Solana-Based Perpetual Swap Platform Drift Protocol Raised $3


Solana based drift protocol raised $3. The value of Solana’s native token has skyrocketed by the blockchain network. The solana based perpetual swap platform, Drift Protocol, raised $3. Eight millions from Strategic investors. Drift announced the launch of its Alpha Mainnet, after several months of hard work and debuggingThe rsis is Raises by Solana.  Perpetual Swap Exchange.  Drift Reveals Mainnet Launch. 31 leaping into this week despite skyrocketing in value this week. The solana based perpetual swap platform Drift Protocol raised $3, raised by 4%. Strategic traders obtained eight million. Drift introduced its Alpha mainnet at the same time. Solana Perpetual Swap Exchange Drift recovered $3. 8 million. While 31, was leaping by the blockchain networkDrift Protocol raised $3 using its continuous swap platform in Solana. Tactical financiers received eight million dollars. Drift announced the launch of its Alpha Mainnet after multiple months of “grind, hard work, debuggingPerpetual Swap Exchange and Drift is a song that is called $3 are Raised by Solana. The blockchain network has gained value this week, while 31 was skyrocketed in value. The Solana-based perpetual swap platform, Drift Protocol, raised $3.



Multicoin Capital Leads the Fundraising:

Eight million, although crypto-based perpetual swaps are offered by centralized exchanges like Binance, FTX, Bybit, and BitmSeveral decentralized apps are attempting to move in this direction. The mainnet was launched by a perpetual swap platform called the Drift Protocol, which is based in Solana. The Solana hacker house, Chicago, launched the mainnet with guidance from Bartosz. The project announced the creation of the drifting Alpha Ticket nonfungible token collection. Eight million dollars received by investors. 1,500 NFTs exclusively released by Drift through rewarding early Discord users.  Additionally, its partnership with defi and NFT projects on theIt is believed the $3 was accurate. Multicoin Capital led the financing with eight million dollars. In addition to Multicoin Capital, Jump Capital, QCP Capital, Not3 Lau, and Alameda Research have joined. Many decentralized apps trying to maneuver ahead on this course are tried by this course. On October 25, its mainnet was launched by a perpetual swap platform.  The name of the Drift Protocol in Solana. At the Solana’s Chicago Hacker House, we successfully launched our mainnet, working with the guidance of Bartosz, Jordan,The platform raised a $3 nonfungible token. It is a transaction worth eight millions by traders. The Alpha Ticket is a group of 1,500 NFTs that were only launched Monday by Drift. According to Drift, the $3 is changed from active to passive. Multicoin Capital led an 8 million in funding. Alameda Research joined Multicoin Capital, Jump Capital, QCP Capital and Not3Lau. There are many decentralized apps which are trying to progress in this instructions. It’s mainnet was introduced by a Continuous Swap Platform called The Drift Protocol, a Solana-based continuous swap platform,We successfully launched our mainnet at the Solana’s Chicago Hacker House.  We were coached by Bartosz, Jordan, andAdditionally, the project revealed the nonfungible token – NFT – collected by the platform group raised $3. The financiers give 8 million from their finances. 1,500 NFTs was initiated solely by Drift due to the growth of early Discord users and the integration of Defi and NFTDrift says that the $3 is allegedly owned by Drift. The fund raised eight million dollars by the thesis-driven company Multicoin Capital. Strategic investors receive eight million dollars. Drift announced the launch of its Alpha mainnet, after several months of grind, hard work, and debugging. The song Mainnet Launch is Raised is by Solana.  It is called Perpetual Swap Exchange Drift. They possess a massive quantity of trading volume aimed at capturing partakes made by decentralized finance rivals.



Solana-Based Perpetual Swaps Dex Drift:

Solana performed 31 jumped. This week it went up 4% in value to 51. A 4% increase over the last month and 11,467% increase year-to-date. Does raising $3 for the solana based perpetual swaps dex Drift an option you may not even consider?It will launch its Alpha mainnet on Monday. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Solana jumped thirtyone times. This week was worth about 4%, it’s 51It was 4% in the last month and 11,467% year-to-date. What do you think 3 was elevated by the Solana-based perpetual swaps dex drift?Eight million people are currently playing, and the Alpha version will be launched on Monday. In the section titled Feedback, tell us what you consider this topic. Solana said, 31 were leapt. Today it’s 4% in value, and 51. The rate was 4% over the last month, and 11,467% year to date. Is your idea about the Solana-based Continuous Swaps series, Dex Drift, which raises $3. It will introduce its Alpha Mainnet on Monday. What you think of this topic is understood by us in the comments section listed below. Decentralized apps that are trying to move forward in this direction are attempted by this way. The mainnet was launched on October 25 by a perpetual swap platform called the Drift Protocol, and is hosted in Solana. We successfully launched our mainnet at the Solana’s Chicago Hacker House.