The Future of NFTs


I will be talking about NFTs in this video. It is difficult to think clearly in such a large number of projects and noise.  Hence, I intend to categorize what is happening in theYou should watch the video belowThe blue chip NFT projects CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, CyberGeek Club are great teams and communities. The art world is embracing Nonfungible Tokens (NFTs). Any positive factors are outweighed by a large number of serious problems. It consists of two informationgraphics to explain the process and the concerns. The word NFT is seen by you, in any direction these days and not heard by you. Overdrive has experienced a significant amount of NFT during the past 90 days. The ‘fear of missing out’ is a good description of the situation described in the song ‘Craze. ‘This strange phenomenon is sparked by fear and greed. Ignorance of logic, rationality, or both can be influenced by ego and those born from sheer insecurity.



The Positive The Best In Class NFTs Are Too Expensive For the Regular Person to Buy, Creating Opportunities for Copycats to Emerge:

Consider Axie Infinity as an example. That cost of entry contributed to a significant amount of money made on the side while it was occurring during the pandemic. The future of NFT’s will extend beyond crypto art. You can find more information about that in the video. The negative The best in class NFTs are too expensive for the regular person to buy, creating opportunities for copycats to emerge. 99% of net worth will reach zero due to this. Hype has taken away common sense. The NFT market does not provide liquid services. Seeing more sellers than buyers, caused silent crashes of over 70% overnight. You are bound to have scams, as seen with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ethereum. One prime example is the development of the Apes. The artist is responsible for maintaining these rights. The concept of ownership of an original copy is always regarded by the buyer. In the image above, the portrait I created in 2013 was of Diana Ross. I sold the physical artwork and a digital copy, which I kept. I could sell it to an NFT.  However, I am not going to because of the environmental concerns described below. The artwork is titled Passive by the artwork. These are usually retained by the creator of the artwork. The buyer only has the right to have ownership of the original copy. I created the portrait of Diana Ross in 2013. I sold the physical artwork and kept a digital copy. In discussing it, we’ve been able to have a direct view of the entire industry since January of 2020. What was the purpose of that hype?Is it a bubble or will it stay?Who is getting it right and who is getting it wrongWe will be looking at the good, bad, and ugly of NFTs in episode #497 of The Bad Crypto Podcast. The ICO craze produced the same FOMO for the same reasons and the same results. Many were left by both crazes as victims, some in jail, and some ridiculously wealthy. The NFT has revealed some common points, but also creating opportunities that would not have been possible without blockchains. There is tremendous potential to provide “trustless” platforms to existing markets, but it has also provided an initial use case for “starving artists”. I highly believe the passion and creativity of artists worldwide can be monetized either by digitizing their physical creations or by marketing their work online. The first popular NFT was launched on the Ethereum blockchain in 2017. The art was more parody than creativity, it was affectionately called CryptoKitties.



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No one knows what is happening.  Which projects are going to be successful? Which ones are not?Money is flowing into, left, right, and center. In order to obtain all of the information, watch the video below, and consider subscribing. Stock prices were used to determine the closing prices for Oct. The date is ’22, 2021. ‘The video was posted on Oct. They are 24, 2021. The NFT marketplace has dismissed market professionals as collectors as well. Remember the beaniebabies craze. These small cloth toys had an amount of thousands of dollars traded. Currently, many have claimed they are worthless. A columnist for The Slate and The New Yorker states that investing in collectibles is far more lucrative when you get on it early. The gaming industry is working to revolutionize with massive hits such as F1 Delta Time, Gamee, The Sandbox, Crazy Defense Heroes, and tonsPrimeXBT offers crypto, commodities, stock indices and even foreign currencies. The promo code is badcryptopodcast, and it states, Artistes named in the show.  Disclaimer. The NFT marketplace has brought marketplaces and auctions exclusively for NFTs to its next stage of growth. The growth phase revealed new concepts, use cases, and business models that showed that platforms and communities are ripe for innovation. The process is patent pending and uses advanced gamification and behavioral psychology.  It will level the playing field for both producers and consumers.