The Creator of the Evolved Apes NFT Series Has Stolen $2


The creator of the Evolved Apes NFTs, is said to have stolen $2. The investor invested 7 million in ETH. It is believed that $2 was stolen by Evil Ape the creator of the Evolved Apes NFT’sInvestors purchase seven million ETC. A fighting game was intended by owners able to earn Ethereum cryptocurrency in online battles. However, the anonymous developer Evil Ape has disappeared.  The project’s official Twitter account and website have been deactivated. ‘OpenSea,’ a marketplace based off of NFTs has 10,000 unique NFTs for purchase. Each of them was meant to be a character in a fighting game called Evolutiond Apes.  Also, each of them was meant to beA vice report said a project that was worth $2 was evacuated from a location one week after the live stream. Cryptocurrencies are the source of a wide range of scams. The word ‘the money and run’ is often used when rug pulls is when developers take the money. The old trick is not immune to that old trick, as thousands of investors of a project called Evolved Apes found out.



Evolved Apes NFT Series – $2 Is Absconded:

Those websites and the individual’s Twitter account are both gone offline. $2 is believed to be absconded by the creator of the Evolved Apes NFT series. In total there are 7 million dollars of investor funds. The pseudonym of the creator is no longer active on social media platforms.  Also, the website has gone offline. Both the Twitter account and the website of the individual have gone offline. The creator of the Evolved Apes NFT series appears to have stolen $2. This is a sevenmilliondollar investment of investor fundsThe website removed the pseudonym of the creator. The developer transferred approximately 800 ether, which is worth over $4 million, from the project’s wallet prior to the deactivation. Vice’s Motherboard wrote a document for other owners explaining what happened. He took the wallet, which was to be used for minting ethereum, from the project.  He washed his hands of it. The highest priced Evolved Ape #7212 sold for twenty dollars last weekThe highest bid is just $284.  The listing now is on the OpenSea, a NFT marketplace. Evil Ape was the aptly named administrator of the project’s blockchain wallet whose real identity is not publicly known. The Evolved Apes twitter account and website are also gone. The wallet that was picked up by Evil Ape, is taken away by Evil Ape with all the ETH from minting, that was to beAlso, the wallet related to receiving the four percent royalties from resales. Some of the 1/1 Evolved Ape NFTs that were intended for giveaways are also held by Evil Ape. Neither Mike_Cryptobull’s report nor the Vice story is mentioned regarding the pursuit of criminal charges. According to Jdmjem, the administrator of the Fight Back Apes Discord, police reports were filed in the UK, where theTheir price was paid for by all. Evolved Ape investors noticed several red flags leading up to Evil Ape’s rug pull. The public sale started on September 24 and the announcements were suspiciously unprofessional.  Numerous of the leaders were no longer involved, including one investor,At the time, the issue was chalked up to lack of experience. The investor said that he did not think this massive storm was ever what he expected. The Evolved Apes did not share their real name due to their standing in the community, according to Mike_CryptobullInvestors jumped on the project’s Discord server with a voice chat last week.



Evil Ape Trading Game:

10,000 NFTs are confined inside a lawless place only the strongest of apes will survive the survival of the apesIt was envisioned as a fighting game.  However, that has definitely not been reached by it. This story appeared first on BeInCrypto. 10,000 NFTs are a collection of 10,000 NFTs where only the strongest of apes survive. Although envisioned as a fighting game, that certainly has not come to fruition. This story was first seen on BeInCrypto. In total, about $70,000 has been traded by Kotaku since the rugpull was made public. Each trade results in four percent commission netted to Evil Ape, which is why the royalties are donated to the community. There were some good words by Mike_Cryptobull regarding being involved.  That n***** is no longer an option. Even though it is a huge loss, at least some of the Evolved Apes community is still fighting. The fight to apes will come about when we fight together against Evil Ape. A response was sent by another pseudonymous Fight Back Apes cofounder Josh_CryptoBullFrom every sale, Evil Ape continues to receive 4% royalties which is why we are here to make a new album. OpenSea responded quickly to Motherboard’s request for comment. The organization Fight Back Apes will operate a multisig wallet that requires people to sign before anything can be done to funds.