The Metaverse and Illuvium Partners


The Metaverse, backed by Animoca, has entered a partnership with the Illuvium project. The goal of the integration, which is set to take place in two stages, is to achieve full cross-chain compatibility and provide asset migration opportunities forAs Warena announced, the first phase of the partnership will allow you to stockpile NFT items and in game resources. You may have heard something called the metaverse in recent months. At the HKB International Business Awards 2021, Animoca Brands honored the media and entertainment awards. Tesla fans can once again purchase their next vehicle with crypto, but it really has nothing to do with Elon Musk.



Metaverse – The Metaverse Market:

Currently, the metaverse market is highly fragmented, in spite of the possibilities granted by NFT technologies for using such assets across chains. The underlying core unified potential of NFTs break down the boundaries preventing metaverses from making use of each other’s potential. Cross platform compatibility will allow players to teleport their assets across metaverses and capitalize on the bolstered value of NFTs. A play to earnings concept metaverse is created by players across a variety of digital universes. It is possible to monetize the Warena metaverse in terms of their content and actions. The project recently closed a successful $1. You could have read that the internet will be replaced by the Metaverse. Perhaps there are no lives at any given time by us. Maybe, Facebook Epic. It is possible to purchase a Tesla electric car. A corresponding active transfer.  Active to passive.



Active or Passive?:

The investment round valued at five million dollars was completed by the latter in March. Illuvials are created by fantasy creatures that roam the world and can be captured and leveled up to gain special powers and abilities. Players sell their creatures on exchanges for ETH. The active to passive. You can choose between active or passive.  Acting to passive. Is it active or passive?It was the active.