Next-generation VR event space created by blockchain and AI

 “XANA” Service Overview 

XANA (Xana) is a next-generation platform that allows businesses to do “virtual” and “real” business. Users can become avatars and enjoy mutual communication and games while performing “cross-reality” economic activities that cross reality and virtual.

VR platform XANA

The benefits of using virtual space to hold events, sell tickets, promote your company or brand, or sell things, are that you can expand your business opportunities without being bound by the real world.

While existing SNS is based on “viewing” characters, videos, photos, etc., virtual SNS is an “experience”-based platform, and events in it remain more deeply remembered as “experiences” in the human brain.

The owner of the VR device can have the best experience, but it can also be connected on a smartphone or PC, and by linking with existing SNS, it is possible to double the promotion effect and diffusion effect.

Five things you can do with “XANA”

  1. Communication through Avatars 
  2. Holding Virtual Events 
  3. Launching a Cross-Reality Business 
  4. Opening a Virtual Branch 
  5. Buying and selling digital assets

Virtual SNS

3 Features of “XANA” 

  1. Digital asset creation via blockchain
  2. Scalability through artificial intelligence
  3. Linking with Digital Wallets

Comments from Representative 

The world is entering a period of great change. Human beings who have experienced a pandemic are looking for new lifestyles and business styles. XANA is a platform where everyone can become a new person, create a new world, and create a new way of life, work, and play. Together with our users and creators, we want to expand this movement and nurture it to influence the world.

Virtual SNS


A next-generation entertainment technology company based in New York, USA, with a vision of “A Wonderful World Without Borders.” We will engage in business that combines cross-reality technology, blockchain technology, AI technology and entertainment using VR and AR.


RIO TAKESHI KUBO (CEO) made his major debut as an artist and composer at AVEX in Los Angeles. After being in charge of theme songs such as famous anime, he became independent. After holding four world tours as a DJ and music producer and performing in 70 cities, he started NOBORDER.z. In the two years since its founding, the company has grown to a scale of more than 100 employees in six countries around the world.


■Details of XANA

Service name: XANA (Xana)

Genre: Virtual SNS

Price: Free

Supported devices: Oculus, Steam, HTC VIVE, iOS, Android, Mac, Windows

Supported languages: English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Chinese (Simplified), Korean, Hindi 

■XANA Official SNS

Official Website:

Official Facebook:

Official Instagram:

Official Twitter: xanaapp/

Official Linkedin:

Official Youtube:

■ Company Profile

Company Name: NOBORDER.z Corporation 

Location: 500 7th Ave 8th floor New York, NY 10018

Business Description: VR, AI, Blockchain Technology Development and Service Management

Representative: Rio Takeshi Kubo

Contact: press



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