The First NFT Issued As a Compliant Security


Huston, October. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/, Entoro Capital, LLC, a leading investment bank for alternative investments and investment programs. D506(c) offered an exemption. The offer to Accredited Investors will conclude on Friday, October 8, 2021, in Austin, Texas.  at the Texas Blockchain Summit VIP dinner. The offering is being billed by private equity firm Valhil Capital of Houston as the first NFT issued as a security under SEC rules. The plan is to commission the Cuban-American artist Rolando Diaz to create a live painting at an Oct. The event features an eight person VIP dinner during the Texas Blockchain Summit. Houston, Oct. First, a nonfungible token, is issued, for deemed resold on January 1, 2021. Exemption is provided by D 506c to individuals who have a disability. Accredited investors will be offered to acquire investors on Friday, October 8, 2021 in Austin, Texas. Priced competitively, it will be available for sale, concurrent with creation of original artwork. SuperRare revealed four new nifty tokens celebrating the 75th anniversary of Freddie Mercury. The four artworks by NFT were auctioned off for 75 hours by late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury on September 20, 2021.



Entoro’s NFT Conference:

Nine out of ten NFTs will be minted, and will be sold online through Entoro’s proprietary securities offering platform. There is a consolidation option available to the offering that allows interested Investors to compete to purchase all the NFTs being offered, and obtain aDuring the conference, a painting is being created by Cuban born artist Rolando Diaz on the theme sailing to the moon with the NeptWe are regulated, therefore, the recent trend toward regulation for numerous digital instruments, assets, and potentially NFTs was felt as an opportunity to getRow is the founder and managing partner of Entoro. The Valhil Capital team created the first NFT as a compliant security. The sale is underwritten by Valhil Capital, led by Jimmy Vallee.  Entoro is serving as a brokerdealer. Sailing to the Moon will be a title created by Diaz’s original artwork, and the NFT version is called Buen ViajeThe issuers will offer animated versions of the artwork as part of the NFT package. The painting on Youtube is planning to livestream it as well. A one year lockup period will be subject to purchase by the minted NFTs. They can be sold on secondary market after that. Various investors have used marketing materials for such an offering. The materials state that adoption and value have exploded in 2021. This market is popular for high quality digital collectibles. A consolidation option to the offering that allows interested Investors to compete to purchase all NFTs offered and obtain easiness to buy original. In live performances at the conference, a concept similar to Sailor to the Moon will be created by Rolando Diaz on the theme sailing and includedJames C.  stated it was an opportunity to stand out from the competition and be an industry leader in NFT securities offerings. Row is the founder and managing partner of Entoro. The first NFT issued as a compliant security was conceived as an ideal moment, event, and artist with the leadership of ValhilAn high resolution photograph of the picture will be created, and an animated 3D video will be digitally delivered to Investors. He has a tremendous vocal range of nearly five octaves and impeccable and timeless songwriting skills. This musician is a arguably one of the most famous performers. Queen feels the regal, majestic vibe. Every song was unique and of high quality.  The band had a distinctive and iconic sound. In addition to their memorable performances, their music videos have become ultimate classics. The band became an international sensation with their 1975 album, A Night At the Opera, which contained the six minute masterpiece, Bohemian R. Freddie Mercury is well known for his appreciation for all forms of art. In 1969, he gained a degree in graphic design.  He subsequently became an avid collector of classical and contemporary art, and of glassworks.



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The strength lies in the highly vetted projects that are distributed to Investors around the globe with maximum efficiency, end to end security, and seamless executionAdditionally, affiliated entities are being taken by Entoro Investments, LLC. Securities offered through Entoro Securities, LLC, member FINRA/SIPC. You can learn more about Entoro Capital by visiting their website or sending an email to the address[email protected]. James Row owns the company ‘Entoro’ in Houston. The adviser for the deal is Josh Lawler, whose firm is Zuber Lawler. The Texas Blockchain Summit takes place in Austin and features notable attendees, including Sen. Cynthia Lummis and Sen. Ted Cruz (R) represents Texas. You can visit or send an email to [email protected]Learn more about Entorore Capital. You can visit the website www. entrocasinos. com. Entoro Capital is a capital located in the United Kingdom, located in Buenos Aires. Stephen Spencer.  Email protected.  [Email address] Source Entoro Capital is the capital of the Source entity. The links are related. The surreal NFT artwork is created by the UK-based digital artist MBSJQ for Freddie Mercury’s 75th birthday. He creates progressive, appealing, and futuristic compositions. It has vivid colors, outer space, and surrealism. The song, Colorful Soul, was created by MBSJQ and embodies Freddie Mercury’s vibrant and energetic personality.