Solana Monkey Business NFT – The First Million Dollar Sale


It is worth a record $2 million USD for Solana Monkey Business, which recently sold an NFT.  It is equivalent to 13027 SSolana Monkey is now the owner of the highest priced NFT. The price was soared during the third quarter because of the growth around nonfungible tokens and decentralized finance. Stocks from his bedroom were started by Mike Alfred before it was cool when an undergraduate at Stanford University in the late 1990s. The Solana blockchain has seen the NFT’s first million dollar sale. One of Degenerate Ape Academy’s NFTs was acquired by Moonrock Capital for 5,980 SO on Saturday, a valueOne million dollars. Degen Ape number 7225 scarred zombie version of an ape with a halo, a gold tooth, and aAccording to HowRare, the ape is the 13th rarest in the collection. Solana’s SOL token hit another all time high on Thursday of $214. The total was 96 (€181) from Active to Passive. The number of cryptocurrencies are becoming overtaken by Dogecoin and Ripple, which are now the sixth most valuable. The increase in the price was a positive for Solana’s market cap above $60 billion. That is only 18 months and a year ago. FTX announced in a cryptic tweet support to some of the leading NFT projects on Solana. The cryptic tweet featured silhouetted images of Degen Ape Academy, Aurora, Thugbirdz and Solana Monkey Business. It was announced later in a tweet that Galactic Geckos had been added. The advertisement for FTX built by traders is via twitter.



Solana Monkey Business NFT:

The block Crypto reported that the first Solana-based NFT sold for over one million dollars, further providing proof that this is true. It is believed that a monkey is the rarest NFT among the SolMonkeys while Solana wears a bejeweAccording to Solanalysis an average of 456.  SOL now is God by Solana’s monkeysThe new feat is now among the top five in the PFP power rankings. This is the choice of the Active to the Passive. I like that. The choices are from active to passive. Choose between active and passive. The experience has taught me a lot.  The first sale was worth more than a million dollars. This is the basis of a shift in the development of NFTs across the blockchain ecosystem. Typically, a majority of value and interest remains today, since their inception. High fees are becoming a growing problem.  Some investors have looked at alternative platforms, such as Solana, Cardano and Tez. This trend was noted by YouTuber,turnedboxer KSI, picking up a Solana Monkey Business NFT on Thursday before. The Ethereum fee is too high in the moment so man is moving onto Solana. The phrase GoMel is meant to mean ‘Get On My Level. ‘Many celebrities have picked up on the Solana NFTs as well. Steve Harvey changed his Twitter profile photo to a Solana Monkey Business NFT. The network is entering the currency, known as nonfungible tokens.  NFTs are any digital item such as art or music that are sold withA collection of pictures of cartoon apes was sold at the Degenerate Ape Academy by Solana. The initial initial sales of 10,000 of them were good for the SOL token, as the cryptocurrency was used to buy the Cartoon. Solana helped achieve a record in sales of approximately $900 million and €761 million. Decentralized finance projects have also been focused on.  They eliminate financial institutions and intermediaries and execute financial transactions over the blockchain. What’s done differently is by Solana. A native NFT platform was unveiled by FTX last month. At the time of launch, the NFT minting fees were waived, and many people were spamming the network with fish pictures. The exchange was led by the crypto community, and imposed a onetime minting fee of $500. The exchange reduced the NFT minting feeWe charge one-time submissions due to a high number of submissions, too many were simply pictures of fish. Perhaps spam will be decreased.



Are There Any Threats to Solana?:

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