The Empowered Artist by Jen Stark


Image taken in front of the Cascade show and courtesy of artist. October 2021 by Coco Delle.  She broke the NFT sales record for female artists earlier this March with her work entitled Multiverse. 150ETH, or roughly 400K USD, were sold by the piece. This is an image from the artist positioned in front of her Cascade show. Jen Stark broke the NFT records for female artists with her work called ‘Multiverse. ‘Over 150 ETH was sold by the piece. The typical route of gallery exhibition was followed by Jen’s career including shows in Miami, Toronto, and New York. Jennifer Stark explains Dimensions, My World is Called Dimensions.  I wanted to showcase artists who have more sculptural work and create theirThere is typically an emphasis on 3D modeling, sculpture, ceramics, VR, AR, rendering environments, and animation in the artwork in the collection. Each artist’s art is what creates their fantasy world. An immersive experience is coming to Williamsburg. Between September 17 and October 24, visitors can experience Stark’s colorful dreamworld Cascade through interactive mindbending projections, 3D mappedCascade will introduce a series of NFTs and $STARK coin which is a social token. Stark collaborated with a team of highly skilled professionals in order to bring her sacred imagery to life. The Empowered Artist is a book by NFT Technology and the Future of Art.  Read online and download it. NFT Technology will revolutionize the art world.



Psychedelic Art and NFT Technology:

Funnily engaging works of art inspired by optical illusions. Her pieces include a great amount of colors, lines, and shapes. Whether it is optical art, disrupted, hypnotic, or scientific Jens lines combine optical art and psychedelic imagery. Jen enjoys a unconventional career as an engaged female artist and an avid collector. I like Jen Stark’s Kaleidoscopic Waterfall. The image is courtesy of the artist. I like the visionary realms of Alex Grey.  She has been a fan since she was a child. Besides, she has an obsession with 3D effects, similar to Op Art master Victor Vasarely. Playful and engaging works of art inspired by optical illusions such as The Fibonacci Sequence, fractals and ReimannianShe exhibits a large variety of colors, lines, and shapes. Jennifer’s work blends optical art and psychedelic imagery to create something that would droop, disrupt, or become scientific. As an engaged female artist and avid collector, Jen rides her own unconventional road. Jen Stark, Kaleidoscopic Waterfall, is considered by the Government. The image is courtesy of the artist. She has been a fan since she was young but her work is influenced by Alex Grey, whose visionary realms inspire her. She also enjoys using three dimensional effects, such as the Op Art master Victor Vasarely. Among my favorites, Deep Gradient by Emilio. I love how he transforms a simple action like closing the computer window into a beautifully rendered piece of artworkSometimes ordinary tasks can be turned into extraordinary things. Candid Spirit by Lloyd Wright is carried by the band Candid Spirit. Liyd created beautiful fantasy worlds that he sees in his dreams. This one was inspired by magical realism, ancestral representations of spirits. It is so mysterious and beautiful. Some animated projections featured in Cascade will be made into NFTs, and will be sold online during the exhibition. The sale of 150 ETC, which were worth $343,071, brought the artist to prominence in the NFT platform Foundation’s Top 10 highestShe is involved in partnering with Rally. The Stark coin will be launched by io at Cascade.  Holders of which have exclusive access to a gated Discord communityIt is possible to purchase a debit or credit card, cryptocurrency, or $STARK coins by converting to $RLY tokens, RallyRally is a blockchain application powered by ethereum. An open network dedicated to fostering vibrant independent economies between creatives and fans. For more information regarding NFTs, show hours, ticket pricing, and conjunctive programming, visit cascadeshow. Are you interested in selling your art and acquiring an income from it?The NFT Art Market will soon surpass a billion dollars in value. Artists, illustrators, photographers, and musicians around the world are adopting NFT technologies to find collectors, sell their works, and ultimately makeIf you do. You are an artist so do not be the ones that you want to take advantage of. Left Behind is managed by TThere has been a fundamental shift in the way things are transmitted and exchanged online.



Dreaming Of Become An Artist Full Time?:

It felt like being in Alice In Wonderland, circles, squares, triangles, and diamonds. The next is a room that uses her signature drip technique and Stark’s homage to the psychedelic. The term “Portal” is used to refer to a large threedimensional rendering of a viscous liquid of colors. Animated projections featured in Cascade will be sold at auction online. I felt as though I was in Alice in Wonderland, and circle, square, triangle, and diamonds. One room is her signature drip, and the other is Stark’s homage to the psychedelic era. Capal is a gigantic threedimensional rendering of a viscous liquid of colors, inspired by black holes. David Lewandowski carried the movie ‘Going to the Store. ‘I like Lew’s creativity as well as his animation. I find him at the same time magical and sublime. I enjoy how interesting and creative his worlds are. The latest opportunities in October 2021, from residencies for artists and nonprofit organizations to open calls for art and writing, a list of opportunitiesSocial media has typically remained deaf to calls for change. You may dream of becoming an artist full time or have heard all the hype about it, but want to find out.