Seedify Partnering With Blockpass


Seedify, gateway to blockchain gaming, is excited to announce its growing partnership with Blockpass. The ecosystem offers a secure environment in which gamers and gaming enthusiasts may enjoy the benefits of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Seedify provides innovations and project developers with access to funding, community and partnership building and a complete support system for gaming and blockchain. On Oct 25, 2021, ‘ACN Newswire’ announced that its growing partnership with Blockpass will be revealed. Hello readers, thank you for supporting us so far with all your likes, shares and visits to the website. An ample amount is already made by all this. We have employed a small team of journalists operating from two countries – Malaysia and Australia.  Things have been working very well since the livestream began. DeFi and Crypto companies take advantage of the blockchain to mitigate the risk of money laundering. StrongNode is positioned as the next generation of edge computing.  It utilizes Blockchain to create a global infrastructure as a service. The StrongNode mission rewards users for powering and scaling up real world industries. With chips shortages, your devices can be used by StrongNode to their fullest extent. Non Energy Minerals industry, and precious metals Makara Mining Corp. The application JavaScript is not available.



Blockpass KYC SaaS Solution for Business and Merchant Customers:

Users can create a data security digital identity, store it, and manage it with blockpass, a whole ecosystem of services, token purchases and accessBlockpass provides a comprehensive KYC & AML SaaS solution for business and merchant customers.  There is no integration and no installation cost. Using a service, a user can be setup in moments.  Once a user has completed a free test, the verification and onboardingBlockpass allows access to more than 160,000 verified user ID profiles. Seedify brought compliance technology to that space. We hope to facilitate a safe, secure environment in which gamers can earn money and play. Blockpass’ compliance software delivered a vital solution, ensuring ease of use, and a safe and secure KYC process. It is accomplished by the change from active to passive. Between the active and the passive. We are open to any product with some form of interest, but we would like to direct a special appeal to early stage entrepreneurs with those products. If you do not understand Facebook marketing and do not want to spend much money on a website, then we recommend that you find it on our marketplace. Start this project with at least fifty vendors. The cost of administration is small, and we charge a tiny fee.  If you make a sale, you will be charged by us. The way is handled by most marketplaces. The price would be revealed in due time. This pilot project would last three months, and if successful, it will be expanded to entrepreneurs from other countries. Blockpass offers a targeted solution for on-chain verification of users without collection of their data. It is possible for Blockpass Enterprise customers to choose this option so as to avoid collecting user data. The Onchain KYCTM solution is a data verification and deletion process for the user. The installation of a service can be done in a few minutes.  It is free to test, and then you can begin to verify and onboardingAdam Vazir says he is always excited to partner with people who recognize the importance of regulatory compliance and the cutting edge compliance solutions Blockpass provides. We were very pleased that StrongNode approached us due to the huge security, scaling, and efficiency opportunities that the Node infrastructure can provide. StrongNode’s Daniel Saito, shared that compliance and data privacy are both of the pillars of our technology. Blockpass found a trustworthy partner for our KYC requirements. They have developed a responsive to our needs and been flexible to our needs. ‘Is a mineral exploration company,’ which engages in the acquisition, exploration, and development of mineral properties. Rude Creek in Nevada and Kenora are also among its projects. I have discovered that JavaScript is not supported in this browser. Please enable JavaScript, or switch to a supported browser to continue using Twitter. The address is com.



Blockpass KYC Compliance Platform:

About Blockpass.  The pioneer of On Chain KYC.  Blockpass is a fast, fully comprehensive KYC & AML screening software. Blockpass provides an unmatched set of benefits for any compliance service that includes pay as you go, no setup cost, or no charges. Blockpass’ KYC Connect(TM) platform allows customers to be selected, including onboarding, ID authentication, face matching, and address validation. We would be happy to include established brands in our marketplace.  Simply send us an email and we will arrange everything. Regardless, all of your correspondence will be resolved in the next 48 hours. The pilot will only begin once we receive 50 products for trade.  As this is a marketplace and so a variety is needed. Blockpass only keeps a record of the verification result for the user. The act of being active is carried by the transfer from acting to passive. End users can create a verified portable identity through Blockpass.  This can be controlled and repurposed in order to onboard with any service immediatelyThe first Onchain KYCTM solution was implemented in early January by integrating with Chainlink Network – a decentralized oracle solution. The Blockpass app can be found on the App Store and Google Play. Please visit the website, www. strongneode. The office is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. The range is from active to passive. On our Help Center, you can see a list of supported browsers. From Active to Passive, there is a help center.