Hello, our valued users,

The Industry’s first full-automated translation feature added on TOUKU.

Right in this global situation, one of the major obstacles that Japanese people do not want to go abroad as their stage of success is the language problem.

However, think about this, Japanese users can communicate instantly with many people who speak different languages of the world as soon as they start using TOUKU, a free messenger app !

And eventually, it will be possible to get information from various countries on one official TOUKU channel and receive all the information from the whole world!

No need for each country-specific telegram groups, that are common in cryptocurrency industry today, also no need the burden on managers in each country, reducing inequalities and distrust due to significant information share, and as a result, more transparent information transmission can be made.

In addition, TOUKU is currently preparing services and marketing to be provided as a kind of tool to the third-party like companies and projects.

The situation must be able to let the external users coming in and the marketing liquidity get improved.

Let us show you the easy 2-steps how to use TOUKU

Step 1

Ok, now google “TOUKU” then you will find it in the Apple Store and go ahead download!

– Always thank you so much for rating the app as 5-star!


Step 2

You can login with the same credentials of the ANGELIUM WALLET if you already signed up, but if not go ahead let the quick sign up gets placed by going to “Register New” link right there!

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