Introducing the strongest AI based automated customer interaction tool

Are you worried about attracting customers?

We are entering an era where
traditional marketing practices do not work.

Leave it to Surviral.

Surviral is an Instagram automated marketing tool powered by artificial intelligence.
It is affordable, easy to use, and more effective than existing traditional marketing.

Why is Instagram important?

Instagram is a fantastic platform for the most effective marketing nowadays

Overwhelming number of users


Over 1 billion users worldwide, Around 33 million users in Japan,
& One out of four people use Instagram.

Enormous active rate

1 %

Compared to TWITTER and FACEBOOK,
users open INSTAGRAM almost every day.

Impressive purchase rate

1 %

Three out of four people
makes purchase decisions based on something that they see on Instagram

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Why Surviral?

Immense efficiency and effectiveness made possible by artificial intelligence.

Leave everything to AI!

Thinking, investigating, moving your hands, analyzing and taking countermeasures,AI will take care of all these efforts.

Save a huge amount of time!

Automate tedious tasks that take about 2-3 hours a day .You can make good use of that time in an effective way.

Inconceivable cost reductions

Reduce site production, SEO, advertising, and huge marketing costs. You can even expect better results at less than a tenth the price .

Only 3 steps, It’s just simple!

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Artificial Intelligence Targeting

AI automatically analyze and approaches the optimal target layer for you

  • Interest

  • Area

  • Gender

  • Posted Content

List of Functions that can be Automated at Surviral

Once you have decided the rules, leave the troublesome work to us

  • Like

    Like posts of your target audience

  • Comment

    Comment on the target post

  • Follow

    Follow the target audience

  • Message

    Automatic direct messaging

  • Unfollow

    Automatic unfollow the users

  • Performance analysis

    Generate a detailed report

자주 묻는 질문

Due to the unique algorithm created by our SNS experts and artificial intelligence, it is safe and secure because it is judged only as normal human movement for Instagram.

Instagram has its own private restrictions on each account, depending on the age of the account and the number of followers, which is constantly changing.We use artificial intelligence to assume that approximate limit and then take action on a much safer line, so don’t worry unless you take additional action yourself.

Since AI operates while judging the limit of the number of actions, basically, please do not perform any action other than viewing or posting.

Yes, you can change the settings at any time in the web app.

As a result of automated services, the rate that leads to increased follow-up depends on the attractiveness of the account itself, the quality of posts, the target audience, and the frequency of updates.

You can easily apply for suspension at any time from the account setting page.

Register now! A limited number of free trial campaigns are in progress


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