice chat and show their avatars to other users in 6 different environments that we are providing build in that are going to expand in the future.
    we have updated our UI to give users more enhanced experience and We are also providing a Beta version of our Avatar market in which users can buy and sell avatars.

The image quality and worldview have been upgraded as the alpha version shifted to the beta version, and the avatars can also be bought and sold to enter the initial stage of promoting the formation of an ecosystem.

As a result, we are steadily approaching the world like Matrix in the iconic film and Lady Player One.

Please enjoy the future outlook.

Thank you.

Public Relations Department,
Customer service.

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