Solana Network NFT Scam – Emoji NFTs and 3D Artwork


Daily crypto briefings and weekly Bitcoin market reports were delivered directly to your inbox. Emoji NFTs containing 3D artwork were sold by a bait and switch scammer on the Solana Network. In total, over 2000 NFTS worth $138,000 were sold for the project. The sale was promoted by members of the Solana community before the nature of the scam became clear. Emoji NFTVs were sold on the Solana network, after promising NFTVs by scammers. The project sold more than 2000 NFTs, totaling $138,000In the past, members of the Solana community have promoted the sale before the nature of the scam was established. An unidentified actor performs a bait and switch scam involving NFTs and emoticons. A 17yearold 3D digital artist performs what is known in crypto lingo today as a rugpull. The rug was from the NFT Project called ‘Iconics. ‘A promise of 8,000 NFTs focused on quality artwork was given by it. The artwork was made up of 3D renders of figurines from the chest up and approximately fourteen artworks were presented on its Discord channel. People of $130,000 was defrauded by Solana NFT.  “Iconics” in SOL 50 min agoAn unidentified 17 year old 3D digital artist failed to deliver on his promise and disappeared with 1000 Sol. The creator was supposed to create 8,000 NFTs of 3D model figurines on Discord. Yesterday, 2000 NFTs were sold at a base price of 0The answer is five.



Solana NFT Scam:

I think that in the past scammers sold preexisting Emojis as replacements for original NFT artwork that was promised to investors. The project was operated under the name of Iconics. NFTs were delivered by its Discord server in the form of 3D art pieces. The opening of NFTs for public sale was done by the Project’s team at 0One unit cost 5 Sol. There were 2000 NFTs.  They were sold and allowed the team to collect 1000 SOL for an estimated $138,000. Investors did not discover the contents of the NFT until after its sale. Iconics suggests that emoticons were included by the bait and switch from the beginning. The NFTs helped promote the sale by notable figures within the Solana community. The reminder to all frens. Each unit costs five Sol. The team made off with 1000 NFTs valued at $138,000, after 2000 NFTs were minted and sold. Investors discovered the NFT’s contents just after the sale. The name ‘Iconics’ implies that the bait and switch involving emoticons was part of the plan from the beginning. Before the sale, the project was promoted by notable figures within the Solana community including Solbuckets and Solana NFT RadarMessage for friends, from IconicsSol 8000 supply 0This is not the first time an NFT scam has been executed on the Solana Network. Last month, buyers were tricked into paying six dollars for the Solana Astro Sols project. Before disappearing, it was 4 million. The answer to my question was that the solution was provided by the individuals having access to it. ‘Live’ went live.  The NFTs started minting and sold out very quickly. Instead of the artwork, random collections of emojis were received by all of the buyers insteadI do not like that. Is that correct?I’m told that @IconicsSol just raged. A presale made for 2K at that time by a prele for 2K. Sol Big Brain is an account popular in the Solana NFT community and I believe she made off with a thousand SOLI am sorry to anyone who used the L here. The art that I created was very good. It was a lesson learnt. The fraudster obtained about one thousand Solana units worth roughly $138,000. The Iconics rug pull victims of the fraud have been united in their grief and created a new Discord page. Sol Big Brain, one of the buyers of the project, took to Twitter to lament the scam. He was tweeted it, Damn. ‘Active’ to ‘Passive”IconicsSol’ just roared. There was a presale for 2k in April. The L was taken by any person who took it here. A large number was also minted by me.  The art looked good. I learned something from it“I find it extremely disturbing. You could go from actively to passive. I remarked that @IconicSol just ragedThe presale for 2K was performed by a presale for 2K.



Solana Astro Sols Scam:

We are enjoying the art by 5 $sol mint and high quality art.  Tomorrow at 10 AM EST we like SL buckets. A project called Solana Astro Sols sold for $6 was a scam last month. It went on for four million then disappeared. Information on this website is subject to change without notice. Some or all of the information on this website may become outdated or incomplete. Any outdated, incomplete, or inaccurate information may be hacked by us. It is not good to make an investment decision in an ICO, IEO, or any other investment based on the information on this website. It appears the artist made away with around 1,000 Solana (SOL), worth around $138,000. That is according to blockchain data. Victims of the Rug have created their own discord channel to discuss what happened and try to continue the project. An announcement message will also encourage a claim. This is not a disputed question concerning Solana’s NFT rug. Five and he took off with 1000 Sol. Anyone who took the L here. I also produced a lot of art pieces, it looked goodThe song Lesson Learned was taken by Leon. Onwards, the good stuff SL Big Brain (@SolBigBrain) September 30, 2021. Some thought it was a fun side, labeling it The ImojiDAO and The Emoji Club.