Solana NFT Project ‘Iconics’ Sells 1000 Sol


The supposed 17 yearold digital artist had taken 1,000 Sol from a fake NFT project. The artist accused what is known as a ‘rug pull’ in the crypto community. Arug pull is when a project fails to deliver and absconds with all invested funds. Daily Crypto Briefings and Weekly Bitcoin Market Reports are delivered to your inboxEmoji NFTs were sold by a bait and switch scammer on the Solana network after promising NFTs. Over 2,000 NFT’s, valued at $138,000 in total, were sold by the project under the name Iconics. A seventeen year old 3D digital artist performed what is known in crypto lingo as a rugpull today, failing. The rug that was mentioned was an NFT project called ‘Iconics’. They promised 8,000 NFTs focused on quality art. The artwork consisted of 3D renders of figurines from the chest up and approximately fourteen artworks were presented in its Discord channel as examples. ‘Iconics’, a NFT project, has apparently pulled off a rug pull, thereby defrauding inexperienceAn unidentified 17yearold 3D digital artist received 1000 Sol. Emoji NFTs have been sold by a bait and switch scammer on the Solana network after promising NFTs. In total, more than 2 000 NFTs were sold by the project, which is estimated to be worth $138,000. The sale was promoted by members of the Solana community prior to the nature of the scam becoming clear.



Sol Big Brain NFTs – Sol Big Brain NFTs:

The 2,000 presale NFTs sold out quickly and users waited eagerly for the reveal to see what they minted. Emojis were received by minters who had access early through the presale. The creators of the project were a father and son duo.  In my opinion, it was a good project. There were a few points that indicated that the project was possible a scam including using an online application. There is no community management and the use of autoapproved transactions to mint NFTs.  No community management and the use of autoapproved transactions. There was insult to injury added by the creators after the minting process in a Discord FAQ. The scandal also was caught up by popular Solana NFT account, SOLBigBrain. Inactivate it to passive mode. Emojis that were pre-existing were sold by fraudsters instead of original NFT artwork that was promised to investors. The project operated under the name ‘Iconics. ‘Apparently a 17yearold created 3D art pieces as NFTs promised by its Discord serverA group of people with the project open NFTs for public sale at 0There is 5 Sol per unit. In total, 2000 NFTs were mint and sold, allowing the team to make off with 1000 SOL valued at $138,000Investors were able to find the items until after sale. However, the name Iconics indicates that emoticons were a part of the plan from the beginning. Wellrespected figures promoted sale Before the sale, the project was promoted by the NFTs. The answers given to those who had access were had by them. The website was live, and the NFs started minting and quickly sold out. Rather than the artwork, random collections of emojis were received by all of the buyers. That was just terribleBetween the active and the passiveI was just annoyed by ‘IconicsSol’. I just did a presale for 2K at the request of a presale. At age five they were able to leave with 1000 Sol.  Sol Big Brain is an account popular in the Solana NFT community. I’m sorry to anyone who took the L here. I also made a lot of artwork as I thought it looked good. The lesson learned. The creator of the work on Discord is supposed to make eight thousand NFTs. Yesterday, 2000 NFTs were sold at a base price of zero.  They were sold by the presale. It is Number five Sold. The number of Sol is determined by the transfer Active to Passive. The team made off with 1000 NFT’s valued at $138,000, after 2000 NFTs wereminted and sold. Investors did not discover the content until after sale. The name, ‘Iconics’, implies that the bait and switch involving emoticons was part of the plan from the start. The project was promoted by notable people within the Solana community, including Solbuckets and Solana NFT Radar, who calledThe song is reminder for all friends.  It is by SonicsSol 8000 supply zero. The art – SL buckets September 29, 2021.  Today’s incident is not the first. Last month, the buyer was cheated out of six dollars by a project named Solana Astro SolsThere are four million, before it disappears.



Solana NFT Community:

A few pieces were also made by me, as they looked great. They added a lesson learntAfter the embarrassing minting, the Discord chat channel was disabled.  No further announcements have been made and its Twitter account deleted. Airdrops, 50% minting discounts, and oneforone swaps have been offered by the Solana NFT community since their rally. 5 is a mint company and they view high quality artwork tomorrow morning at 10 AM. Last month, buyers were scammed by a project titled Solana Astro Sols out of $6. The number is four million before it disappears. Solana is becoming more popular, as many NFT projects and DeFi projects have been launched on the blockchain in recent months. It appears that the artist made away with around 1,000 solana, which is worth roughly $138,000. Based on blockchain data, the money has already been divided across multiple accounts. Victims of the rug created their own Discord channel to discuss what happened and try to continue the project. It was unexpectedly, the Iconics Discord Channel went offline after the disappointing sales.  Also, its official Twitter handle was also deleted by itsThe item is available. The information contained on this website may be subject to change without notice. Certain portions of this website may become outdated, incomplete or inaccurate. We may update any outdated, incomplete, or inaccurate information, however we are not obligated to update it. You should not make an investment decision on an ICO, IEO or other investment based on the information on this website.