XANA Metaverse developed by Nobordrerz (CEO Rio Takeshi Kubo), and BreakingDown (CEO: Mikuru Asakura), the largest martial arts entertainment company in Japan had announced their plans to launch a Web 3.0 collaborative game in which avatars fight in the XANA metaverse following the rules of BreakingDown.

BreakingDown was founded by Japanese martial artist and entrepreneur Mikuru Asakura. It is Japan’s largest martial arts entertainment company, recently boasting of having more than 300 million views for a single show in just two years since its establishment.

XANA is a unique Web3-type metaverse created by Rio, a Japanese Web3 entrepreneur residing in Dubai. The company has been listed on the world’s largest major exchanges and has been widely introduced to Fuji Sankei Group, J&J (JTB, JCB), local governments, and China’s largest educational institutions, as well as K-POP stars and top Japanese celebrities.

Collaboration Content

A BreakingDown arena will be built on the XANA land, where players will fight as avatars of NFT. XANA will also cross the metaverse and reality with each other, starting with BreakingDown 7.5 and continuing to gain exposure in the real BreakingDown.

Metaverse NFT

The collaborative NFTs will be called “XANA x BREAKINGDOWN,” and there will be thousands of generative avatars which are all unique and one-of-a-kind. XANA has previously released “XANA: GENESIS,” an AI-powered avatar that has become an employee of Tottori Prefecture, rising from 0.05 ETH to a maximum of 0.9 ETH (74 USD to 1,396 USD), and “XANA: PENEPNZ,” the official character of the company, a penguin, rising from free distribution to a maximum of 1.78 ETH (from 0 to 2,792 USD). The 600 million yen worth of XANA land is sold out in one day, and collaborations with Astro Boy, ULTRAMAN, and other iconic Japanese characters sold out tens of thousands of NFTs in seconds, all of which have been top-class successes in the global NFT market.

XANA Founder: Rio Takeshi Kubo Comment

In the coming years, all types of content will evolve from traditional viewer-based online entertainment to immersive, metaverse-based entertainment. XANA is currently one of the largest Web3 metaverses in the world, and together with BreakingDown, Japan’s largest martial arts entertainment company, we hope to bring the next generation of martial arts content to the world. I am a fan of BreakingDown so much that I never miss watching any of the tournaments. I would like to deliver something exciting so that many people can enjoy this fun in the Metaverse as well.

BreakingDown COO: Yuji Mizoguchi Comment

In a short period, BreakingDown has grown to become the most popular fighting content in Japan, thanks to the efforts of many stakeholders and fans. We would like to continue to evolve into global content by expanding into new markets and next-generation platforms. We are therefore delighted to have the opportunity to challenge the global market in the fields of Web 3.0 with XANA, a company that has a proven track record internationally and continues to take on cutting-edge challenges in the field of Web 3.0 and the Metaverse.

NOBORDER.z FZE (Japanese name: No Borders), a next-generation entertainment technology company based in New York and Dubai, which operates in five countries around the world, has organized one of the four major fashion weeks in the world on July 15. At the Unicorn Fashion Awards in JAPAN at Milan Fashion Week 2021, the company’s virtual space XANA was used to create a model volumetric video and a virtual fashion show by virtual humans.


■ Show concept “The One”

In the midst of the great changes that the pandemic has brought to the modern world, people have returned to the inside rather than the outside of themselves, gaining new means of connection through virtualization. Mankind overcomes difficulties, and eventually, the world becomes one again


■ Overview

In line with this concept, NOBORDER.z will use the technology of the virtual space “XANA” developed by the company to organize a next-generation virtual fashion show with volumetrically photographed models. Along with the model that won the audition, various people are real and virtual, such as models of transgender and physically handicapped people, world-famous violinist Moné Hattori, and the virtual human “KANON” created by the company. This was the world’s first effort to express the way of connecting and coexisting across boundaries by combining fashion and cutting-edge technology.

The content will be released on July 15th after the semi-finals held at Toranomon Hills Mori Tower Atrium. After that, it will be announced on September 21st at the final match held in Milan on the first day of Milan Fashion Week, one of the four major weeks in the world. In addition, some of those contents are scheduled to be announced as NFT on the NFT marketplace “XANALIA” developed by the company.


unicorn fashion award


■ Unicorn Fashion Award

The UNICORN FASHION AWARD held on the first day of Milan Fashion Week is a U35 fashion contest sponsored by the National Italian Fashion Council (CMNI), the organizer of the Milan Collection.



We are a next-generation entertainment technology company with a vision of a “More Wonders, No Borders”. The company’s vision is to create a world without borders, and it operates in five countries around the world, with offices in New York and Dubai. The company’s business combines cross-reality technologies using VR and AR, blockchain, NFT and AI with entertainment.


■ Company Profile

Company Name NOBORDER.z FZE
Location Business Center, AI Smooch Building, UAQ Free Trade Zone, Umm AI Quwain, UAE.
Business Development of VR, XR, AI, NFT, and blockchain technologies and management services
CEO Rio Takeshi Kubo
Website https://www.noborderz.com


■ Contact

Dept. Public Relations Department
Inquiries [email protected]


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