The first time an unfungible token was sold by a leading auction house like Christie’s


Raghava KK uses the nonfungible token wave. The physical piece which includes a digital and bodily art work that each belongs to the bidder. The public sale featured more than 150 artists and Raghava’s was among the high 5 bids. The most impressive bid was $1,08,000 for Peter Ruprecht’s work. It cannot be downloaded using JavaScript. On 11 March a work of art was auctioned for more than $69 million, equivalent to approximately 5 million dollars. The furore it caused was not just due to the price tag. The first time an unfungible token was sold by a leading auction house like Christie’s, for a digital work. Raghava K.  is an artist, curator, and storyteller with a multidisciplinary heritage.



The Art Piece titled ‘Masked Reality’ explores the subject of Faces, Traditions and Identity:

Raghava was my first encounter with him in Mumbai on the Ashish Balram Nagpal Gallery at Radio Membership in 2003/2004. The importance of being skepticalHe was witty and intelligent and a forward cell artist, but was he someone to watch out for, also?A droll newspaper cartoonist made an enormous splash for his daring line and his one eye on telling it like it is. He established himself within the United States in 2012, and it was followed by Paul Simon, Jeff Bezos, and Shah Rukh Khan. As a massive sale is made by him, the art world is sitting up and taking discover of the boy from Bengaluru. JavaScript is not working in this browser. Please enable JavaScript or switch to a supported browser in order to continue using Twitter. The address is com. Harshit Agrawal used the song ‘Masked Reality 4. ‘The art piece titled ‘Masked Reality’ uses artificial intelligence to explore the subject of faces, traditions and identity, and its malleability. In consequence, an interesting intersection of art forms is emerging on the NFT spectrum. The artwork by Visual Artist Santanu Hazarika and Singer and songwriter Ritviz was sold on WazirX. Hazarika created the music creator category on the marketplace in 1 June 2020. NFTs give a musician the sense of agency and power even though they are based on a particular kind of trauma in Bengal. You have to sign with a music label or a distribution company to get your music out today. There are various contract terms. A list of ten fascinating thinkers has been featured on CNN’s list. I am active in painting, installation, and performance and also work with new media such as artificial intelligence, neurofeedback, and biohacking.



Nature Morte by Aparajita Jain:

Artists need to act like scientists.  Be rigorous with their thinking and the notion of artist. At the same time, being extra inventive with how they view the world must be adopted by scientists. This world is really vital to me and it may be a better tomorrow. Despite these factors, not everyone seems to be as eager to jump into tech pixel. You can view a list of supported browsers in our Help Center. It’s accessible at the Help Center from Active to Passive. Aparajita Jain of Nature Morte showcases 27 recent paintings and is the first living Indian modern artist to showcase them. Jain has explored AI in art in past exhibitions such as Gradient Descent. The only place that had not been disrupted in a long time was art. It is now with NFTs. My five TED talks were featured in the documentary The Creative Indians, which is available on Netflix.