Roger Horrocks Launches NFT Series on Oshen


Roger Horrocks, the underwater cinematographer, collaborated with Oshen to release his first NFT series. The collection contains photographs and videos of his first experience with Humpback Whales. Now the NFT bandwagon has been joined by an awardwinning underwater cinematographer. Horrocks exclusively launched a collection of real life photos and videos of sea animals, following the growing traction in the space. He is a professional underwater and aerial cinematographer who specializes in documentaries and features. The socially distasteful Oscars debuted this year and while it was universally panned for its low entertainment value, there wasWe would not disagree with the winning documentary feature My Octopus Teacher.  It was an interesting film. He had a remarkable relationship with an octopus while free diving in the underwater kelp forest in South Africa’s FalseFoster’s friend and cinematographer, Roger Horrocks, was extremely emotional in describing the experience.  He was also not the only one. Craig had trust from the octopus. My instinct was that this trust was transferred onto me, because I was never there without Craig. The statistics are 46,063 on Starmeter’s site.  See rank this week. Bitcoin is traded by the family office of George Soros known as Soros Fund Management. Soros is said to have traded Bitcoin for the past few months.



My Octopus Teacher, Our Planet and Blue Planet 2 are the Best known of Foster’s work:

In reality, all animals have a life force, but how it is portrayed to vast audiences is up to the filmmakers. Wildlife films portray animals as symptom of humanity, or in our image, subject to a great deal of objectification. Roger Horrocks has launched NFT series on Oshen. Popular for many projects, including the Oscar winning documentary, My Octopus Teacher. The ‘First Approach – Humpback Whale’ series consist of three photos and four videos of humpback whales. During his first encounter with the whales, some years ago.  The footage was taken by his first encounter with the whales. The Osbourne Store allows buyers to own Horrocks exclusively on Osbourne Store. His work on My Octopus Teacher, Our Planet and Blue Planet 2 is the best known of his. From the frozen poles to the warm tropics has been created by Roger.  Roger is currently working on an Ocean Series for Netflix. Roger manages a large collection of marine stock footage, which is useful to production companies and creative agencies that desire to license unique underwater footage. The documentary reveals an unlikely friendship with an octopus living in a kelp forest in south Africa. Foster makes a decision regarding career burnout by visiting the amiable cephalopod daily for nearly a year on a disc. Foster spends days looking for her after losing track of the animal after weeks of developing a tender bond. He finally found the octopus. Every diver, underwater photographer, will enjoy the film. The other approach was learned by personal experience. Foster and Horrocks had worked together previously on several docs, including Discovery’s Into the Dragon’s Lair. I wanted to work in the South African kelp forest.  I had an idea of a story. Craig has mentioned the behavior of the octopus, which hides in shells and protects itself against sharks. That is how we began working on the Blue Planet sequence. We collected huge archive material because we spent so much time in the water. We created Octopus Teacher out of the archive. To lens the underwater footage in the Doc — directed by Pippa Ehrlich and James Reed and available on Netflix (Foster). It gives you somewhere between 24 and 70mm which is optimal for a 35mm sensor. Horrocks has been working on projects since 2007 for National Geographic, Disney Films, and the BBC, including the recently released Blue Planet 2. The underwater field craft was developed by Horrocks as a competitive spear fisherman while studying. The decision is between active and passive. Fitzpatrick declared that there was more than an inflation hedge. I am not sure as to whether bitcoin is viewed only as an inflation hedge. That chasm was crossed by it to the mainstream, but I think despite the chasm was crossed by it to the mainstream. Cryptocurrencies have a market cap of over $2 trillion now. There are 200 million users in the world, and this has gone mainstream, she added. The price of Bitcoin was roughly 55,000 on Wednesday, almost 10% higher than expected.  The news was spread that Bitcoin is owned by a billionaire. The broader financial sector has started to work on crypto assets and the underlying technology because of their potential.



The Sea Change Project:

An influx of people means that the main market continues to grow as well as secondary markets continue to flourish. The secondary sales of the nonfungible token market on Wednesday have exceeded $10 billion, for the first time, and around $20 to $30 billion when combined. Most of the sales in the market were performed on the Ethereum blockchain. If you have further questions, you can email Roger directly at roger@rhcine. The URL is com. The first South African Nature Documentary to become a Netflix Original ten years in the makingIt includes footage shot by both Foster and Horrocks. The Sea Change Project is cofounded by Foster, a community of media and science professionals dedicated to telling ocean stories with the goal of protecting South Africa’Between active and passive. Nothing more than to film a great white shark in the kelp forest would be lovely to me. As a rule, a seal is known by you, but they have a huge amount of respect. It certainly energizes your emotions when you see them. I do not believe sharks are devoid of my Octopus Teacher.  It was a very hazardous situation. They were changed from active to passive. Activating to passive. In spite of wild volatility, it has significantly increased over the last twelve months. At least 60% of family offices have invested or are interested in cryptocurrencies. Some investment firms see crypto assets as a hedge against inflation. 15% of family offices are trading cryptocurrencies, while 45% stated that they could invest in the future.