The History of CryptoArt


It does not have to be Crypto History because, depending on who you ask, the term CryptoArt brings a mix of emotions. The worlds of timebased media art are combined by NFTs, decentralized, likely scarce and cryptographic backed by CryptoArt. This is an amazing article, outlining what CryptoArt is at the time of publication January 19, 2019The outline is a deeper one. It does not have to be Crypto History.  The term CryptoArt can bring about a mix of emotions, depending on who you ask. The time based media art backed by CryptoArt and NFTs is combined by cryptoArt, and most importantly pro artist. Artnome wrote an amazing article describing CryptoArt at the time of publication, January 19, 2019. It must be explored deeper. Unlike other, unrelated, data, and is not interchangeable, NFT redirects here. A NFT is a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a digital ledger. A simple item such as photos, videos, audio and other types of digital files can be represented as unique items by NFTs. NFT tokens that represent ownership of unique items are used by us. It is possible for something like art, collectibles, or even real estate to be tokenized by them. Only one official owner at a time.  They are secure by the Ethereum blockchain and no one can modify the record of ownership nor copy/paste.



The History of NFTs:

The history of NFTs started on May 3rd, 2014, with Kevin McCoy the man who first created oneThe nonfungible token Quantum was created before the crypto art market explodes. A pixelated image of an octagon filled with denoted circles, arcs or other shapes which share the same center. As of today, seven million dollars are on sale. McCoy’s “Quantum,” 2014.  21.  Nonfungible token image.  Imagecourtesy of Sotheby’s. He and his wife Jennifer have established themselves over many years as first rate digital artists. McCoy believes that the art world is deeply affected by the NFT phenomenon. There is a long history of artists engaging with creative technology resulting from it. The origins of the NFTS began on May 3, 2014 with the creation of Kevin McCoy. He created a nonfungible token called Quantum before the crypto art market explodedAn octagon filled with denoting circles, arcs or other shapes which share the same center. The one of a kind, Quantum artwork (2014-2021) is available for seven million dollars. In my opinion, The courtesy of Sotheby’s McCoy is exceptional. He and his wife Jennifer have established themselves as first rate digital artists over many years. According to McCoy, the NFT phenomenon is deeply a part of the art world. It developed from artists’ significant engagement in the area of creative technology. Virtual worlds, such as Decentraland, Sandbox, CryptoVoxels and Somnium Space, allow users to create galleries to displayThey auction limited objects, such as virtual land. User purchased goods are seamlessly able to be manipulated and transported onto an external NFT object. The plot of virtual land sized 16 acres, was sold for $913,228 by June 2021 on Decentralands. It is twenty. Music Blockchain and the technology enabling the network provide musicians with a way to tokenize and publish their work. Despite the popularity of their NFT coins, it is no wonder that popularity also is gained by their NFT coins. At the moment, there are 111 NFT coins there. There are various options to buy NFT coins for those that are not interested in playing the games themselves. Despite the rise of $AXS, the potential is definitely quite massive. An NFT in itself isn’t an NFT but the governance token of the Axie Infinity platform, an Ethereum-based digitalAccording to a data source, Messari, it has nearly quadrupled in price from June 22 to $11. Hence, an estimated market value of $638 million has been generated.



CryptoKitties – Axiom Zen Spin Off CryptoKitties:

The company CryptoKitties in Vancouver is created by the company Axiom Zen in Vancouver.  The item quickly went viral. Later, CryptoKitties was spun by Axiom Zen into Dapper Labs. NFTs slowly grow in awareness, before exploding into mainstream adoption beginning in 2021. It has been slowly transitioning into more mainstream art by the seemingly underground movement. A Vancouver-based company named Axiom Zen created cryptokitties.  It quickly went viral and earned funding from top investors due to theirAxiom Zen later spun off CryptoKitties into Dapper Labs. The NFT explosion slowly became public awareness in 2018 and is expected to expand into mainstream adoption in early 2021. I have gradually been transitioning into more mainstream art. A NFT representing the meme animation, Nyan Cat, was sold in an Internet marketplace for less than $600,000 later that month. ThreeLau sold a collection of 33 NFTs for a total of $11. They all use a total collection net worth of $1,351,238,055. The total is 68 for Art Blocks, and $1,020,599,263. 47 is for Cryptopunks. CoinMarketcap reports that the current average price for a NFT is $731. 86 recorded a total sales value of $4,947,203,883 and have recorded a total sales value of $4,94727 NFT’s and the Metaverse.