Solana Astro Sols – What Happened to the Solana Network?


Daily crypto briefings and weekly bitcoin market reports are delivered directly to your inbox. Emoji NFTs with 3D art were sold on the Solana Network by a bait and switch scammer. The project sold more than 2000 NFTs, valued at approximately $138,000. Before the nature of the scam became apparent, the sale was promoted by members of the Solana community. Emoji NFTs were sold by bait and switch scammers on the Solana Network after promising NFTs. More than 2000 NFTs valued at $138,000 were sold by the project. The sale was promoted by members of the Solana community before the nature of the scam became clear. A 17 year old 3D digital artist performs what is known in crypto lingo today as a rugpull. The rug in question used a NFT project called Iconics. It promised 8,000 new works of art focusing on quality. As examples, around fourteen artworks were presented by the Discord channel. Some NFTs were preparing to sell a presale today. A person with incomes over $130,000 was defrauded by the nonprofit Iconics Project in SOL, based in SolanaThe sum of 1000 Sol was due to an unidentified 17yearold 3D digital artist, who failed to deliver and went missing. The creator was supposed to produce 8,000 NFTs of 3D-like busts of figurines via Discord. The Federal Reserve has announced that it will not ban cryptocurrencies. A Cryptonomist. Bitcoin Monthly closes 2 months running and he is aiming for $63K in October, according to the Coinagegraph.



Solana Astro Sols – Iconics:

Preexisting Emoji’s were sold by scammers in lieu of original NFT artwork that was promised to investors. The project was operated under the name of Iconics. The Discord server promised NFTs in the form of 3D art pieces supposedly created by an unknown 17 year old artist. The NFTs were open to the public at zero. In a unit, five SOl are available. 2 000 NFTs were minted and sold.  This allowed the team to obtain 1000 SOL valued at $138,000. Investors did not discover the contents until after the sale. He suggests that the bait and switch involving emoticons was part of the plan from the start. Five Sol per unit is carried by the unit. In total, 2000 NFTs were minted and sold, allowing the team to make off with 1000 SOL valued at $138,000The contents were not discovered by investors until after the sale. However, the name ‘Iconics’ implies that the bait and switch involving emoticons was part of the plan from the start. The project was promoted by prominent individuals within the Solana community, including Solbuckets and Solana NFT Radar, who calledTo remind all friends, email is@IconicsSol8000 supply zero. 5 $Soul mint like the art.  We like it too.  Tomorrow at 10am EST the art is like by SLLast month, the buyer was scammed by a project called Solana Astro Sols out of six dollars. They received a 5 Sol which was offered by a police. The website went live, the NFTs started minting, and very quickly sold out outRandom collections of emoticons instead of art work were received by all of the buyersI do not like it. How to choose between active and passive. I just raged at The Iconics. I attended a presale for 2K at the airport. The group garnered a thousand, I think, SOL tweets. Sorry for anyone who took the L hereI also created many of them as I thought the art looked interesting. Leoson learned. The fraudster obtained approximately 1000 units of Solana at its current price, which is approximately $138,000. They created a Discord channel and the project is discussing their losses and is discussed by them. Sol Big Brain, who bought the project, lamented the scam on TwitterThe answer is ‘Damn’. Active to passive. I believe @iconics was rude. I attended a presale at the airport for two thousand dollars. I believe that she made off with about one thousand Sol.  I am sorry to anyone who has taken the L. I also made many of these as my art also looked nice. Lesson learned is learned by lessonIt is very disturbing. You might consider switching from active to passive. I can just tell you my displeasure. The Dogecoin Bridge and the desire for compatible NFT markets. He is a cryptonomist. Is the future of the NFT Metaverse Self Built Worlds?The name newsbtc is in use by newsbtc. Indiestree Reserve and DBS Cointelegraph are granted licenses by the Financial Authority of Singapore. In one month bitcoinist had an increase of 42,000% from a single month ago.



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The incident is not the first at SL Buckets. Last month, the amount purchased from Solana Astro Sols was faked for six dollars. 4 million before going down. Solana has launched several new blockchain projects such as NFT and DeFi. The information on this website is subject to change without notice. It is possible that some or all of the information on this website will become outdated, incomplete, or inaccurate. You may be able to locate inaccurate information, but you are not obligated to be updated by us. A total of around 1,000 solanas, valued at approximately 138,000, are made away by the artist. Blockchain shows that the money has already been divided up into several accounts. Victims of the rug have created their own Discord channel where they discuss what happened in an attempt to continue the project. A news message encouraged affected buyers to file claims with the FBI. The number 5 made off with approximately a 1000. Please, I apologize to anyone who took the L here. A bunch was minted by myself as well.  The art looked good. The lesson learned. His tweet drew the sympathy of NFT enthusiasts in the community. Some labeled it the ImojiDAO and Emoji Club, because of the fun side. The latest information on Cars, DC Comics, and Cardano was provided by Com NFTs. A cryptonomist. Ch.